Referral Program for Family and Friends

If you have been blessed to be referred and been given a referral brochure or check by an existing practice member (Patient) of ours than you are entitled to a significant savings on all of the most state of the art testing that we do here at this facility.

All new patients in our facility receive a complete consultation, history, neurological and spinal examination, computerized neurological Thermal and sEMG Scan (Measures the activity of the brain and spinal cord and it's effects on the amount of organ/muscle stress that exists in the body, Full-Spine X-rays if warranted, and a Doctor's Report of Findings.

This testing is a $533 value that we are normally paid via a third party payor or non-referral customer, and is offered to all new patients who are referred to our facility by an existing practice member (Patient) for a minimal fee of $50; $483 savings to find out if we can help you to express a better state of health and well being.  We don't believe that it should cost an arm and a leg to find out if our Doctor's are able to get to the cause of the problem that you may or may not know exists in the body!

Don't wait for you, your family, or friends to reach crisis mode with your/their health before you tell them there is a way to better health and happiness; Refer your family and friends before it is too late!