Corona Virus 101 Updates

July 10
The virus only lives a minute or two in weather above 70 degrees.

Principled Fact: It’s scientifically impossible for the virus to live at all in weather 80 degrees or higher!

Masks are not needed, especially if you're healthy, no science to validate this, not 1 study...

People, please educate yourself...


July 9
ER Disaster Relief Doctor tells the truth about the mistakes we made as a nation!

This doctors message sounds identical to Dr. Lofton’s message that he has been preaching since the start of COVID-19!

Focus on Health, not Fear!!!


July 8
COVID = Certificate of Vaccinations ID

Many experts believe that this pandemic was not accidental; Bill Gates has been pushing for mandatory vaccinations to every human being in the world!

Dr. Lofton has been studying mandatory vaccinations for years, and this plan is lining up with the current situations, wait and see...

Be Careful and Skeptical as always


July 7
You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know."

—William Wilberforce

Principled Fact: There is always more than 1 side to a story

Be careful what premise your believing and following!


July 6
.04% chance of death from COVID-19 or 5% chance of Dementia from Sucralose!

.04% statistics are extremely flawed based upon the White House Task Force Coordinators regulations and measuring process; another topic of discussion another time...

Principled Fact: I wouldn't worry about wearing a mask, I would avoid consuming Sucralose!

Source: Harvard University June 2017


Watch out; Headphones and Earplugs are coming!!!

Engineers and Physicists predict that Masks are not completely effective, due to pathogens (bacteria and viruses) being able to flow through the air into the eustachian tube and into your sinuses, throat, and respiratory system.

Principled Fact: Air does flow in and out of the ear canal, and the eustachian tube does drain into your sinuses, throat, and respiratory system.

Don't think we have any data to proof that COVID-19 is commonly be transmitted this way, but definitely a good theory and idea...

July 1
Reduce Symptoms by 2 days and Transmission by 35%!

Scroll down in the article to watch the video from 
Dr. Joseph Mercola about his Nasal Irrigation Method

Photo Source: July 1, 2020


June 29
Wow! You will not be disappointed after watching this...

It is deep, and maybe too deep for many people, but it's extremely eye catching, and something to think about!



June 26
C-reactive protein is a pro-inflammatory marker found in different areas of the body that can be elevated in the lung tissue in response to COVID-19; resulting in potential lung failure in immune compromised cases.

46 studies were found in the analysis of salivary glands to test for C- Reactive Protein, IgA, and Cortisol.

They found that stimulation of the nervous system and correction of subluxation had a positive effect on all three markers.

Reduce C-Reactive Protein with the power of a neurological reset, and you decrease the potential of sickness and disease!

Get adjusted!!!

Source: Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research June 22, 2020

Photo Source: Wikipedia Commons


June 25
Stimulation of the Vagus Nerve improves Immune Function, and "could replace drugs for Inflammatory and Auto-Immune conditions"

The only concern with COVID 19 is the Inflammatory process in the lungs (Cytokine Storm).

Get adjusted neurologically and decrease your risk and Inflammation!

Source: Scientific American March 2015, Dr. Kevin Tracey Neurosurgeon and Professor of Molecular Medicine, Hofstra North Shore-LU School of Medicine


June 24
"Chiropractic's role in natural immunity was dramatically demonstrated in 1989 by Ronald Pero, PhD, chief of cancer prevention research at New York's Preventive Medicine Institute, and professor of medicine at New York University.

In his initial three-year study of 107 individuals who had been under chiropractic care for five years or more, the chiropractic patients were found to have an immune competence 200% greater than people who had not received chiropractic, and 400% greater than those with cancer and other serious diseases!

Principled Fact: Strong Immune System = Reduced potential of Disease, including COVID 19!

This research never was published in a peer review medical journal! We all know why...Western Medicine would not allow that dramatic type of results to get published, as it would validate the connection between your nervous system and immune system (Neuro-Immunology)

We don't need it published, as we have thousands of clinical based studies in our Health Center to validate the above theory!

Photo Source: Experience Family Chiropractic, March 1, 2018, Copyright 2009 Mager & Associates Consulting


June 23

Immunoglobulin A (IgA) is the first antibody to get released via your Immune System, when your body is exposed to a bacteria or virus.

Principled Fact: It adheres to the bacteria or virus, and then DESTROYS (neutralizes) the toxin.

This process is Innately Smart, God designed, suggesting that our bodies were created to heal themselves, and don't need to be dependent upon some man made vaccine in a lab that is filled with many toxins itself (stimulating the IgA process all over again)

Keep your Nervous System and Immune System Rock Star and interference free, and your body will continue to heal itself!


Interferon is an Immune System Molecule that increases in response to a VIRUS in your body!

Photo Source:

Principled Fact: When your body innately experiences a pathogen (Virus or Bacteria), the immune system automatically releases Immune Molecules like Interferon, Macrophages, B Lymphocytes, and White Blood Cells to name a few; Innately Smart...

Sounds like your body was created to heal itself, just give the body what it needs and remove the neurological interference!


June 19
We have gone too far...

These politicians are taking away our right to choose and make freedom of choice! You need to stand up for freedom of choice, even if you believe in vaccinating your child...

Your rights are being stripped away by control driven politicians and people. I would like to make serving Jesus mandatory, being adjusted neurologically, eating healthy, loving your neighbor, and many more things, but its wrong for me to mandate those things to EVERYONE!

God gave us free will, so exercise it, but to be forced to do things is not freedom of choice, it is communism or socialism at its finest, and as the leader of this health center, we will educate and empower the world to think and voice your opinion...

Principled Fact: The Governor of Virginia is an MD! Do you think that influences his beliefs, and maybe even creates a potential false agenda with the CDC and The Pharmaceutical industry?

ARTICLE: Virginia Legislature Gives CDC, Board of Health Power to Mandate Vaccines for School Children

Photo Source: The Vaccine Reaction, June 15, 2020


June 18
Corruption caught on Camera! This is the most shocking video I have seen since COVID 19 started!

Principled Fact #1: The statistics are beyond Flawed!!!
Principled Fact #2: Corruption, Lies, False Agendas, and Evilness will always lead to a place you don't want to enter...

Why do you think the powers to be are lying to Americans?

No one is saying that pneumococci, streptococcus, influenza A and B, corona, etc. are not real, but powers to be are manipulating the truth of the severity of this virus!

Stop living in Fear, follow the Truth...

Or, catch the full episode of the Highwire, including the nurse's testimony above, here...


June 16
Bill Gates admits that vaccines are the driving force for regulating the population!

Instill fear into a population about a virus, then mandate vaccines, or at the very least offer a vaccine with little to no research!


Melinda Gates promotes women to have fewer children; "3 is fantastic"... In fact she almost gets excited that a women lost 4 children during childbirth!

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is so sick and I pray that God has his way with these people, as the bible says go and be fruitful, multiply, build an amazing family, enjoy life, be a leader for your children, not prevent reproduction of man kind!

These people are sick...Who are they to tell the world to only have 3 or less children?

My wife and I are blessed to have 10 children, and 4 foster children; foster kids were not planned, but God said step in and rescue them until they can return to a safe and healthy environment!

According to Melinda Gates, shame on Dr. Lofton and his wife for having too many children...

Principled Fact: COVID 19 is so deeply planned, it was not an accident, in 2015 Bill Gates said on TED Talk that a vicious virus is coming to America, and it will kill more people than any war we have ever been involved with...How did he know that? Why is Bill and Melinda so convinced that EVERYONE on the planet should be VACCINATED? Why do they want to track EVERYONE with computerized technology?

To figure out the truth, you have to spend countless hours studying, reading, watching videos, and piecing this horrific issue together to see the truth behind the corruption!


June 12
Boost your IMMUNE system and drop your INFLAMMATION!

Video was well done, and very accurate...

Principled Fact: Most concerning thing about COVID 19 is the inflammatory process in the lungs along with blood clots, that may form if your Immuno-compromised.

Talk with Dr. Lofton about how much you should be supplementing...


June 11
Another expert exposing the truth! Watch this before Youtube takes it down, as they are in the midst of the corruption!

Principled Fact: "I have said it a million times, and will continue to repeat myself, you only develop an immunity and antibody response when you are EXPOSED to a pathogen"

Masking our kids when they go back to school is not healthy, it will result in major spikes in disease, ask the experts that study physiology, microbiology, health, and healing!


June 10
Vitamin D is key in improving Immune Function, and decreasing potential of COVID 19 and many other diseases!

Principled Fact: COVID 19 can cause an INFLAMMATORY process in the lungs in compromised individuals. On Google there is 100 million studies validating that Vitamin D reduces INFLAMMATION!

Get outside, stop hibernating, eat healthy, take your Vitamin D, and Get adjusted!


June 9
Melinda Gates is quoted saying Healthcare Workers are primary concern, while the Black population is the secondary concern for administering the Gates COVID 19 Vaccine!

This kind of statement is so morally and scientifically wrong; there is no data to suggest this statement!

Unfortunately, COVID 19 is once again, not about the science, but being used as a political agenda to divide our people and country...

Americans, don't fall for the false agendas of the Gates Foundation, and these ridiculous statements that will separate us Americans!

Principled Fact: Stress depletes Immune Function, and depleted Immune Function = susceptible to disease; Don't let stress beat you...

Photo Source: Time June 4, 2020, June 8, 2020


June 4
Bill Gates says he is willing to lose billions of dollars to find a VACCINE!?

“Our early money can accelerate things,” Gates said. The foundation is picking the seven “most promising” vaccine constructs and will help fund factories for all seven, he added, “even though we’ll end up picking at most two” to actually deploy.

Funny, how Moderna is highly funded via Bill and Melinda Gates, and Dr. Fauci went live in an interview saying that Moderna is the most promising vaccine we have seen to date.

Interesting, the study was on 45 volunteers? with only 8 have a NEUTRALIZING ANTIBODY effect, and 3 going public with the adverse effects that they experienced!

Everyone knows that studying 45 people is not scientific! In fact, if I told you that a study on 45 people showed the amazing benefits of a Chiropractic adjustment on improved healing potential or enhancement of your immune system, you would ?

But, Dr. Fauci is putting the weight of the world, and all his faith, into a study of 45 people, and of course it is all funded via the Bill Gates Foundation?

People, wake up, look past the fingers you see when you open up your hand, so that you can see the truth...

Source: Fierce Pharma April 6, 2020, CNBC, Fox News, Moderna Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Fauci, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation


May 29
Infectious Disease could rise significantly due to the stay at home regulations!

Immunologists, Virologists, Microbiologists, Epidemiologists, Doctors, and Biostaticians have speculated that this would happen...

Principled Fact: Exposure to pathogens builds IMMUNITY! Herd Immunity, Innate Immunity, Natural Immunity are all decreased by stay at home regulations.

Start living normal again with wisdom, and not in FEAR...


May 27
No spread from Surfaces!!!

Recent research on COVID 19 and a statement from the CDC states this: "Transmission of novel coronavirus to persons from surfaces contaminated with the virus has not been documented".

Very confusing and why would you recommend people, households, businesses, and organizations to sanitize surfaces? Which they do on their website...

If no science shows the transmission from a surface to a human, then why freak out a huge population to become janitors cleaning everything in site?

That is one of the most foolish statements I have seen via the CDC in all of my research. You don't need to be a microbiologist to know that pathogens can live a short period of time on a surface and be transmitted into a human through touch.

Principled Fact: Pathogens (Viruses and Bacteria) are always going to exist on surfaces, even after you sanitize the surface. Pathogens is what builds our IMMUNE SYSTEM. Naturally occurring organisms are part of the plan to build immunity, so don't think that cleaning a surface is going to save your life, just not true, but nothing wrong with wanting to keep your home or business clean!


May 26
Big Pharma promises a cure in Fox News interview! After Henry Ji, CEO of Sorrento Pharmaceuticals made this statement: “We want to emphasize that there is a cure. There is a solution that works 100%.”

Interestingly enough, Sorrento’s stock immediately climbed from $2.62 per share to $9.96 per share, after that interview!

Principled Fact: The research has not been done on animals, and one of the most promising studies according to Dr. Anthony Fauci was done via Moderna Pharmaceuticals, and only done on 45 people?! With only 8 people having a neutralizing antibody effect!!!

There are tons of ways to boost immunity other than inject COVID 19 and many other things into your bloodstream; follow the principle.


May 23
Trump demands Governors to re-open!

“This is a time where we need more prayer, not less prayer”

We at LFFC are not Trump followers or Republicans politically, but rather Jesus followers, and support any politician promoting God’s principles, and we support a plan to re-open churches!

While CNN and many other analysts hammer the President for wanting to re-open places of worship; Many large volume based organizations are open, so why not God’s place of worship?

Remember people, pathogens are ALWAYS being transferred within our environment, it’s a normal process of life! It’s also the only way to build immunity and create antibodies that will destroy harmful pathogens in your body!

Also remember, don’t spit in someone’s mouth or insert your fingers into someone’s ears, eyes, mouth, or nose, and you will be perfectly safe!


May 22
Giving Dr. Lofton money!

I was sent an email from Medicare a few weeks ago, but disregarded it...then informed today via our accounting team that the US Department of Health and Human Services has electronically deposited money into our account, and will deposit a second stimulus check to our health center for being a healthcare provider and serving patients during COVID 19.

I am thankful for the Cares Act, and providing funding for healthcare workers, which I didn't even know we had received money until today, but why in the world would the US Department of Health and Human Services state on their website that every patient is considered a COVID 19 patient?

When have we ever in medicine, chiropractic, and healthcare made a claim that if your a patient (which is all of us at some time in our life), that your considered to have Cancer, Heart Disease, or Diabetes?

Why would we just assume that all patients/people are POSITIVE for COVID 19?

Something is not right...


May 21
These numbers may look bad, but the current statistics are 100% FLAWED!

Dr. Deborah Birx The White House Task Force Coordinator said publicly that “anyone that tests + for COVID 19 and dies” will be labeled as a COVID 19 death, even if they die from other causes...

This includes Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, even Auto Accidents!

This is a major flaw in our statistics and data, which is completely unscientific!


Runner collapses his lung due to wearing a mask while exercising?

Doctors recommend not to wear a mask while exercising!

Funny thing is that Dr. Fauci himself who is as cricked as a bent nail, stated on March 23rd that “we should not be running around wearing masks”, and they are not effective!

Experts have said don’t quarantine healthy people and require healthy people to wear a mask?


May 18
How do you boost your immune system?

Chiropractic, especially Neurological based Chiropractic has been proven for decades to improve Immune Function!

Is your neuro-immunology (brain and immune connection) functioning at 100%?

Call today and schedule your neurological reset to maximize immunity!


May 17
Bill Gates predicts on TED Talk in 2015 that a vicious Pandemic is coming, and warns that it will be more dangerous than any war!

Bill Gates has spent hundreds of millions on vaccines since leaving Microsoft (Wall Street Journal and many other sources)

Interesting, that he has had researchers and scientists working on these vaccines prior to knowing what pandemic virus was coming?


May 15
Destroy Inflammation and you destroy an environment for almost every disease, especially COVID 19, which causes inflammation in the respiratory system.

Dr. Lofton’s breakfast and lunch: Alkaline water, Broccoli, Carrots, Apple, Banana, Tangerine, Strawberries, Blueberries. Along with The Detox and Inflammaze powder!

Source: Time Magazine 2004, Scientific America 2015


May 14
Exposure is the only cure!

Dr. Knut Koswittski, a leading biostatistician and epidemiologist shows the statistics that we should have never done a distance learning and stay at home procedure for some states.

Dr. Knut and many other experts predict infectious disease is going to skyrocket when states re-open due to a lack of exposure, antibody formation, and Herd or Innate Immunity!

The immune system forms antibodies everyday in response to micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses, fungus, parasites); without exposure we DON’T form antibodies/immunity!


May 13
You may not see us wearing masks but we are cleaning every day behind the scenes for our practice members!