Practice Member of the Month


November 2020


My name is Andy, and I was referred to LFFC (LifeForce Family Chiropractic) by my Father who has been seeing Dr. Lofton for about 2 ½ years. He had numerous positive effects, including overcoming an addiction to Mountain Dew, that used to be my dad’s favorite Christmas gift; his experience was the motivating factor for me to see Dr. Lofton.

My journey started after my Medical Doctor gave me Corticosteroid shots for my wrist pain and neck pain. After that didn’t work, he informed me that the only thing that would help me was SURGERY on my wrist! I obviously chose to see Dr. Lofton and avoid surgery, and I am amazed…

I see Dr. Lofton on a regular basis to correct subluxation and add life to my body, but within only a few visits my wrist pain was almost 100% GONE. In fact, I am back bowling with no wrist pain! Oh by the way, I love bowling and had not been bowling in a very long time due to the wrist pain and other issues I was having with my body.

The crazy thing is that Dr. Lofton never even adjusted my wrist or reset the reflexes of my wrist, he reset the reflexes in my spine and made some corrections neurologically in my spine, and my WRIST PAIN is now gone!

I have also had other improvements in my health in a short period of time, but I am in for the long haul and believe in Dr. Lofton and his principles he teaches.

LFFC Comments:

We wanted to nominate Andy as the Practice Member of the month for November because he not only has been 100% consistent with his care, and has already referred his girlfriend in just a few weeks of care. His Testimony of Victory/Healing from neck and wrist pain may not seem life changing to some, but a Surgeon told him he needed surgery, and in a few neurological resets his pain and dysfunction was gone without surgery, and that is a praise story that needs to be shared with the masses…


April 2020


My name is Barb and was first heard about LifeForce Family Chiropractic (LFFC) when Dr. Rinehart did a seminar at Fresh Thyme in Savage, MN. I was motivated to start care when I was experiencing heart palpations and my sympathetic nervous system was dangerously low. I work on my feet 40 hours a week, moving around a lot, and I was in a lot of pain in the neck, shoulders, legs, and back.

I did not want to see a regular doctor, I came from California and I was used to seeing holistic practitioners including a chiropractor. Once I got the results of my detailed X-rays and reports I was shocked to find out that I had what looked like a couple serious conditions. So, I began treatments last August and I am very happy overall with all the sessions I’ve had and I LOVE the staff and Dr. Lofton!

I’ve been blessed to receive his healing sessions and in my last progress report, I had made a lot of progress. My health and future look bright now thanks again to everyone at LFFC and I thank God that Dr. Lofton stepped into using “his gifts!” I continue to live the principled lifestyle and get neurologically reset for the investment in my health for now and future! I also recommend them every chance I can!

LFFC Comments:


February 2020


My name is Jared and I started care at LifeForce Family Chiropractic (LFFC) 14 years ago because I was experiencing lower back pain, sinus congestion, allergies, and overall body soreness! I knew something was not right, but the medical doctors told me I was just fine! A friend that was getting awesome results told me Dr. Lofton was able to help him with his issues and I should give it a try… In a very short period of time my symptoms had vanished! I was also able to get off the sinus medication I was prescribed and reduced greatly the amount of ibuprofen I was taking. With continued regular visits, after about 6 months of seeing Dr. Lofton, I felt like a new person!

14 years later, I am still healthy and feeling great, with the exception of a few bumps in the road here and there, but that should be expected, we can’t stay stress free and subluxation free forever or what would Dr. Lofton do!?!? On most weeks, I travel from work to my weekly appointments which is about 30 miles. 14 years strong and still getting adjusted once every week helps to keep my body operating at the level, I need it to be! We all live stressful lives, we can’t avoid it! All that stress leads us to become subluxated and causes our bodies to become out of whack! Getting adjusted is important for me to be able to maintain an active healthy lifestyle and to be able to enjoy life with the ones that matter most to me.

LFFC Comments:

Wow Jared, thanks for having a stressful life and keeping us in business ?! Totally kidding, his words, not ours…Jared, has truly been super committed to living subluxation free as he has diligently been adjusted weekly for over 14 years, no lie…What motivates someone to stick with something for that long? I guess results, experience, and value!

We are embarrassed that we didn’t elect Jared years ago, as he has been so committed, and even though he needs to live by more of the principles we teach, which he knows which ones those are… ?, we are proud and thankful to call him part of our family, and enjoy serving him every week to better his health and experience while here on earth!

Thank you Jared for trusting us and valuing what we do and teach for all these years!


January 2020


My name is Kurt and I have been treated by Chiropractors for approximately 40 years. Prior to starting at LifeForce Family Chiropractic (LFFC) I had some negative experiences with Chiropractors. At times it seemed like they did not always have my best interest in mind. One day at church my friend Tim mentioned how effective his chiropractor was, without doing the normal spinal manipulation. I was skeptical but needed help because at the time I was dealing with significant neck and back issues.

After meeting Dr. Lofton and discussing some health goals, the passion and faith that Dr. Lofton has in the care of his practice members was unlike any Doctor that I had experienced before, and is ability to diagnose problems that no other doctor has even mentioned was impressive…I admit I was skeptical but decided to step out in faith and start the corrective care recommendations.

Over the last 3-4 years my neck and back issues have improved dramatically! I was on Acid Reflux medications for 20 years, and several medical doctors told me I needed to be on Acid Reflux meds for life, and one MD wanted to increase my dose, thinking that would fix my problem. My primary care doctor was honest and said: “She couldn’t help me” but wanted me off the medication because she was concerned about long term side effects.

After about 2-3 years at LFFC, I was able to finally get off the medication. I attribute this to the neurological resets and the principled lifestyle that Dr. Lofton teaches. I continue at LFFC because of their faith, passion and commitment to their practice members as well as their belief and commitment to my health goals and a better life!

LFFC Comments:

We are excited to honor Kurt as the first Practice Member of the Month for 2020! Kurt deserves this honor because of his commitment to living the principled lifestyle, and being so passionate about our model that he has referred his wife and kids along with friends from church.

Some studies show that Acid Reflux patient’s can be up to 75% at higher risk of Esophageal Cancer, so we are EXCITED he no longer has to take that medication!

Kurt has been dedicated to Dr. Lofton’s recommendations for almost 4 years now, and he continues to be reset even when he feels great! Why? It’s pretty simple, to avoid regression and future health problems!!!


December 2019

My name is Roger and I started receiving care at LifeForce Family Chiropractic (LFFC) in 2007; 12 years ago! I first came to get care at LFFC because I wanted to decrease my neck/back pain and increase the function of my body to improve my headaches, lack of sleep, and sinus problems. LFFC has truly changed my life for the better because since starting my care plan, I have been able to eliminate all my symptoms and any OTC drugs I was taking to mask the symptoms! I currently drive 2 hours round trip each week to maintain the progress I’ve made and to prevent any future illness or disease in my body. Thank you to everyone at LFFC, I will be forever grateful for what you’ve done for me!

LFFC Comments:

We want to honor Roger this month because he has not only been dedicated for the last 12 years, but it is uncommon for a male to be dedicated to his health and see the value of prevention based care! This gentleman drives 2 hours round-trip, not to TREAT symptoms, but to PREVENT symptoms; that is unique and uncommon in today’s world.

Also, Roger has referred in his wife, children, and friends, and promotes LFFC to anyone that is subluxated, which is all of us

One of Dr. Lofton’s favorite things is that Roger rings the WOW BELL every time he gets adjusted, and we appreciate hearing the Wow Bell ring after a neurological reset!

We are blessed to serve him and hope that the principles Dr. Lofton is teaching him will pay huge dividends in the future as it already has the last 12 years!


November 2019


We first heard about LifeForce Family Chiropractic (LFFC) when our daughter’s Occupational Therapist recommended Dr. Lofton and his team. We started care at LFFC because our daughter, Sarah has a cognitive disability developmental delay. When we first came our daughter could hardly talk, wasn’t potty trained, didn’t understand much, couldn’t concentrate, and was struggling with behavior. It is amazing how the adjustments and cranial nerve has helped our daughter! She now talks a lot, has been potty trained for years, she understands a lot more, can concentrate more, is calmer, and has had improvement in behavior.

It is amazing how much LFFC has helped us parents as well! I (Sharon) am more relaxed, calmer, have less anxiety, all my aches and pains have gone away, and it has helped my hormones to be more balanced! The Lifeforce team has also taught me how to eat healthier and live by what they call “The Principled Lifestyle”… My husband (Mark) had bad migraine headaches before he came to LFFC, and was in the ER with back issues that finally motivated him to seek out help from Dr. Lofton ?. They put a needle in his back, told him he had migraines and sent him home with a bill that cost us a couple thousand dollars ?. After getting adjusted at Lifeforce his headaches are all gone, and he hasn’t been to the ER 1x!!! We continue to live the principled lifestyle through eating right and exercise as well as weekly neurological adjustments to get rid of subluxations; this helps us stay healthy and medication free!

LFFC Comments:

Where do we start? Sarah has been one of our miracle poster child testimonies, that every Doctor desires and wishes to have at some point in their career. The fact that she can walk, talk, graduated school, and has improved so much neurologically is beyond explanation. When doctors told the parents that she was mentally retarded and would never talk, then other doctors completely misdiagnosed her with ADHD, it was a blast and such a blessing to see her function improve and prove to the world and those doctors, that in fact she is NOT mentally retarded and for surely doesn’t suffer from ADHD behavior. Sarah makes all of us laugh, and most of you know her because she loves to call out Dr. Lofton’s name when she attends our health center, and is fascinated with Dr. Lofton and her special chair that she can only sit in while in the reception room. ?

It also has been a blessing to see Mark, Sarah’s dad be able to be 100% symptom free, and not on any medications or have anymore trips back to the ER for his previous health complaints.

We elect the Menden family because what started off as 1 person living interference free (Sarah), has now turned into the Father, Mother, and 3 kids getting correction and living a prevention based lifestyle for the past 13 years @ LFFC! This family is very committed to the recommendations Dr. Lofton makes, and continues to tell everyone the miracle testimonies of Neurological Based TRT along with the benefits of living The Principled Lifestyle!


October 2019


I first heard about LifeForce Family Chiropractic (LFFC) from a friend of mine who kept bugging me to come and I kept telling her I thought she was crazy to drive 1 hour and 15 minutes! I was finally motived to start care at LFFC after I was in two car accidents resulting in a torn disc in my neck, right arm and hand numbness, headaches, and low back pain; their recommendation being surgery for the disc herniation. I had also been dealing with migraine headaches, sciatica, and numbness in both feet. Pain medications weren’t helping with any of the pain and I could barely sit for 15 minutes. I wasn’t sure if I could even survive the drive to my first appointment.

After my first adjustment, feeling returned to my right hand and foot! After a few months of care, I no longer had headaches and as time went on, I was continually able to sit for longer periods of time. After 6 months, the sharp pain and tingling decreased. After 6 years of care I rarely have pain, I’m headache free, and I am also currently off all pain medications! I don’t get sick during the year and I am headache and pain free now!

Recently I had a follow up mammogram because a swollen lymph node was found in my breast. After 3 months, they couldn’t find it again! I was healed! That is why I continue live the principled lifestyle and to drive from Mankato one day a week to get neurologically reset because it keeps me healthy!

LFFC Comments:

Michelle has definitely exemplified dedication to wanting to get better and staying healthy, which is why we honor her this month as practice member of the month! It takes commitment and lots of motivation to make one simple change in your life, let alone be committed to living that way and traveling 3x per week, 2x per week, and now 1x per week for over 6 years, when it is 2.5 hours round trip.

Dedication creates success, and Michelle is healthier today than she was when she was 6 years younger, Praise be to God…


September 2019

My name is Lynn and I first heard about LifeForce Family Chiropractic (LFFC) from a friend who knew that I had been looking for help with my daughter Brianna’s seizure disorder and that Dr. Lofton had helped someone else’s child with epilepsy.

Brianna’s seizures were cut in half within 30 days of starting care at LFFC and they were completely eliminated within a few years! She has not had a seizure since 2016 and she has been totally removed from her seizure medication. She also experienced a tremendous improvement in the curvature of her spine, scoliosis, and better sleeping habits; to the point that she was averaging 3-4 hours of sleep, and after her first reset (adjustment), she slept a straight 8 hours…

Brianna’s disorder is progressive and involves the loss of mobility. I really believe that coming to LFFC regularly for the last 7 years has kept her as mobile as possible as we have just recently moved full time to a wheelchair. We will continue to see Dr. Lofton and the LFFC group to allow Brianna to live her best life possible.

LFFC Comments:

Wow!!! We love Brianna and Lynn, as they have trusted us with their health for many years, and Brianna’s story can make you cry in numerous ways; because the disorder is progressive in nature or because of tears of joy that she no longer has to struggle with seizures and taking medications! Praise be to God…Look at our homepage on our website to see Brianna’s pre and post Scoliosis X-rays; amazing changes in the first year of care! Even when the Doctor’s at Children’s Hospital said it will never change in a positive direction, and may get worse!


August 2019

The amazing results that I have had with depression, pain, and headaches motivated me to have my kids checked for subluxation. Also, our oldest daughter suffered from ADHD, and has seen huge improvements in her attention span, so I thought if this is good for me and her, then it must be good for the rest of the family!

It amazes me that being adjusted help me to stop taking antidepressants as well as a strong sedative sleep drug, both of which I no longer need to take anymore. I hope the kids get the same results I have received while living the principled lifestyle!

Wyatt and Monet both started care in June of 2019 and LOVE going to LifeForce Family Chiropractic (LFFC). Wyatt has Autism and ADHD, and I am looking forward to seeing the difference between this year and last year’s middle school grades and behavior. Monet has a severe curvature in her spine and I can see she is sitting up straighter already.

We are fortunate to live very close to LLFC and Wyatt and Monet have been biking there faithfully 3 days a week this summer for their adjustments. We continue to go to LFFC because I believe LFFC is helping my kids and myself function better on a daily basis!

LFFC Comments:

We nominated Wyatt and Monet not because they referred in lot of people or had a miraculous healing testimony (too early, but coming in the future ); we nominated these two energy balls because of their love for the Chiropractic adjustment, and dedication to living subluxation free by riding their bikes to our health center 3x per week! They love coming and always give us a WOW bell ring, saying: “Thank you Mr. Lofton or Thank you Dr. Lofton”; so cute, and for their passion to be subluxation free we nominate them as Practice Member of the Month!


July 2019

My name is Joyce and I first heard about LifeForce Family Chiropractic (LFFC) from a friend who comes here. We came together to a workshop and I was motivated to start care at LFFC because I was wanting to be pain free. I was having a low back pain and getting cricks in my neck when I woke up. When I got x-rays and scans done, I noticed how off my alignment was and how messed up my spine was. When I came in again after a few weeks of care for an update, a lot of inflammation came down and I could move much better almost totally pain free. Changing my diet and taking the recommended vitamins also really helped. I continue to travel 35 minutes each week to receive Neurological Correction and live the Principled Lifestyle because I believe in keeping my diet and stress down has been of great value.

LFFC Comments:


June 2019

We are the Brooks family and we have been coming to LifeForce Family Chiropractic (LFFC) since March of 2018. Prior to coming to LFFC Justin and I had a lot of back pain and other joint pain due to overuse at our jobs and previous back injuries. In addition, I, Erin, suffered from occasional migraine headaches. For many years we tried multiple chiropractors that adjusted manually without very much relief and sometimes our bodies seemed to hurt more after the adjustments. After researching many of the chiropractors in the area, we saw that Dr. Lofton used the torque release method which intrigued us.

Within the first couple of resets we felt significant relief from our back pain. After several months of being reset regularly and following Dr. Lofton's suggested exercises and nutrition recommendations, our back pain is minimal (only sore when we overwork ourselves), I have only had one or two migraines and they were much less aggressive than ever before. Since our treatment began Justin also greatly reduced his use of Advil. Our children have are also practice members. Prior to coming to LFFC they both would get headaches regularly but since being reset they rarely get headaches anymore.

We have a laundry list of other amazing things we've experienced throughout the year since we've started coming to LFFC from Dr. Lofton's great care on William's arm when he broke it snowboarding, to greatly reducing Justin's tendinitis in his elbow, to Ivy's headaches being reduced, to him being instrumental in directing me to outside medical professionals which lead to my being diagnosed early with thyroid cancer. Not only do we feel better when we get re-set regularly, we always get a kick out of Dr. Lofton's singing and enjoy chatting with the rest of the team!

Fortunately, we live only about 2 miles away and we continue to live the principled lifestyle and get neurologically reset for two main reasons. First, we can physically feel the difference in how our bodies feel and second, now that we have been educated on the principled lifestyle it has elevated our desire to do better with what we put into our bodies.

LFFC Comments:



May 2019

Hi, my name is Noah, and I am 17 years old. In November of 2018, I hit my head snowboarding, and had instant concussion type symptoms that resulted in headaches, pain, lack of energy/drive, and headaches. My symptoms were so bad, that I had to quit basketball and stop doing the things I loved in life!

My mom was trying to find me relief, and I was seeing standard Medical doctors and traditional Chiropractors, but no results… Dr. Lofton stated that he felt confident that he could help me and that a nervous system with less interference has to work better, so we tried it...

I have been following Dr. Lofton’s recommendations pertaining to the principled lifestyle, and I belief I have been dedicated by driving 1.5 hours round trip to get neurologically reset 3x per week, 2x per week, and now 1x per week. It is a big commitment for me to drive that far, but so far I contest it has been worth it, and I actually love coming to LFFC.

Some big improvements in my health start with energy levels and pain, while my headaches have decreased and are not as intense or frequent. The cool thing is that I feel I am getting my life back because I am starting to get back to being active, and not sleeping all the time. My goal is to run cross country this fall and play basketball again, which would be a huge blessing and testimony of how the body can heal itself when given the right things.

LFFC Comments:

Noah was selected due to his dedication to the principle and Dr. Lofton’s recommendations! Noah is so dedicated that he not only travels far to come get reset, but he does all of his at home rehab in the health center prior to his adjustment; he is the guy walking around the center doing his posture pulley He has been very dedicated for a 17 year old, while most are out doing stupid stuff, he is on a mission to get his health back!


April 2019

My name is Martha and I’m so thankful that a friend referred me to LifeForce Family Chiropractic (LFFC), where I have gone for the past 6 years. After my first neurological based adjustment, I was relieved of soreness in my lower back and continue to experience improved well-being, even at 75 years of age. The daily stresses in life are real, so prevention of any interference in the body is essential to good health. I am on the maintenance plan and will continue these neurological adjustments each week, until the good Lord welcomes me into Heaven. Dr. Lofton understands so much about the human body and how God created us, and he shares his knowledge with every practice member, which I am appreciative that my Doctor will educate me on what to do and not to do!

LFFC Comments:

Martha deserves to be recognized for not only being committed to the principled lifestyle and keeping her nerve system and spine interference free for the last 6 years, but at age 75, she still is MEDICATION FREE, which is very rare in today’s world! Martha follows Dr. Lofton’s recommendations without any questions, in regards to the diet, nutritional supplements, and neurological protocols to improve her potential to heal. Martha is very quiet, but even with her reserved personality, she still seems to tell family members and friends about how important it is for them to have their spines checked for nerve interference and subluxation. Martha also is a dedicated attendee to Dr. Lofton’s community classes, and dinner with the doc events. This along with her 6 years of dedication put her on the wall of honor for 2019!


March 2019

Hi, I am Kelsey, and had been going to the same chiropractor my whole life and when I met Dr. Lofton, he explained to me how neurological-based chiropractic is different.  I told him my health issues and he said if I was getting correction, I shouldn’t have any of those problems. After realizing that not all chiropractic care is the same, I started care at LifeForce Family Chiropractic (LFFC).

 At the time I was suffering from constant and worsening right shoulder pain, severe anxiety (which was so bad I had rarely left my house in 2 years), intermittent neck pain, occasional blurred vision, hormonal imbalance, and very stubborn moderate acne. I was also diagnosed with severe Body Dysmorphic Disorder, OCD, severe suicidal depression, alcoholism, and an uncontrollable addiction to sugar. After Dr. Lofton diagnosed me as being stuck in a constant state of fight-or-flight mode and having phase-1 spinal degeneration; I knew that I needed to do something different. So, I started following Dr. Lofton’s recommendations, and started healing faster than expected. The cool thing is that LFFC regularly retested me, and I could see, on paper, the proof of my continued improvement!

About 2 years after I started treatment, I met my fantastic boyfriend Lucas, and when I told him about my results, he decided to commit to getting regular adjustments too. He was suffering from lower back pain, hyper kyphosis, very poor posture, hip socket pain, and hip misalignment. He had seen other chiropractors but like me, never found lasting correction or pain relief and he never had the feeling of inner well-being in his life. 

Today Luke and I still travel an hour and a half every week to get adjusted. Lucas is now 95% lower back pain free, 100% hip pain free, his hips are in correct alignment, his posture has improved, 100% of his Vagus nerve issues are gone, and he has a much greater sense of inner well-being. The cool thing is that he no longer gets sick during the flu season!

As for me, my shoulder and neck pain are 100% gone, my acne is 100% gone, and I’m no longer diagnosed with Body Dysmorphic Disorder or OCD. My depression and anxiety are 90% gone, my hormonal imbalance has been completely restored, and the alcoholism and addictions are 90% gone too (with the help of Auriculotherapy in addition to the adjustments). Plus, I notice that when I do my rehab exercises my blurry vision is gone too. Not only that, but now Luke and I have a wonderfully healthy baby girl! Since I was adjusted all throughout the pregnancy, I had ZERO back pain and had no delivery complications. Right after she was born, before we even took her home from the hospital, we came here to get her adjusted! I was so relieved to learn that chiropractic care is safe for anyone, even infants.

She is 12 months old now and she is in phenomenal health! At 9 weeks old, she started sleeping through the night, started walking at 11 months old, has never had a single ear infection, and she has only been sick ONCE with a small cold for about 3 days! My pediatrician told us that children ‘normally’ get sick 8-12 times a year, lasting a week (or more) each time! It gives us incredible peace of mind knowing that that is not our normal, and we do not have to live in fear of the flu-season! I tell people we didn’t ‘just get lucky with a good baby’ either. We have a good baby because we make the effort to stay dedicated to following the sensible and obviously effective protocol that Dr. Lofton recommends to us. It takes time to achieve great results, so even if you feel hopeless about your health, just keep coming and follow your recommended care plan. It will be completely worth the effort and reasonable cost to become your most healthy self.

LFFC Comments:

Wow, she’s amazing! Awesome results! Fantastic value in the principled lifestyle! Preach it Kelsey!


February 2019

My name is Eric and when I first arrived at LifeForce Family Chiropractic (LFFC), I was working in the construction field. I had just collapsed in front of my doorstep and I couldn’t move! The pain was so severe that my brother had to carry me in to our house. I had been seeing a bone-based chiropractor at the time and I wasn’t getting any better. So a friend referred me to LFFC, in hope that I would get some long lasting correction, and relief. 

When I first started care at LFFC I had constant numbness and tingling in my hands, I struggled to keep warm in cold temperatures during the winter, and I had severe neck and back pain. After receiving corrective care my symptoms were eliminated 100%! I even went winter camping in the boundary waters for 6 days with temperatures that reached -20 degrees, and my body was able to adapt and stay warm.

For the past 9 years, I have been traveling 60 miles a week to continue to receive neurologically based chiropractic care. I continue to live the principled lifestyle (eating organic, exercising, drinking alkaline water, taking my nutritional supplements, reading the word of God, and of course getting neurologically reset), regardless of me having symptoms or being symptom free; It’s like brushing your teeth, need to do it no matter what…

LFFC Comments:

Eric definitely lives and breathes the principle and is very dedicated to eating strict, organic, exercising daily, avoiding medications at all costs, and being adjusted regularly! In fact, Eric has been part of our family for 9 years, and the funniest thing is that he is so passionate about what we do, that he will tell anyone anywhere about the principled lifestyle, and it is this dedication and passion that wins him Practice Member of the Month for Feb. 2019!


January 2019

My name is Greg and I was referred to Lifeforce Family Chiropractic (LFFC) from my parents after a wicked accident at work! This accident put me in survival mode for a period of 9 months! The accident took six hours of my memory and I only remember leaving the hospital. I was having constant headaches, bouts of extreme pain, muscle tension and weakness. This process took me almost to my mental limits!

After starting corrective care, I was able to pull myself off all DRUGS including muscle relaxers, Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Meloxicam (an anti-inflammatory), and Cortisone shots in my shoulder. I’m feeling so much better now, and plan to continue living this this called the Principled Lifestyle!

I live about 4 hours one way in the Wisconsin Dells area, and I thought it was crazy that mom and dad traveled from Wisconsin to Minnesota to see Dr. Lofton, but I am here to tell you that it is worth it! I have stayed true to my care plan, rain, snow, ice, or shine, I show up and even spend the night, so that I can see Dr. Lofton the next day for a reset of my nervous system.

Me losing 55 pounds about 3 years ago was the start of me wanting to live, rather than surviving. I am not sure that I could have made it through without the care I received at LFFC. I believe that promoting a healthy mind and nervous system opens the path to truly living life to the fullest and beyond!

LFFC Comments:

Wow!!! Awesome story and true events from Greg… We were so excited to honor Greg this month because he gets it! Blizzard, icy roads, roads closed , this practice member will come every week. He’s dedicated, committed, and as he says, “I’ll do whatever it takes to feel better.” Just to travel 8 hours round trip in one day to have life put in your body neurologically is an amazing commitment and determination to get better; enough said…You rock Greg, keep up the good work!!!


December 2018

My name is Jon and I first heard about LifeForce Family Chiropractic (LFFC) at the Healthy Life Expo where I was encouraged to try something different because up to that point, nothing had worked in improving my quality of life and ability to heal; I had been seeing traditional chiropractors for the past 7 years, but I was getting the same manual adjustments every week with no signs of improvement.  I also tried every therapist, nutritionist, and specialist that you could imagine.

I am so glad I gave LFFC a chance! What a difference 6 months of neurologically based chiropractic care has made in my quality of life. My headaches are 99% gone and my upper neck problems have been completely eliminated along with most of my heartburn symptoms. The shoulder soreness that I have had for years is 90% better along with the elbow pain that I was having. My jaw pain is 75% better, and the stiffness that I always felt in my hips is almost gone!

 In addition to all the symptom changes, my x-rays show that I have gotten a pretty noticeable correction as my double curvature has turned into a straight line, so noticeable that I don’t need a doctor to explain to me the difference in the two x-rays.

I continue to live the principled lifestyle and drive 85 miles one way (From St. Cloud, Mn) to get neurologically reset multiple times a week because it makes me feel so much better and my health is finally on an upward curve after years of feeling like I was doing the same thing over and over with no results!

I tell just about everyone I meet personally and at work about this place, and I even enjoy Dr. Lofton’s singing J!


LFFC Comments:

It is with great pleasure that we honor Jon for his dedication in traveling 170 miles 3x per week, 2x per week, and now 1x per week to receive the neurological based approach, and get his health restored! Jon continues to be adjusted on a prevention based approach, which is the key to avoiding disease…

            There have been so many people that have been healed and touched in a positive way because Jon indirectly referred them into our health center; 23 new practice members to be exact!



October 2018

My name is Jeremiah and I am a dairy farmer, working with my dad and 5 of my brothers on the family farm in Otter Tail, Mn. LifeForce Family Chiropractic (LFFC) is such a wonderful, welcoming atmosphere, where the love of Jesus is so evident! Dr. Lofton and his staff have been so compassionate, friendly and caring. We travel 8 hours ROUND TRIP to get neurological correction and get things back in order…

I have had migraine headaches since I was a child and in 2009 was diagnosed with a disc bulge that was causing my low back pain, and surgery was recommended. I was only 28 years old, and didn’t know about Dr. Lofton, so I had the surgery; My back was seemingly good until this past New Year’s Eve when I ended up in the hospital with low back pain, and another surgery. I wish I had known about Dr. Lofton back then as I may have been able to avoid multiple surgeries! 

For the past 5 and a half years I have also been experiencing numerous weird and random symptoms that come and go, but have continually gotten worse as the years go by. They include overall body weakness, low energy, hot flashes/sweating, leg pain and, weakness, and facial numbing, just to name a few. Probably the worst and most difficult symptom was vomiting multiple times almost every day. I have worked with my local medical doctor and hospital seeing many specialists with no diagnosis or results! They referred me to Mayo Clinic with a full body work-up and again no diagnosis! I’ve tried numerous natural alternatives as well. Some of these include “pop & crack” chiropractors, NUCCA, prolotherapy, muscle testing, herbal programs, electro therapy and massage therapists. Finally, I was referred by my massage therapist to see Dr. Lofton. 

At first I was hesitant, especially since he wasn’t cracking me! But, Dr. Lofton taught me and my family about nerve interference and the neurological based adjustment, which instantly made sense to me. The spine is developed first, with nerves that control everything in your body (organs, etc). I’ve always believed your physical structure needs to be in correct shape before any herbs or other such practices can help or be of benefit.

In all the places I have been over the years, no one has taken the time to find the root cause of my issues and show me the condition of my spine like Dr. Lofton has... I have two significant scoliosis patterns and stage 3 degeneration in parts of my spine.… After seeing how bad my spine was, I now realize how important it is to have a healthy spine and neurological system, and I am bringing my whole family for care.

Since recently starting treatment, I have only been adjusted 12 times, and I have had positive results from the correction process! Having Dr. Lofton pray for me was a huge blessing in itself! I don’t feel “sick” all day from my symptoms, my back has felt good thus far, no headaches, and I have been given back a desire to want to live and enjoy my wife and 7 children that God has blessed me with. Also, I have had longer durations without vomiting and more energy! All glory, honor, thanks, and praise be to God!!


LFFC Comments:

We are super excited to nominate Jeremiah for his pure dedication to drive 8 hours round trip in a day or rent a hotel and stay the week while not only he gets adjusted, but also his wife and 7 kids! Dr. Lofton is personally amazed at how Jeremiah truly understands the principle of the body healing itself when there is nothing interfering with its potential. Most highly educated people don’t understand or can’t explain to others what we do on a neurological level, but Jeremiah gets the bid idea so much that he has referred in 20 practice members (patients) in less than a month; we love the Finlanders ☺ It has been an honor to serve this family and hope that God has a long term relationship in store as we do our best to restore life, health, and healing to all of their bodies!


September 2018

My name is Lynda and I first heard about LifeForce Family Chiropractic (LFFC) from my cousin Shirley P. who had significant relief of her neurological symptoms after seeing Dr. Lofton and following the principled lifestyle!
As a lifelong active person involved in softball, broom ball, skiing, motorcycling, bicycling, running, hiking, scuba diving, international travel/aka weightlifting, along with being a hairdresser since 1981 (which requires forward reaching movements and standing all day) I desperately seen the value in the principles that Dr. Lofton taught at his corrective care class and principled lifestyle workshop. 

I have been dedicated to following Dr. Lofton’s principles, and traveling sometimes an hour one way for 3 ½ years! Thanks to Dr. Lofton and his fabulous staff, I'm getting in better spinal shape each week!  I continue to live the Principled Lifestyle and get neurologically reset because I've felt better and better, and understand the long term benefits of living interference free! This is a big part of my health care plan and it is rare that I miss my weekly adjustments.

I loved finding out that Dr. Lofton uses and prescribes USANA Health Sciences supplementations! I chose 20 years ago to invest in this cutting edge health care (USANA Health Sciences) to better my health. I also have faith in God’s healing promises, and the way he uses Dr. Lofton and his team to live and teach these principles! Thank you Father, Son, and Holy Spirit! Thank you Dr. Lofton! WoooHoo! Glory to God!

LFFC Comments:

We recognize Lynda for her dedication to her health and not only being adjusted, but living the principled lifestyle to the extreme! If you know Lynda, you know she is not only a health nut, but a God nut J She loves the Lord very deeply and is bold about her faith and relationship with Christ, which we admire.

Not only has Linda been healed of Neck Pain, Numbness and Tingling down her arms, elbows, wrists, and hands, but also no longer suffers from Low back Pain, Dizziness, Upper Leg Pain, and currently has one goal: Be adjusted to PREVENT DISEASE!

Linda sees the value in the neurological adjustment so much that one of the people that she referred to LFFC happened to be her mother, who now travels 4 ½ hours (from Sioux Falls, SD) one way consistently to be adjusted, and at one time had her mother stay at her home in Mn for over a month, so that she could go through a corrective care process. That is value, and we thank her for trusting us with her health and her mother’s health!


August 2018

My name is Tom and my LifeForce Family Chiropractic (LFFC) experience started 3 years ago at the Sonshine Christian Music Festival.  At the time, I was working as a Correctional/Probation officer with young boys in gangs in St. Paul at the Juvenile Detention Center; I currently have been there for 40 yrs. Working in this field has been a great opportunity for me to show the love of Jesus to others. But with this job also comes a lot of stress and depression, which is why coming to LFFC has been so important for me and my health. Unfortunately, I also was going through a divorce, which added more stress and dysfunction to my health.  I decided at Sonshine to talk with the LFFC staff about my health and I'm so glad I did!

My first appointment was nothing like I imagined a first day would be at a Chiropractor! I entered this blessed place to hear my favorite radio station KTIS and see numerous Christian symbols. During my first appointment for no reason at all I started to laugh and become silly. Now looking back at it I believe it was the stress that was leaving my body that caused me to feel this way on day one.
I ended up getting healed of these migraine headaches that were debilitating; check out my video on LFFC’s facebook page, it is real, no lie…
I also had upper back pain, right shoulder pain, and allergic reactions to MSG, which have all gone away 100%! My emotions have improved, even with the stressful state of a divorce and working with teenagers in gangs.
I have continued to receive Neurological resets so I can be 100 percent healthy in mind and body while working with these troubled teenagers that undo the work that Dr. Lofton is doing  I believe regular chiropractic adjustments and living the principled lifestyle is critical to help us to heal.
I also try to tell others about this blessed place by wearing a LifeForce t-shirt at Christian concerts. (I'm the one with the glow in the dark cross) May Dr. Lofton and the LifeForce staff continue to make the world a better place one person, one Neurological treatment at a time.
God bless you!

LFFC Comments:
We really are amazingly proud to honor Tom as Practice Member of the month. In reality, he should be Practice Member of the year!
This gentleman said after his corrective care results, and seeing how affordable the membership rates were for the next phase of care, that he would wear a LFFC t-shirt to every Christian concert he goes to, and he has done just that; he even made the front page of the Washington Post and there he was in front of a million people with his LFFC t-shirt and glow in the dark cross 
No lie, every concert, this man is in the front row with an LFFC t-shirt on, representing our model, and he boldly tells everyone about his awesome results and how he loves this place!
We are so thankful that there are people like Tom that cherish what we do to this extent, thank you Tom!

July 2018

Hi, I’m Cindy and 10 Years ago I was seeing a different chiropractor for upper back and neck pain. I had been going to that Doctor for almost a year. He used the traditional manual adjustments. Initially I had some relief from my symptoms but then the pain became worse. In fact, several times after being adjusted the pain increased. It came to a point that some days I could barely turn my neck and I stopped participating in some activities that I really enjoyed because they would exacerbate the pain. One day I recall thinking to myself " I'm only in my early 40's. If this is how I feel now what will my life be like when I am 50, 60 or 70?” I knew that I had to do something different but didn't know what. I was afraid to go to an orthopedic Doctor because I figured they would recommend medication, injections or even surgery.

I was referred via a patient of mine to see Dr. Lofton as he was unique and different! At the time I was working as a home health nurse and one of my clients told me how much help and correction she had gotten from following Dr. Lofton’s protocols. I was especially interested as she described how he used the Torque Release Technique instead of traditional manual adjustments. Plus, she told me how Dr. Lofton had a Christian environment and incorporated faith and prayer along with neurological based chiropractic.  I was very excited to give this office a try, and I started the corrective care program right away.

It was about 6 weeks after I started the corrective care program that my pain had mostly resolved. I have continued the maintenance plan 1 time per week and continue to see improvement. I resumed downhill skiing, exercising and the other activities I enjoy. At 53 I feel great and know that I would not feel this way if it was not for LifeForce Family Chiropractic.

About 3 years ago life got busy and I fell off track and stopped coming for about 3-4 months. I guess I was feeling so great and just wasn't making the time to come; kind of lost the value; guess what. My health deteriorated! I resumed my adjustments and got back on track right away... I have continued with my maintenance plan since then and I don't plan on stopping. I like that they do Progress evaluations to assure that we are healing, I appreciate all the education and principles they teach, and I like hearing the Christian music and reading the bible verses that are displayed on the computers.

I have never been on prescription medications but did take high doses of ibuprofen for my pain, and I am happy to say that I have stopped taking them long ago. I truly believe that God used my client to tell me about Dr Lofton; Thank you Dr. Lofton and team LifeForce…

LFFC Comments:
Cindy has been committed to living interference free for over 10 years and her nomination is far overdue! Dr. Lofton loves that she is sold out for this way of living, even with a medical mindset and background...

June 2018

Hi, I am Brian Kasper and I was in a car accident 15 years ago where I was paralyzed from the chest down and was told that I would be on a ventilator for the rest my life!

In 2012 my Dad invited me to one of Dr. Lofton's Dinner with the Doc events, and since my accident I was always looking for better ways to help myself heal, so I decided to try getting Torque Release adjustments from Dr. Lofton. I have been getting chiropractic adjustments since I was a kid, however, no one has adjusted me or taught me the principles that Dr. Lofton specializes in…

I went in to get my first adjustment from him and he barely touched me at all or spent much time with me; when he said he was done I was like what!!! What was that? I got back in my wheelchair and went out the door thinking what a waste of time! I was going to continue going to my chiropractor that is only five minutes away from my apartment, however as I was getting in my car I noticed my left shoulder (that was severely damaged in the accident) felt great! As l continued to drive home I noticed more and more correction! I was starting to think this is the best adjustment I ever got! Okay maybe I'll keep coming here :–)

I have been getting neurologically reset via Dr. Lofton for 6 years now, and I continue to get stronger doing things I couldn’t in the past, stronger immune system, much fewer infections (that used to force me to take antibiotics), and a better emotional state on life.

Out of all the things I have tried to improve my healing response, nothing compares to the results I get from living the principled lifestyle and getting the Torque Release adjustments. I now live 2 hours round trip from the Health Center, but see the value in the drive, and continue to get care in hopes of walking again… but knowing that I am preventing myself from uncountable illnesses and the long term effects of being in a wheelchair.

PS: There was a time in my correction process with Dr. Lofton where I did start to walk again with braces, and was standing for hours a day, but stress and things of life altered my motivation, but hoping to get back to that level again in life.

LFFC Comments:
Brian was nominated as practice member of the month because of his long term dedication to being adjusted on a regular basis along with his passion for teaching people about our model and approach. Brian loves what we do so much that he often volunteers his time to go to the mall, festivals, health expos, etc. to educate the public about Torque Release, Neurological based Chiropractic, and the Principled Lifestyle. Also, it is a dedication to drive 2 hours round trip for 6 years, thank you for valuing your health and what we do Brian!

May 2018

My name is Mary and I first heard about LifeForce Family Chiropractic (LFFC) from my dear friend Lynn, whose daughter Brianna was diagnosed with the same neurological disorder as my daughter, and Brianna had amazing results.  Lindsey, our daughter, had severe scoliosis and a severe neurological disorder called Rett Syndrome, and we were hoping to avoid spinal surgery along with any help with the neurological disorder.

We started getting adjusted on a regular basis about 4 years ago, and we haven’t been hospitalized for pneumonia or any other respiratory illnesses, which in the past we had always been in and out of the hospital.  I believe that being proactive with her corrective care and weekly wellness chiropractic appointments is the reason we have not been hospitalized!
Lindsey also was diagnosed with Autonomic Failure, Epilepsy, Headaches, and Digestive issues, all of which have improved since Dr. Lofton started resetting her electrical system (brain and spinal cord).

We continue to live the principled lifestyle and have made it part of our lifestyle to get neurologically reset each week. I think that being proactive is a better lifestyle than reacting to illness, why not prevent illness all together if possible.  Also, having a child with special needs can be stressful and I feel I can manage my stress levels and be physically and emotionally stronger not only for my daughter but for the rest of my family since I started following Dr. Lofton’s recommendations. I also had low back pain, headaches, and a baker’s cyst behind my knee (knee pain) that made it difficult to walk, bend my knee, and workout; all of those symptoms have gone away 100%!

LFFC Comments:
    We honor Mary and Lindsey as Practice Member of the Month for their commitment to continue to be adjusted on a regular basis for over 4 years! Mary has a very busy schedule and obviously very stressful as any special needs mother would, but she still finds time to attend Dr. Lofton’s workshops, dinner with the doc events, etc. to become educated on health and wellness principles that can help her families healing potential; another reason why we believe that this mother and daughter should be honored for their testimony of victory and commitment to their health!

April 2018

We are the Rossini family and we were referred via the Beuning family who stated they were getting awesome results in multiple areas of their health.  
We started coming to LFFC because our older son was dealing with encopresis and we hoped to resolve the issue by helping his body communicate better. After he started care, Dr. Lofton educated us on all the benefits of neurological based care, so we got the whole family checked; two other children, myself, and my husband.
Arianna our daughter was diagnosed via her x-ray with scoliosis, and it was a shock to us, however, another good reason why we decided that the rest of the family get checked for subluxation and nerve interference. We were happy that we caught it early and learned that chiropractic care could help her gain better focus in school and at home without medication!  Our younger son was always sick during the winter with colds and ear infections and we hoped to help him with chiropractic care too, rather than taking anti-biotics, and we have been successful with that, as he hasn’t had an infection or been to the medical doctor since seeing Dr. Lofton; it was so good to see him not suffer!

Our daughter has improved in her focus and attention and our older son is seeing improvements in his digestion.  We are happy to say that we have no one in our family on medications and we will continue to come here to get healing and make sure we don’t have to take medications in the future. We travel 32 miles round trip to receive our neurological corrections each week, which may not be as far as many that come from out of state, but it is still a big dedication for our family.
 We continue to live the Principled Lifestyle and get Neurologically reset because we are feeling healthier and more positive.  I love seeing the kids doing better and my husband and I feel great!

LFFC Comments:
    Amy, the mother got the big idea right away! She seen the value in neurological based care, and for that reason she got all her kids and her husband, along with herself checked for nerve interference right away! Amy and her husband also referred in some of her husband’s family members to be checked for nerve interference. All of this happened in weeks of them first meeting Dr. Lofton, and it is a blessing when practice members get it and understand the importance of what we do and teach, and for that reason we are honored to represent them as Practice Member of the month.
    Also, hands down this family made us laugh, and dressed up for all the theme weeks, and had amazing outfits for pajama week, and Valentine’s week. This type of fun attitude is hard to find, so for all the smiles and laughs they put on our face with the theme weeks we nominate the whole family!
    Thank you so much for your trust with your family, and for being the life of the party during our theme weeks ...


March 2018

We are the Gullickson Family and love LifeForce Family Chiropractic (LFFC)! We started care at LFFC because of Eric’s back pain, Kathy’s elbow and heel pain, along and Sarah’s neck pain and poor posture. Jacob and Hannah started treatment because of what we learned about the body’s nervous system and how important it is to be subluxation free!

Eric says, “I had so much back pain that it was affecting my ability to work and live! There was constant back and leg pain that felt like a pinched nerve in my lower back and down my leg. My activity was limited so that I could not play with my kids, run, or even stand at times. Just after 2 weeks of seeing Dr. Lofton, I was so much better. After 3 weeks, the pain was gone! That was August of 2017, and I now walk, run, play ball with my kids, and enjoy life without pain. What a blessing!!!”

Kathy says, “ I had been dealing with ‘tennis elbow’ (tendonitis) in my left arm for 3 years and plantar fasciitis in my right heel for a year. The tendonitis impaired me from using my arm in everyday activity and I would limp while walking due to the heel pain. Dr. Lofton and Dr. Rinehart started correcting my spine with neurological based adjustments using Torque Release, and I had an immediate reduction in pain in both my elbow and heel. Other immediate results were that I could sleep through the night and I also felt my energy level increase during the day. I am so excited to be pain free and living again!

Sarah says, “I was experiencing neck pain, and going to LFFC helped me realize that I was losing the curve in my neck and my spine needed correction. I’m so glad my dad trusted Dr. Lofton”…

We travel 1 hour roundtrip to receive Neurological Correction because we understand that our bodies are continually subject to chemical, physical, and emotional stress that cause subluxations. It is so very important to have it corrected so our bodies can operate at an optimum level. When there is nerve interference, the body cannot do what it needs to do to remain healthy.

“ LFFC has improved our lives in so many ways; It is so comforting to come to a friendly informative office where their #1 priority is our spiritual, mental, and physical health.”

LFFC Comments:

We are honoring Eric and his family because of the value that Eric has in the power of the adjustment! Yes, he has received great changes and to some extent a new life, but he understands the principle and idea so much that he not only referred in his wife and 3 kids, but has referred in a total of 6 people in 8 months. The last gentleman he referred has a life-threatening disease, and Eric was so persistent that we could help him, that he drove him to his day 1 appointment, and paid for the service! Eric and his family have a heart for Christ, and we love their desire to be educated and live subluxation free, as said in their testimony. They ask questions all the time, and love to learn about health and healing, and his wife is always smiling with her beautiful smile even if it is a bad day, for that we want to honor them for this month’s Practice Member of the Month!




My name is Barbara and I have been a practice member at Lifeforce Family Chiropractic (LFFC) for 10 years now and I’ve never felt so good! After years of seeing chiropractors who did nothing more than a quick manual adjustment, I found Dr. Lofton and started receiving Torque Release with the hope that I could get rid of sciatic pain. He diagnosed a fracture in my spine and taught me how to live a new healthy lifestyle which included diet, exercise, supplements, and neurological based adjustments.

Dr. Lofton is a teacher who is passionate about helping people understand the root cause behind the pain, discomfort, and disease in their bodies. He was so excited to see my progress when I had a re-xray, that he excited me!

I continue to live the principled lifestyle and get neurologically reset because for the first time in years I am free of sciatic pain and I’m not going back to feeling that way... I was on antibiotics for many years for sinus infections from seasonal allergies, and now my IMMUNE SYSTEM is much STRONGER from the adjustments, and I am off all MEDICATIONS completely! My overall health and outlook has improved and I feel younger! Thanks Dr. Lofton!

LFFC Comments:

We are honored to recognize Barbara because of her constant dedication and value to live by the principles we teach; she never misses her appointments, and has continued to trust Dr. Lofton and the principles he teaches for the last 10 plus years. She deserves to be recognized for understanding value, paying for her care out of pocket, and being dedicated to this lifestyle even when she has no symptoms, and feels great!

Many people live based upon their feelings, while very few live based upon principles; Barbara is one of those very few…Regardless of how she feels she will always get adjusted to be subluxation free!


January 2018

Hello, my name is Shirley. I met LifeForce Family Chiropractic (LFFC), at the New Prague Health Fair in October of 2016.

Before I started coming to LFFC, I was seeing a local chiropractor. My back had been bothering me for a while. After my adjustments, I would return home. While doing my simple household chores, soreness in my back would come back. I would then have to sit down and rest, to try and ease the pain. After, I would continue the process of chores and feel pain once again. Stopping my tasks and resting, was the only way to calm the pain.

I travel 64 miles round trip to receive my neurological based adjustments. I was very dedicated to my 3x, 2x, and 1x per week schedule while on corrective care. Now I do so, once a week on prevention based care, since life is always subluxating us from stress…

Since starting my corrective care process at LFFC, my life has been completely changed! I can now sleep on my back for a much longer time with no pain. My knee and leg pains are gone! The irregular bowel habits improved 99% in the first month; I am so grateful! My acid reflux is pretty much gone and I have also significantly reduced my medication!

I continue to live the principled lifestyle and get neurologically reset on a weekly basis for prevention and correction of everyday interference from the stress of life. Most people my age would not be committed to something like this, but I enjoy feeling young again, and it makes sense…
I take the Cellsentials vitamins, liquid fish oil supplement, and do my corrective rehab that Dr. Lofton recommends. I continue to add life and healing to my body from Neurological Correction because of my amazing results, and to live a long healthy life!

Thank you so much Dr. Lofton…

LFFC Comments:

Shirley is amazing! She is very diligent and honorable to her cervical wedge, posture pulley, and wobble cushion (neuro-rehab exercises) for a lady her age. Shirley has received AMAZING correction on her pre to post x-rays, having a 13 degree SCOLIOSIS in low to mid back corrected to 2 degrees abnormal curvature (Zero being NORMAL), and 8 degree curvature of the neck, which was corrected to ZERO degrees!

We also want to commend Shirley on her commitment to motivating and always bringing her friend to every single adjustment as well, due to her not being able to drive. We also love that Shirley dresses us with us on our Theme weeks, and goes the extra distance to do something most young people won’t do, dress up to put a smile on others faces. We bless and honor Shirley for understanding the principle and big idea of health and wellness!


December 2017

In early summer of 2016, I was visiting with a friend from church, who recently had become pregnant after a yearlong effort to achieve that desire. She attributed her success to Dr. Lofton and receiving treatment from him. After just one month of treatment at LFFC, she became pregnant. I too desired to add another bundle of joy to our family, but we were not experiencing success with the current procedures that we were doing. I had been researching natural methods to achieve pregnancy and had made some of those changes to an already healthy lifestyle, but a few more dietary tweaks and herbal supplements specific to fertility were necessary. I contemplated seeking out treatment from Dr. Lofton and decided I had nothing to lose and scheduled the first necessary appointments and began Neurological based care.

Dr. Lofton encouraged me to have our two children checked for subluxation, as well as my husband, Brad. I brought my two girls, Ariella & Sophia, in for evaluation in the fall of 2016, and eventually my husband followed suit. Brad suffered from some back and neck pain, as well as an autoimmune disorder. We discussed what effect Neurological care could have on his autoimmune disorder, as well as the back and neck pain and decided it could only help instead of hinder, so we committed the rest of the family to Neurological based adjustments using the Torque Release method. 

In January 2017 I was scheduled for my 6 month evaluation, which were to include x-rays, but at the appointment I told Kiah I had some news…we had success! So, no x-rays were taken, and Dr. Lofton was a bit irritated that I didn’t have my post x-rays taken, and wanted to know what was up…he continued to read the notes in my file, and then discovered why…I think he was more excited than I was! We were all very excited!

To date, our third daughter has entered our life…Isabella Grace. She too has been added to the family care plan as she was fussier than my other babies and we had a rough first few weeks of life with sleeping (at night) and overall contentment. After just a couple of treatments she’s been able to sleep at night and is more content. Still working on some reflux issues, but momma is SO happy she can sleep at NIGHT! As for the rest of the family, Brad’s back pain is gone, still working on the neck, but improvements being made. Ariella & Sophia are happy and healthy!

We are the Newman’s, we live in Lakeville and love the outdoors, traveling and exploring. Living a healthy, Principled Lifestyle helps us do that! 

LFFC Comments: 
What a testimony of victory for the whole family! It feels so good to see not just one, but all the family get and understand the principle of health, subluxation, interference free spine, and living a disease free lifestyle…We strive to help practice members achieve their health-related goals and we love celebrating with those who achieve those goals. This family is living the principled lifestyle and what a blessing that the Lord blessed them with another child even when things didn’t look so positive. To God be the glory for their joyful addition! 


November 2017

“You look better than you have in YEARS!” “Wow! The doctor said that you would never walk again!” “Karen, you’re a MIERACLE!” These are just a few of the many positive comments I’ve received since Drs. Wade Lofton and Samuel Rinehart have given me an entire new lease on life at LifeForce Family Chiropractic (LFFC).

I’ve told people that I have myriad mystical maladies and in my lifetime, I’ve had nearly 30 surgeries. I’ve nearly died several times but Almighty God, for reasons I’m still to discover, keeps bringing me back. 

After years of my husband Gale convincing me that I needed to see and try this neurological approach that LFFC specialized in, I finally broke down and schedule an appointment. I admit that I had very little hope that anything could really help me, and I came with doubts galore, and a negative attitude. I admit that both the time and financial commitment scared me, but even my very frugal husband was firmly convinced that I was going to be helped. After nearly 58 years of marriage I know that Gale is very wise and a Godly man, and yet I was reluctant; now I wish I would have trusted sooner…

Now it is several months later, and despite a couple setbacks of illness the results are amazing. I started treatment while using a wheel chair, and was told I may never walk again, and now I have that chair waiting for my old age. (I’m now only 80!) My right foot was turned inwardly at a 90-degree angle, and I was diagnosed with FOOT DROP and it is now STRAIGHT. I am walking with two canes for very short distances both forward and backward. I firmly believe that I will walk normally again…on earth, not only in heaven! I had SO much pain, and me wanting to be active caused more damage.

I had a history of many years of horrid abuse when I was young, and this left me with some scar tissue both physically and mentally, but the Chronic Depression has sometimes been completely debilitating, to the point of me not wanting to live, and being hospitalized. My Heavenly Father brought me out of the abuse and LFFC has freed me from depression that in the past tried to control me! My primary care doctor had four pages of prescription drugs for me when I began with her about a year ago. I now have that list down to one page that includes 14 prescriptions and 5 supplements. 

I am so thankful and blessed to have been brought into a new life through LifeForce Family Chiropractic and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. What a joy to be surrounded with music, books, and other items but most importantly a staff that knows and loves the GREAT PHYSICIAN. 

LFFC Comments: 
We are blessed to call Karen the November Practice Member of the Month. She has overcome so much recorded trauma and her body is healing from the inside out. She has been consistent with care and has referred two other practice members who are also receiving healing because of her testimony and willingness to share. We are standing in faith, that she will in-fact, one day walk normal on this earth and that her medication list will be ZERO someday. Thank you, Gale (her husband), for standing by her side and bringing her to every life changing adjustment. 


October 2017


Hi I’m Prism, and you can see by my picture that I love to have fun! I started care at Lifeforce Family Chiropractic (LFFC) in Oct. 2016. After going to chiropractors my whole life, I never experienced lasting change or relief from my symptoms. It was sad and depressing for me because I believed in chiropractic care rather than a doctor resort to unnecessary surgery from a back that was out of alignment.

I also have been fighting Thyroid cancer for many years, and the Doctors said that the only way for me to survive was to surgically remove my thyroid, but through natural methods I am still alive and well along with having over 51% of the tumor disappear!

When I arrived at LFFC, I was starting to have migraines on a consistent basis. Also, the hyper kyphosis (hunch back) in my upper back was getting worse. My neck was curving the opposite direction, OUCH; Probably the cause of all the migraines coming on! I had two places in my back where I was dealing with super intense scoliosis, which is why I have been seeking Chiropractic care!

I met Dr. Lofton at Sonshine Music Festival! I had never heard of any chiropractic center doing the work that he was explaining to me. It was the newest and the best by far! He explained the astounding research behind the technique and the unique way he adjusted patients. I was hooked! I wanted to try it, so, I ran to my tent (I really did run) to get money and pay/lock in for my first appointment. Then crazy life happened… I got a divorce and moved a few times, always saving Dr. Lofton’s card and never forgetting that I wanted to experience his approach to making me better; I needed to get my life back!

Three years later, I finally scheduled my new patient appointment and upon my day 1 appointment, Dr. Lofton was so generous that he blessed me with a great deal to get all 7 of my kids checked for interference and subluxation. I started on a corrective plan and started seeing great improvements that were lasting and not temporary! I was following the principled lifestyle recommendations that were recommended in hope that the thyroid tumor would continue to disappear, and it has (so happy).

There were days that I would go into his office with a major migraine (crying on his table, barely able to move) and then after receiving a life-giving adjustment; thirty minutes later I was able to feel an 80% change for the better, and within hours 100% correction! This worked faster than any pain drugs that I have taken in the past… 

Also, I have had very good correction in some parts of my spine and scoliosis, but I am a work in progress. It is my privilege to work with such great doctors and all the staff at LFFC for the betterment of my health and wellbeing. There is such wonderful love there as well, not just for me but for all who decide they want lasting health and wellbeing too! Thank you Lifeforce Family Chiropractic Center! I love you! 

LFFC Comments: 
It is with great pleasure for us to elect Prism as practice member of the month for her dedication in rarely missing an appointment, seeing the value in getting all 7 of her kids adjusted on a regular basis, following Dr. Lofton’s principled lifestyle recommendations, and telling all of her friends about how awesome we are (her words, ha…)

Prism has seen such great results that she referred a friend from California, and we currently see that friend on a regular basis! Thank you so much Prism…


September 2017


My name is Wade and I live in Omaha, Nebraska, about a 7 hour drive from Lifeforce Family Chiropractic (LFFC).  My fiancée, Catherine, told me about LFFC and shared that the staff employs science to improve the quality of life of patients. After receiving  treatment, people were able to wean themselves off taking medications on a permanent basis, and their overall health markedly improved. Coming from a family of doctors who believe in a holistic approach to healing and using medications as a means of last resort, and then only temporarily, Lifeforce's approach appealed to me. As a scientist and engineer, I believe that everything in our body, both good and bad, has a root cause...Lifeforce has the same philosophy!

I thought enough of their philosophy, that I figured it was worth the long drive from Omaha to have the Lifeforce staff evaluate me. When I arrived, the staff performed a lot of tests and analyzed a lot of data. They looked for root causes of my issues and labored over the better part of a weekend to come to scientific conclusions and develop methods of treatment. They found that I suffered from a variety of things, including Degenerative Disk Disease (DDD) in multiple places. What was different in Lifeforce's approach is that they took an extra few steps to determine how that DDD was affecting my body. They explained that the neural pathways were grossly impaired, which further kept organs within my body from operating properly. These problems had a cascade affect throughout the body, causing the problems that I have today.

In 2001, five years before I left the Air Force, I had some tingling in my right arm and difficulty turning my head. Additionally, a few muscles near my shoulder blades were in very tight cramps and caused a lot of pain, from my upper back all the way up to the base of my skull. After a few months of physical therapy and cervical traction treatments, I regained mobility in my head and neck, but the muscles still remained cramped until I was treated by Drs. Lofton and Rinehart in 2017.   I had been in neck and back pain for over 16 years as I would experience occasional neck attacks, lasting 3 months or more, when it hurt to move my head at all. I would walk with my head tilted down slightly to take some of the pain away. Little did I realize that I was actually making things worse by stretching my spinal cord and muscles in ways they were not designed to do.

In 2005, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, which would often spike to 190/95 WITH medication (while at rest)! My body continued to fall apart...later that same year, I came down with Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). I was prescribed Proton Pump Inhibitors and have been on that type of medication for 15 years. Imagine my surprise when I recently found out that those medications are meant to be temporary, taken for just a few weeks! I was diagnosed with Diabetes in 2009…

In 2016, I started having adverse side effects from the diabetes medications.  I suffered from severe bloating after eating just a small meal. At times, it felt like my stomach would explode, no matter how much or little I ate. I got to the point where I could not get any sleep. My intestinal activity became highly irregular and infrequent. My stomach would stick out and it looked like I had ingested a beach ball; I could not fit in my clothes. I got to the point where I did not want to eat, because it caused too much discomfort! I told my doctor that I believed the diabetes medications were the culprit, and I gradually took myself off one of the medications, which resulted in improvement in the above symptoms.

The frustrating thing of all of this is that no one could tell me a root cause to all of my medical issues. I have been to many medical doctors, two other chiropractors, massage therapists, and these problems persist to the point where my quality of life has markedly decreased.

Dr. Lofton created a detailed treatment plan consisting of principled neurological based adjustments and cranial nerve reset sessions, which involves sending electrical impulses through various nerve pathways to permit the brain to communicate with all areas of the body more effectively; remove the interference. This effectively resets neural communication flow throughout the body. Dr. Lofton explained that my blood pressure could go down as much as 20 points as a result of the neurological reset. I was a bit skeptical, until I went to a doctor's appointment back in Omaha two days after treatment. They measured my blood was 130/70! I have not had a blood pressure reading that low since 2000!!!! I was stunned. The nurse measured the blood pressure a second was still 130/70! Not only that, I noticed that 80% of the cramps in my back and neck had gone away. I no longer felt lumps in my back. This is the best my back and neck had felt in over 16 years...after ONE treatment! I still have a long way to go before my issues are completely resolved and I am totally pain free, and medication free, but I cannot refute the results!

What next? You may ask, how am I going to receive treatment when I live 7 hours away one way? I made the decision that my health is more important than anything else, because without that, I cannot live a full life. As a result, I will fly out to Drs. Lofton and Rinehart once a month on a weekend and get neurological based care. I believe persistence and aggressive action are keys to success!

LFFC Comments:

Wow!!! He gets the big idea! Understands the principled lifestyle, and what it takes to make it work; Dr. Lofton tried referring him to someone closer, but he insisted that he come to LFFC, so we are blessed to serve him!

How awesome is it that his pain, muscle cramps, neck issues for 16 years were dramatically improved in 1 visit? His blood pressure dropped instantly for the first time in years after 1 visit! We are honored to share his testimony of healing with the world and honor him for his dedication to his health!


August 2017

My name is Margaret and I came to LifeForce Family Chiropractic (LFFC) after hearing how your clinic helped our friends and neighbors with their health issues. Personally, I had been suffering for quite a number of years from the ravages of Rheumatoid Arthritis which I contracted after a bout with Lyme disease. 

My symptoms consisted of constant, nagging pain; loss of flexibility; and, considerable swelling in my joints (in particular my hands and feet) to the point where I could no longer adequately grip a golf club or open a twist off, plastic bottle cap. My conventional medicine protocol consisted of weekly doses of Humira and Methotrexate, which are two very strong drugs. These medications were helping; however, not significantly. Plus, the side effects were unpleasant and additionally, the Humira alone cost over $5,000 per month.

After five-months of my treatment plan with LFFC, life is enjoyable again, especially with feeling virtually very few effects from my arthritis. Happily, I have also been able to get off ALL prescribed medications. My joints look and feel so much better and I am now able to golf, paint and function without symptoms, complaint and previous limitations.

Consistent, weekly trips from 40-miles away have been well worth the time and travel. Also, after completing the 28-day detox, I am enjoying the benefits and new nutritional disciplines that have been developed from the detox program.

I have complete appreciation of the care, education and health benefits I have received from Doctor Lofton, Doctor Rinehart and their excellent staff. Based on how I currently feel, (especially compared to six months ago) I feel truly blessed and hope to continue and maintain the renewed healthy me by the treatments and disciplines I have been enlightened to receive and learn.

LFFC Comments:

What do you say? Margaret has only been coming for 5 months, but she has convinced her skeptical husband to come, and now he is getting awesome results, she has told many people about LFFC, and most of all, she has been redeemed from a deadly drug, that costs some people $5000 per month! We are honored to serve her and her husband…


July 2017

My name is Kim and I’m a healthy, active, busy mom of 5 kids who has spent a lot of time and energy to be fit, strong, and feel good.  Despite all this, when I started coming to LifeForce Family Chiropractic (LFFC) I struggled with pain in my neck, back, hips, and knees.  I started corrective care at LFFC because being in pain every morning just didn’t make sense to me.  

What amazes me about this kind of Chiropractic care is the unbelievable results I’ve gotten.  Since starting care at LFFC, my pain is almost 100% gone!  My low back, neck, shoulder and knee pain has improved 100% along with a 99% improvement in my constant headaches! The chronic stomach issues I battled for years are improving immensely as I have seen a 90% improvement in food allergies, stomach aches, and bloating.  I have also experienced a 98% improvement in PMS symptoms including heartburn, indigestion, cramping and fatigue.  

In addition to the life changing reduction in pain, I also experienced some unexpected health benefits from receiving neurologically based adjustments at LFFC.  I’m calmer and I can accomplish more at work and home due to significant improvement in the swelling and stiffness in my joints along with an 85% improvement in general fatigue which means I have more energy too! I also experienced a 100% improvement in my pigeon-toed feet.  These incredible results are just icing on the cake for me!

I praise the Lord for bringing me to LFFC and I continue to make the 3 hour roundtrip drive every week because I am excited for the healing to come!

LFFC Comments:

We are so blessed to serve Kim each week, we love her sunny personality and commitment to living the principled lifestyle!  She has had amazing results from receiving care at LFFC and we are inspired by her dedication to drive 3 hours each week to be faithful to her wellness care plan.


June 2017

My name is April and my family started care at LifeForce Family Chiropractic after our neighbor Barbara told us how the torque release therapy was helping ease her depression, a condition I also battle. At my first visit to the office, I was so moved hearing the incredible testimonies of healing that so many have experienced under Dr. Lofton's care. I felt compelled to embrace a therapy that has reversed the worst, most incurable conditions in people suffering and losing hope. 

When we began care at LFFC, I also happened to be in my final trimester of pregnancy. I took a leap of faith and signed up for care with LFFC along with my husband Rich and our daughter Chloe. I had already been on a diet similar to the Principled Lifestyle, but after attending a nutrition class at LFFC, I learned some new components I could add and renewed my commitment to eat and drink only what would not inflame my system. We have driven from Plymouth to Savage three times a week to receive adjustments. The adjustments have helped stabilize me and I have experienced emotional releases with the adjustments that helped me thru a difficult pregnancy as well as the post-partum period. 

I am so grateful because LFFC helped make my dream of a natural childbirth come true even when I didn’t think it could be done. After a full day of contractions, I received a specialized adjustment from Dr. Lofton along with prayers from patients and staff.  I barely made it to the hospital in time to push Gavin out in two waves, feeling astonished at how easy it was. He didn't even cry and latched on immediately. I was so in love and thankful to God and LFFC for all the love, support and prayers. But watch out, those adjustments can really make a labor go FAST!

While at the LFFC office resting on the adjustment tables listening to Christian worship music and Dr. Wade's infectious stories of hope, my spiritual connection with Jesus Christ began to renew inside me, having been dormant for years. I have experienced many dark moments but have found a renewed faith to fight thru them.  

I remember early on asking Dr. Lofton how he was going to cure me. He said with a smile that it was not he who could cure me, and I knew what he meant...that it could only be God. I too have to take action. I have to say no to the foods that trigger me, yes to exercise and self-care. As Dr. Lofton reminded me, "I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me."

We continue to travel weekly to LFFC and I'm always amazed how good we feel afterwards. The staff is always so positive and friendly; they have come to feel like extended family. I've always appreciated the intuitive way Dr. Lofton performs adjustments. He just looks at a patient and seems to just innately know what kind of reset they need at that moment. He is honest and knows how to speak to people at their level of belief and understanding. Dr. Lofton also gave us baby clothes, paid for us to attend a Christian concert, and has offered side work to my husband. My greatest hope is to continue to stabilize and improve my condition, and do whatever we can to prevent our kids from facing the health problems we have faced. That's why we embrace the principles of chiropractic care and overall health that LFFC stands for. 


LFFC Comments:

What do we say? Wow!!! Praise the Lord!!!


May 2017


My name is Lisa and I started coming to LifeForce Family Chiropractic in March of 2016 at my father’s suggestion after he had been seeing Dr. Lofton for a while.  From the moment I stepped into the office, my life changed!

I was born with Cerebral Palsy and walk with crutches.  Before coming to LifeForce Chiropractic, I walked with a brace on one leg and a lifted shoe on the other.  Now I walk without the lift and no brace!  I have also gone from constant pain to almost no pain – even after heavy exercise.  I honestly believe that my brain communication is better and I can think, process, and adapt to stress better than ever before.

I travel from Wisconsin one time a week to get reset neurologically, and when I started, I was coming two times per week, sometimes 3 times per week.  I continue to practice the Principled Lifestyle because I feel and know that change is occurring and Dr. Lofton and his staff have a very uplifting and positive environment that makes me healthy, but even more importantly, SMILE!

I will always be very thankful!  


LFFC Comments:

Lisa, her mom, and her dad all have traveled from Wisconsin (about 2+ hours one way) 3x per week, 2x per week, and now 1x per week to receive our services of love, prayer, and neurological based adjustments! Lisa has had dramatic change in the Cerebral Palsy symptoms, and amazing correction via X-ray on her post x-ray after a year of being dedicated to corrective care. For this, she deserves to be honored as Practice member of the month!


April 2017

My name is Marlys and I started coming to LifeForce Family Chiropractic (LFFC) in May of 2014 because I saw the improvement that my daughter in law got with the headaches that were debilitating her ability to be a mom and wife to her family. In fact she told Dr. Lofton that “she didn’t know how she could continue with everyday activities in life and because she was in so much PAIN everyday!”

Before I started coming to LFFC, my neck had been bothering me for several years and my mid back would ache all day long.  I had been told I had degeneration in my neck and back, and there was NO CURE!  I had been going to other back and neck cracking chiropractors for over 13 years and never felt like it was really helping me much; at least long term.  

Since starting my corrective care process at LFFC, my life has been pain free most of the time and my constantly stiff neckaches and backaches have been eliminated.  I thank God for Dr. Lofton!  

3 years later, I continue to live the principled lifestyle and get neurologically reset on a weekly basis for prevention and correction of everyday interference from the stress of life. I am medication free and I take the vitamins, fruits/greens, and omega 3 supplements that Dr. Lofton recommends to combat inflammation.  I drive 2.5 hours one way each week to add life and healing to my body from Neurological Correction and when I was on corrective care I would do it 3x a week.

Thank you so much Dr. Lofton…


LFFC Comments:

As a team it is always hard every month to vote on who deserves to be practice member of the month when almost everyone that comes to LFFC fits the qualifications and should be honored for their commitment to getting better, but when a lady drives 5 hours every M, W, and Thursday for 2 months to get correction, and 3 years later still comes weekly for prevention…she definitely needs to be honored and know that we are so proud of her commitment to get better, and stay MEDICATION FREE!

We bless and honor her for her testimony to not only be pain free, but medication free, along with only imagining the commitment level it took to make the drive 3x per week, and now 1x per week even when she feels great! That is understanding the principle and big idea of health and wellness…


March 2017

My name is Sadie and my motivation for beginning care at Life Force Family Chiropractic (LFFC) six years ago was God’s amazing timing and perfect peace. 

I first learned about LFFC in June of 2012 while talking with Eric at Joyful Noise Family Fest. Then, only a few weeks later in my home town I ran into Bandon and Dr. Lofton at Henderson Sauerkraut Days. I knew this was no accident and that God had a hand in it, so I made a decision to start receiving care at LFFC.

Over the time I have been a practice member at LifeForce, by God’s grace I have fewer headaches and less pain in my back. In the past, I have struggled with Epilepsy but I am now seizure free! I continue to live the Principled Lifestyle and travel up to 2 hours round trip to get neurologically adjusted each week because I know that God created my body to heal itself and taking care of my body now means less disease later in life. 

For me, Life Force Family Chiropractic is so much more than a chiropractic office. It is a place where people come not only with hope of receiving physical healing, but also to be encouraged, lifted up, and prayed for. At LFFC, other practice members and staff are family. I don’t have any other doctors that will sing along to praise and worship songs with me. My friend and LFFC practice member Joni C. even went out of her way to bring me to my appointments when I couldn’t drive myself. I am so thankful! 

I know that God is at work and healing is happening here, I get to experience it each week! I pray that God will continue to be at work in this place. 

LFFC Comments:

We are honoring Sadie this month because she has diligently been dedicated for 6 years, and even when she was unemployed, and had no vehicle she found a way to financially make her health a priority and ask friends to bring her to LFFC.

One thing that we as a team love about Sadie is her ability to always SMILE and WORSHIP to the music as she gets her nervous system reset; even on days when life is throwing her a curve ball, she smiles and praises the Lord.

We are also so excited that the seizures that the Neurologists said will always exist, are now gone in the name of Jesus! Love it! Interference free, living the principle of health and wellness…good job Sadie!

We also have to recognize Sadie for her dedication to travel over 2 hours 3x per week, 2x per week, and now 1x per week on prevention based care.

These are just a few of the reasons why we as a team have elected Sadie for Practice Member of the month, and we hope you enjoy her personal testimony!


February 2017

We are the Boehne family. Scott and Jacob started coming to Lifeforce Family Chiropractic in 2009. Kirsten, Nathan and Kayla became practice members in 2011. Both Scott and Kirsten had been to traditional "back-cracking" chiropractors in the past so they were familiar with the pain relief benefits of this kind of care. The Torque Release Technique was different and offered a non-jarring adjustment to our neurological systems. Instead of treating a symptom of pain, this technique works at the fundamental level of keeping the nervous system open and communicating so that all life functions can be optimized. We have learned more about how our bodies respond to our daily activities and the importance of what we do and eat. It's amazing that this technique can have such a big effect that it does!

Our family has seen significant, positive correction to our health and well-being. We are grateful for the care we receive here.

Things we love about Lifeforce Family Chiropractic:

1. The fact that we have been generally healthier since starting regular visits.
2. The music played is Christian music and it makes for an uplifting atmosphere.
3. Dr. Lofton and his staff are genuinely interested in us and what's going on in our lives. They remember our interests and ask about them. We're not just patients in a clinic.
4. Everyone is so optimistic and enthusiastic about their mission. It's a fun atmosphere!
5. We feel listened to when we have a specific concern or need. We are not brushed off or dismissed as unimportant. Our health reports are thorough and explained so that we understand.
6. We know that through regular visits we are improving and maintaining our health.

LFFC Comments:

The Boehne Family have been consistant members and have received amazing results from their  correction process and maintaince. We appreciate their enthusiasm for the principle of chiropractic and healthy living style. We look forward to keeping this lovely family interference free for the rest of their lives so they can continue to heal at the optimized level!


January 2017

My name is Kathy, and I was introduced to LFFC by my daughter Stephanie in 2011; she was confident that it would help with my lower back pain! My concern when I came in was not only lower back pain but, also allergies and stress. To my surprise my x-ray concluded I had a subluxation and broken back, along with other degenerative changes.

I was very interested in the Torque Release Technique and what types of neurological changes I could experience by living and following the principles Dr. Lofton teaches. While on corrective care I was amazed at how much my quality of life improved and shocked that I no longer needed to take drugs for my allergies that would never go away, unless I took medications.

I noticed that I was adapting better to stress, and was so pleased when the unbearable shoulder/neck pain was healed, and currently is gone 100%.

My grandkids also get adjusted to optimize the health of their spines, and love coming to see Dr. Lofton; he is the only Doctor they trust and love to see on a regular basis.

Thank you Dr. Lofton and LifeForce Family Chiropractic Team.

LFFC Comments:

Kathy has been nominated because of her dedication to getting her nerve system and spine reset for the last 6 years. She used to drive from a small town south of St. Peter 3x per week, which is over an hour one way.

The most amazing thing about how much Kathy values the principled lifestyle is the fact that she always brings her grandchildren in to get adjusted and makes it a priority that they get rest neurologically; for that Kathy truly is principled!


December 2016

I started corrective care at LifeForce Family Chiropractic in the fall of 2011.

I was having daily aches and pains and migraines monthly. Within a few months the migraines were gone with a few minor headaches now and then. Pain was manageable. I'm a dental hygienist so I get a lot of neck, shoulder, and hand pain. If I do my weekly adjustments I am able to keep the pain to a minimum and work.

October of 2016 I had open heart surgery- pulmonary valve replacement- I was in severe pain - especially back and neck pain- I saw Dr. Lofton within a week an half after surgery. That was a huge blessing. After a few visits the pain slowly started to lessen. When I started cardiac rehabilitation- the physical therapists was surprised at how I was doing and made progress. I strongly believe it was due to getting my central nervous system back on track. I can't Thank Dr. Lofton and his staff enough. They also go out of their way to accommodate my schedule. So caring and friendly and love that it is a Christ center chiropractic office. Thank you LifeForce Family Chiropractic, for enabling me to continue to work and live my life without severe pain and discomfort

LFFC Comments:

Sheri is very dedicated to following Dr. Lofton’s recommendations and does not miss her weekly reset to her nervous system and spine. She has been dedicated for 5 years! She has experienced 80-100% improvement of fatigue and decreased energy. She also teaches her patients that are suffering from health related issues that they need to be INTERFENCE free and should check out LFFC! We are thankful for her dedication and referrals


November 2016

I first learned about LifeForce Family Chiropractic (LFFC) after my daughter Barb Cooley had received correction from her chronic migraines and pain that was debilitating her lifestyle!

I had back surgery prior to meeting Dr. Lofton, but it “did not help my back.” I was still having immense pain along with High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, and left shoulder pain. After being tested at LFFC for subluxation “I found out that my spine was very cricked!” My spine has continued to improve over the years of correction and wellness care, and I feel much better now… I pray that “I can get off ALL those crappy medications” that I have been taking for so many years. The doctors say that I have to take them forever, but I believe that if the interference is removed and I follow the recommendations of Dr. Lofton’s principled lifestyle, “there may be a day where the Lord heals me;” just like the time when I had a sore knee and couldn’t walk, Dr. Lofton adjusted my spine and knee and it was healed!

“I also enjoy all the beautiful spiritual music that they play in the office! I don't have to worry about all that garbage music being played that everyone listens to in this day and age.”

LFFC Comments:

Marilyn has been dedicated to coming for over 5 years!  She understands the value of neurological based chiropractic so much that she will drive up to an hour out of her way to go get her grandchildren 3x per week, 2x per week, and now weekly so that they can be adjusted and receive life in their bodies! She also refers and tells everyone she meets about the life changing things she has learned and experienced at LFFC. Marilyn lives on a very… very… limited income, an income that barely gets her by in life, but she always finds the value in buying her nutritional supplements and paying for her weekly wellness care, so that her body has the ability to self-heal and self-regulate with limited interference in the nervous system/spine. We are honored to promote Marilyn’s testimony of victory, and hope that in due season there will be more healing testimonies!


October 2016

We are thankful for Dr. Lofton’s gift and talent.  We consider him our primary care doctor.  We started coming to him for Joe’s back problems. Joe has been able to continue with his physical job only with the help of Dr. Lofton.  Back, knee, shoulder – Dr. Lofton does it all—no surgery involved.   Joe also received full allergy care/recovery with Dr. Lofton.  No more over the counter drugs or allergy shots.  Renae came to Dr. Lofton for an autoimmune battle as well as lower back, shoulder issues due to full time computer work.  Renae’s immune system stays strong with adjustments from Dr. Lofton. No more headaches

We are blessed and thankful for chiropractic care from Dr. Lofton.

LFFC Comments:

We have been blessed to serve and add life to Renae's and Joe's bodies for the past 10 years. They are consistent and dedicated to getting reset since 2006! They value and follow Dr. Lofton’s nutritional recommendations. Both of them have received correction in their cervical curve and reduction of symptoms. When Joe first came in, he had a hard time tying his shoes and sitting down, and he never had to have surgery and lives symptom free. We give God the glory for the healing they have received. Thank you, Renae and Joe for your dedication and value to living the principled lifestyle.


September 2016

Hello, I am Monica Christensen. I started my care with Dr. Lofton on June 22nd, 2016 and I have had amazing results! At my first appointment I was unable to bear weight on my left knee and leg.  My knee was locked in position and my leg just kind of dragged.  I was unable to walk without a limp or hanging onto objects.  My orthopedic doctor said that I needed a total knee replacement.  He said that he was trying to wait because I am not 60 yet, so he prescribed medication.  The side effects of these medications made me so tired that I was just sleeping the days away with no relief.  The pain was just terrible because it would shoot up and down my leg.  I could hardly get through the day.

Then one day, some very close friends of ours told me about this wonderful place in Savage that they have been going to for about 6 weeks.  I thought to myself, well that is about 2 hours away from our farm in southern, MN!  Well, this must be a really special place for our friends to drive over 2 hours as well.  So I called and made an appointment.

The moment I walked into the office, I could feel the presence of God and I just knew that I was going to find the help that I needed.  It was just one of those feelings when you know you are in the right place.  As the week unfolded, I started to get better then there were some weeks where I felt like I was going backwards.  What I quickly learned from Dr. Lofton was I was retracing neurologically and more or less going through a healing process.  Dr. Lofton would say, “Don't just focus on what you want (no symptoms). Focus on your body healing.”

I was very diligent and followed all of the recommendations and the protocol of coming 3 times a week in the beginning, now I am down to 2 times a week.  Looking back at the past 12 weeks the pain is all gone in my left leg feels 100% better and I have my life back.  Now, I am looking forward to fall and harvest season because I will now be able to climb up and down the combine and help with the farm business.  I can live my life again with no pain all thanks to Dr. Lofton and his team!! 

LFFC Comments:

What can we say! Monica was on drugs and anticipating a knee replacement, and she is healed today…Amazing how many people really don’t need to be on a medication or have a surgery when the interference is removed from their nervous system, spine, and lifestyle.


August 2016

Hi, we are Tom and Kim Kastner, from Sanborn, Mn. which is in the S.W. part of the state. We travel 4 1/4 hours round trip to see Dr. Lofton and his staff.

Our journey began in April when a friend or ours was visiting with Kim and the subject came up that Tom was diagnosed with severe mitral valve regurgitation (heart murmur) that was going to require heart surgery. Our friend had started seeing Dr. Lofton and suggested we do the same. After the initial exam and consultation the decision was made to work with LFFC and put correction into Tom's body. The week the treatments began the heart surgery was canceled. After a couple of days we decided that since we were making the trip Kim would begin treatment for neck and back issues that she had been dealing with for some time. Kim had gone to chiropractors for most of her life and Tom had been going for many years without lasting effects. After the first visits we could feel the healing in our bodies. After 8 weeks of going Tom's tightness in his chest was less, he was sleeping better at night, he had a problem with air in his stomach that was improving, and better posture for both of us. Now it is 5 months since we started treatments and Tom rarely feels any tightness in his chest.

We also started to learn more about nutrition and how it effects inflammation in our bodies which causes disease. We decided to make a life change in our diet, so our bodies would heal faster. Coming away from the class and then receiving Dr. Lofton's nutritional recommendations for us was overwhelming to say the least! We were not new to this idea and had tried to make better food choices for the past 3 or 4 years. Kim's parents had also been sharing health tidbits similar to Dr. Loftons with us for many years. Dr. Lofton's recommendation was to pretty much eliminate most of the things we ate and loved. It brought Kim to tears of frustration trying to figure out how and where to even start. We were raised on the farm with lots of meat, potatoes and hot dishes. After discussing this with Dr. L. he said to just take 3 things out of our diet first, dairy, sugar, and gluten. Oh Brother! Well, on the way home we decided we could do this as we wanted Tom's heart issue to heal faster. We are adjusting after 2 months of many changes. Our daughter, who started to see Dr. Lofton a few weeks after we started, has helped us very much to find alternative recipes. Thank the Lord for Pinterest! She also has chosen a healthier diet.

Our journey is really just beginning and we are excited for a healthier future.

Philippians 4:13 tells us that "I can do all things through Christ who
strengthens me!"


July 2016

Adams Family

In 2011 I met Dr. Lofton at Sonshine Music Festival where my husband and his band Silverline were performing. Within the next couple weeks my husband (Steve), I, and the kids got tested for subluxation and nerve interference.  It was completely different than the traditional chiropractors we had been to for years! Our first visit was very thorough and we had tests done that we had never had done by other chiropractors. We figured we might as well give this a shot, since our other chiropractic visits never gave lasting results, and Dr. Lofton’s explanation of principled chiropractic/Torque Release Technique was so different than the other chiropractors we had seen for years…

After our first adjustment we left thinking, 'what just happened and how in the world will a few touches on the body and resetting it with the integrator do anything?' It felt like a joke! Boy were we wrong!!! The first night I experienced exactly what Dr. Lofton said. I fell asleep within minutes and slept like a baby! This was a huge deal because for the previous several years it would take anywhere from 45 minutes to a couple hours to fall asleep. In the following weeks I experienced pain relief from back pain, which usually felt like it was on fire. Steve also experienced pain relief in his joints and relief from work related ANXIETY. I also struggled with headaches on a regular basis and would take ibuprofen to be able to function! These headaches now only occur once a month/every other month. Our kids started going as well and have received healing from digestive problems, and rarely get sick. Dr. Lofton also discovered a double scoliosis in my oldest daughter who was suffering from headaches and she was only 7! We haven't had another set of X-rays done yet, but I can barely feel the curves of her spine and she has no headaches so I'm positive her spine is corrected!

Lifeforce Family Chiropractic is about 45 minutes without traffic from our house. We have very busy lives with my husband being a Christian rock band/running a full time business, and me starting up my career in Christian worship, and we don't make a ton of money, but with the correction and love we experience at Lifeforce we make it a priority to keep coming to have life added to our bodies! I have never experienced lasting results like this! I mean, there has been correction in areas I didn't even know needed correction! My circulation was absolutely terrible leaving my skin to feel cold and turn shades of purple. I would almost never sweat. Now my circulation is normal and it is such a blessing! I don't even want to imagine how our bodies would feel and be acting if we hadn't been coming here for the past 5 years.

I'm sure there are things I'm missing, there are far too many praise reports from tiny to huge that have happened over the years and things I may not have even noticed. So, thank you so much to Dr. Lofton, his family and wonderful staff for existing and offering such a life changing service to everyone. I tell everyone I know to come here:) It is worth the money, the time, and the drive times a million!! I don't understand why all chiropractors don't do what this place does. There would be no need for drugs and most surgeries! Excellent work Lifeforce! And thank you from the bottom of our hearts:)

LFFC Comments:

What can we say? It is an honor to have a family that is not only living the principle to the CORE, but that has so many amazing/kind words to say about our team and services! We are sad and happy that this family is moving to Nashville, TN to pursue their dream in the music business, and hope that when they sell out at the Xcel Energy Center or Target Center in Minneapolis/St. Paul that they will still remember us and have us backstage putting life in their bodiesJ…


June 2016

Dennis and Francie McGrane

My Wife and I have been under the care of Dr. Lofton and his staff at LifeForce since April of 2012. We came seeking relief from several aches and pains in our back, which radiated through our arms and legs. Since we have received chiropractic treatment through the torque-release method, we have seen significant improvement. We are presently under wellness care, enjoying a better quality of life. Thanks Dr. Lofton and your team at LifeForce Family Chiropractic!

May 2016

Cynthia and Lloyd Troendle

We first came to LFFC in the spring of 2011. Were referenced by a physical therapist from Mayo. Cindy was close to wheel chair bound. After a few weeks of treatment, I was amazed by her progress. At that time, I asked Dr. Lofton about my borderline type 2 diabetes and he said he could help me. I was very skeptical, but agreed to try. My blood sugar was running about 120-140 with spikes of 160-180. Today Cindy has defeated the pill pushing doctors, who had her on Lipitor and other statin drugs for 15 plus years. A rheumatologist pill pusher whose prescription worsened her condition and destroyed her left knee. She is now walking with a cane and doing exercises to strengthen her legs with slow but steady progress. My blood sugar, with exercise, diets, and supplements from Dr. Lofton have kept my count under 100 for the past 6 months and 110 in the past year. 

April 2016

LuAnn Larson

    My name is LuAnn Larson from Northfield, MN. After having seen many Chiropractors through the years, I became a Practice Member at LFFC in 2009. My main complaints when starting corrective care were headaches, neck, mid back, hand, and shoulder pain. My neck was like gravel with every turn of the head and it was difficult to even hold my head up without support.

   Lifeforce was my first experience with the Torque release technique. Because of my consistency in treatment, my symptoms were improving in many ways. My neurological scans were improving as the severe (black and red) areas of inflammation and over-firing on my scans were disappearing along with neck and mid back symptoms. Things were looking up and neck pain became more of a memory of the past.

   Unfortunately, pain of the past returned after a fall at work in 2011. Past symptoms returned and new symptoms came up in the lower back area of L5, S1 and S2. Everyday activities of walk, sleeping, sitting, driving were difficult due to the pain running down my right leg to my foot. Being unable to get comfortable was motivation to be diligent in receiving adjustments three times a week. Again, pain lessened, and I found myself moving around better.

   The Neurology clinic confirmed Dr. Lofton's diagnosis, but only offered pain management in the form of epidurals for the low back pain. Surgery was also tossed around in treatment discussions along with narcotic pain medications and NSAIDS. Not being a fan of introducing chemicals to my body, I chose a different route. I prefer natural treatments whenever possible. Healing and recovery is a process, and I'm continuing the process with one time a week treatments to keep the communication flowing through my nerves and keep the pain at bay.

    I am grateful for Dr. Lofton and the LifeForce team, so grateful that I tell everyone I know and work with about the life giving benefits of a subluxation free lifestyle.

LFFC Comments:

Why are we excited to honor LuAnn as practice member of the month for April 2016? Because she has been dedicated to living the principled health and wellness lifestyle through neurological adjustments, supplements, and organic foods for the past 7 years! She has overcome a FRACTURED/BROKEN spine without drugs and surgery! She has not only lived the lifestyle that we teach, but has referred many people and continues to spread the life-saving message of Jesus Christ and the power in being adjusted or RESET, as we call it…


March 2016

Terri Larson

            I have been going to LifeForce Family Chiropractic (LFFC) for 7 years along with my daughter, and have had awesome changes in my health and knowledge of the body.

            I really didn’t have any crazy symptoms that were debilitating me and my quality of life, but after listening to Dr. Lofton speak, seeing the test results (especially the x-rays), and having an understanding of how important the nervous system is in regards to health; I decided to start the corrective care program. I am a massage therapist and I do have neck, back, and many other painful areas, and after a few weeks of getting Torque Release Care I noticed that it was gone, especially in my neck. After a while I also noticed that my overall health was better, and I hardly ever got any common colds or the flu…I also had not gotten the flu shot that I used to get annually, and that is so highly recommended.

            I continue to be very happy with the care at LFFC, which is why my daughter and I continue to come 7 years later! With God our healer, neurological based adjustments for my subluxations, and following the principles Dr. Lofton teaches, I look forward to continued healing and good health.

LFFC Comments:

            We are excited to honor Terri Larson for her dedication to being adjusted and living by the principle of health and wellness for the last 7 years; she not only went through corrective care with her daughter, but has continued to be dedicated to weekly adjustments for the past 6 ½ years. Terri is not very vocal and type A personality, but she shows her passion and excitement for health and wellness by showing up every week to have her nerve system reset back to the correct frequency; she doesn’t miss her visits or miss taking her nutrition, and for that we are excited to say thank you, bless you, and we honor you as practice member of the month!

February 2016

          Before coming to LifeForce Family Chiropractic (LFFC) I, Kristine D., had migraines on a daily basis. Since I was 17 years old, I have received yearly pap smears that have revealed mild dysplasia and HPV. While in the military, an injury to my left arm caused a 10 % DISABILITY to the part of my ulnar nerve between my elbow and fingers along with a back injury in 2010. On top of that, the doctors diagnosed me with Anxiety, Depression and PTSD. The medication that the doctors ended up putting me on was not helping, and in fact, it was making me worse.  After years of  pain and suffering, I met Doctor Lofton in 2014 at Pan-O-Prog in Lakeville.

                        “Thank you for being at that outreach event, lifesaver...”

            He told me about his office and what made him DIFFERENT THAN OTEHR CHIROPRACTORS. Still, I was skeptical because I was seeing a chiropractor, a chiropractor that did the traditional “snap-crackle-pop” and was getting little to no relief. So, I decided to give it a try...

            After about a month of seeing Dr. Lofton my headaches were gone and I began to feel more energy and felt more alive.  I recently discovered that The 10% disability is NORMAL and my pain is gone. Also, I got test results back for my pap smear, and I no longer have HPV!! The doctor says I don't have to come back for 3-5 years! I am no longer on antidepressants, and only take supplements that Dr. Lofton recommends; wow life changer! Sadly, I wasn't the only person in my family struggling with their health and in need of help.

            My son Mathias started about a month after I did because I knew God had called us to LFFC.  Mathias was diagnosed with hypothyroidism (Thyroid Disorder) when he was a week old and has been taking medication everyday for this disorder. On top of that, Mathias has been having 2-3 meltdowns each week, and was diagnosed with neuro-behavior disorders. His doctor at the Children's Hospital, which he sees every 3-4 months, continued to increase his medication every year since birth. Since coming to LFFC in 2015, for the first time in my son's life, his medications have decreased and only has 1-2 meltdowns a month.

            “We have been so blessed to have the Lord lead us to LFFC. Praise God for these wonderful people!”

LFFC Comments:

            We are so excited to honor Kristine for her amazing results! She not only is dedicated, and hardly ever misses her visits, but she takes the supplements, eats the foods, and lives the lifestyle that we as a team teach to our practice members. The amazing thing about this is that she is a single mom with a part time job and going to school full time, so money is very little in her life at this time...We are so proud of her and her results, which are stellar, and speak for themselves!

January 2016


Megan Larson

My journey at Life Force Family Chiropractic (LFFC) started in May 2010. Before becoming a Practice Member I was in a really, really low place in life. I was deeply in need of help, hope, and light. My Mom started coming to LFFC and had told me that Doctor Lofton believed he could help me. Considering how low I was, it meant a lot to me that someone believed I could get better, which gave me hope for the first time in a long time.

                Being at LFFC has been a HUGE part of my life, a place of hope and healing!  The incredible changes have not been only physically, but  mentally, emotionally, and spiritually too. Anxiety has been a big struggle for me, and being here has encouraged me to overcome this struggle of mine. Unfortunately I stopped coming years ago, but it was a blessing in disguise as I realized THE DIFFERENCE THE ADJUSTMENT made, along with the continuous encouragement. Upon returning I noticed a difference right away after my first adjustment. My legs immediately felt stronger, as if I needed to go running or workout. Getting adjusted does add life to my body. One day, while experiencing neck pain, one adjustment immediately got rid of my neck pain. These testimonies have reassured my confidence and gave me hope that this truly is a place that can help me.  

“From the love and encouragement of the doctors and staff, to the healing and teaching, my life wouldn't be the same today without all the ways my life has been enriched by the LifeForce Family.”

                I am so very blessed and thankful that God has put Life Force in my life and the lives of others. Dr. Lofton and the LFFC team, I LOVE you all. :) Thank you!!


October 2015


Marrianna Glish: Testimony of Victory

I started neurological based TRT myself just about 7 years ago. It was the 1st I had ever stepped foot into a chiropractor's office; I had NO TRUST in anyone manually adjusting my neck. I was so glad to find out that Dr. Lofton and his team specialized in the nervous system and a low force technique, so there would be no cracking of my neck; praise the Lord.

When I first started, I was having headaches, numbness in my legs and feet, and I couldn't lie on my tummy without crazy lower back pain. It was not to long that I had relief from my symptoms and a few things like sleeping, wrist pain, and emotions started to get better. I am so glad that I figured out a way to incorporate the financial piece into my budget! I believe that living this lifestyle has and will save my family and I money in the future in regards to our healthcare expenses.

I believe that the weekly wellness care visits, while I was pregnant, allowed me to only have to deal with heartburn and the growing tummy vs. the traditional low back pain, numbness down the legs, etc. that most women experience.

When I was 32 weeks pregnant with our son, I was in a car accident. Totaling both cars that were in the accident, and a trip to the hospital to make sure our son was safe in the womb, I headed to Dr. Lofton the same day to get adjusted and address any interference in my spine and nervous system; I had very little residual effect from the accident other than wrist pain, which no longer exists. I am thankful for the re-exams and state of the art testing that LifeForce Family Chiropractic (LFFC) performs even while on wellness care, as this helped me to see changes vs. just base my health upon how I feel; very thankful.

Our son Troy was born healthy and ready for the world! As soon as we could, we got him in for his 1st adjustment. Our son has slept soundly almost every night, never has ear infections, has never had to be rushed in to the ER or see a Medical Doctor for any illness.! He currently is 2 and a subluxation free/disease free child, and I believe it is due to the adjustments and diet that we follow per Dr. Lofton and his team.

Time changes many things, but coming to be adjusted will NOT be one that changes for our family. It has been one of the most rewarding investments we have done in our lives.

Comments per LFFC:

Marianna has truly been an amazing example of someone who gets the big IDEA on health and wellness! Her commitment to live interference free and drug/disease free for the last 7 years is a testimony to the principled/wellness lifestyle! There has been challenging times in her life financially when she was single and after having her 1st and ONLY child (she says), ha..., but in every event she has found a way to stay dedicated to living this wellness lifestyle. We are blessed to have her and her family be a part of our family!


September 2015

Steve & Caren Fish: Testimony of Victory

I have been going to various Doctors, Chiropractors, and Acupuncturists over the years for my Rheumatoid Arthritis. I weaned off prescription drugs as I didn't like the side effects of liver damage etc to look forward to. All the cartilage is gone from my joints I had 2 hip, right knee, left shoulder replacements from October 2011 to December 2012. When I had my check up at Mayo Rochester, MN a few months ago, they took X-Rays of my left knee and right shoulder and said they need replaced as well. I also had sharp pain in my neck at various times with limited movement.

A friend referred me to Life Force Family Chiropractic and since coming here August 2014, I have experienced more FLEXIBILITY, no sharp pain in my neck, I stand up straighter and walk better. I haven't had a cold or the flu since coming here while others around me have, which I'm thankful for.

My husband Steve has been coming to LFFC since May 2015. He retired from 35 years of Bridge Construction so has had many aches and pains. He is already feeling less back pain and more range of motion along with also no colds or flu since.

Thanks to Dr. Lofton retraining the frequencies of the nervous system.

Comments per LFFC:

We are very grateful to have Steve & Caren as Practice Members and honor them as Practice members of the Month. They commute almost 2 hrs. from Pepin WI at least 2 times a week. They have been so dedicated to living the principled life style. It is a blessing and an honor to have Steve and Caren be part of the LFFC family where our mission is to transform and save lives!


August 2015

Elaine and Greg Curry August 2015 Chiropractic Care Testimonial

Elaine & Greg Curry: Testimony of Victory

I was scheduled for BACK SURGERY in February 2015 for Low back and Sciatic pain that radiated down my legs. I was blessed that a friend of mine referred me to LifeForce Family Chiropractic (LFFC). After 2 visits, I decided to cancel back surgery with all it's risks and uncertainty and pursue Torque Release Technique and this thing called the principled lifestyle. As a result of successful treatments I was able to take a fishing trip to NW Ontario sitting in a car for 14 hrs. one way and sitting in a boat all day. This would have been IMPOSSIBLE prior to treatment. Praise the Lord!

I also have reduced and eliminated medications from my daily lifestyle and believe that I am healthier today, than I was prior to meeting Dr. Lofton and his team...

My wife Elaine was slowly recovering from knee surgery and also was suffering from Sciatic PAIN. Since my healing potential had improved from coming to LFFC, I encouraged her to also start treatment. She couldn't RIDE in a CAR or even sit through a meal without pain. Since treatment, the sciatic pain has greatly improved along with other areas of improvement in her health. On top of all this we live in Hutchinson, Mn and we have a 3 hour round trip commute to come to LFFC, but we say it's worth it! We appreciate the staff and neurological based approach received at LFFC, and the great Christian music/atmosphere.

Comments per LFFC:

We are honoring and feel blessed that Greg & Elaine are living the principled lifestyle to their full advantage with our Neurological based adjustments! We love to see their commitment and spreading the message, and look forward to increasing their momentum through adjustments. Thank you again Greg & Elaine, for having such a great attitude and motivation towards being healthy and following Christ!         


April 2015

Cheri Rolando: Testimony of Victory

            As a dental hygienist for over 30 years I was having significant neck and back pain as well as arthritis in my thumbs and frequent headaches. I had been having traditional chiropractic treatment for several years. I would often have my adjustment and then I would feel my neck pop out of alignment in the car on the way home which caused pain. I saw an article about LifeForce Family Chiropractic in the Savage Pacer and decided to give them a call. The fact that they openly communicated their Christian faith was a huge draw for this believer! I have been a practice member now for about 4 years and I NO LONGER DEAL WITH HEADACHES, NECK PAINAND SIGNIFICANT PAIN IN MY HANDS!  Dr. Lofton and his team really care about each Practice Member, I truly leave there each week feeling completely blessed and relieved with life flowing throughout my body!

Comments per LFFC:

            We can’t thank Cheri enough for her commitment and dedication to living the principled lifestyle for so many years.  We are blessed to have someone like her, who has been sharing this message with family and patients at her work.  We look forward to continue to serve Cheri and her husband for many more years and they continue to live the principled lifestyles that Dr. Lofton has educated them on. 


March 2015

The Montana Family: Testimony of Victory

            Lindsay and Marcus were both having a lot of problems with their bodies and knew they were not functioning at their full potential. Lindsay had been struggling with migraines and headaches since 1999. She had a pituitary tumor removed in 2004 but was still having headaches on a daily basis and found out that the growth had come back and she didn't want to have another surgery , she knew something had to be done. On top of worrying about that she also had lower back problems which were from a farm accident when she was younger and would have to take Sudafed daily for allergies and sinus issues just to make it through the day!  

Marcus had shoulder, neck and knee pains from all the years of playing sports in High School & College. After a short period of time coming to LifeForce and getting Neurological Base adjustments, they LOVED the results they were starting to see ! Lindsay was able to completely stop taking Sudafed after taking it for so many years and her headaches stopped as well!! (PRAISE GOD) MIRACULOUSLY HER TUMOR DISAPPEARED and Marcus  wasn't needing to take ibuprofen any more for his joint pain, which they accredit a lot of the healing power of the Holy Spirit and Doctor Lofton and  the staff at Life Force, who operate a practice that honors the Lord!

They had their son Malakai in November of 2012 and at TWO WEEKS after being born he had his first adjustment. Since getting adjusted he has been such a healthy boy because of it, he rarely ever gets sick, no ear infections, sore throats, etc. Through the adjustment and learning to live a healthier lifestyle that Dr. Lofton teaches they’re now able to be medication free and live healthier lives! The Montana Family has seen such a change in their lives and love sharing their experiences with others. They remind us all the time how thankful they are for the whole team at LifeForce and feel we have truly blessed their family.

Comments per LFFC:

            We are so blessed to have the Holy Spirit within these four walls to guide and help us serve hundreds of people and save lives, like Lindsay…what a blessing it was to hear that A TUMOR has phenomenally DISAPEARED after coming to us for just a short period of time!! We find it fascinating to be able to bless Marcus with his talent in music since he was nominated number 5 in the top 10 Christian artists in the U.S!  You guys are true role models for what we do here at LifeForce! We can’t thank you enough for living the principled lifestyle and help spread the message in many ways for over 5 years that you’ve been with us! 


February 2015

Joseph Larson: Testimony of Victory

     I have seen a traditional chiropractor since I was 13 years old up to when I was 19 . As a distance runner in high school I needed to get adjusted on a regular basis because of the beating that my body took from all the miles I was running. Getting adjusted a few times a month  at a traditional Chiropractic did help, BUT I always had  to deal with leg pain, hip pain and lower back pain while I was in my cross country and track seasons . After high school I decided to keep running long distance and I decided to run marathons. The high miles that I was running was giving me back pain and hip pain that greatly limited me in my ability to run and be able to train properly for a marathon. Seeing a traditional chiropractor a few times a month was not helping relieve the pain I was having because of all the running/physical trauma I was putting my body through . After hearing about LifeForce Family Chiropractic and the Torque Release method I decided to give it a try. As soon as I started to get adjusted by Dr. Lofton my body started to heal and after a short period of time I was up and RUNNING PAIN FREE! Since coming to get adjusted by Dr. Lofton I have not experienced pain due to running or any other physical activity and because of the adjustment method Dr. Lofton used I have completed two full marathons and plan to do plenty more. God has truly blessed me with being able to get adjusted by the best chiropractor around and I pray that God will continue to bless Dr. Lofton, the staff at LifeForce and the ministry that they have.

Comments per LFFC:

    We can’t thank Joe Larson enough for living the principled lifestyle and using his physical athleticism to his full advantage with our Neurological based adjustments! We love to see his commitment towards being an athlete towards his Community, and look forward to increasing his momentum through adjustments. Thank you again Joe, for having such a great attitude and motivation towards being healthy and following Christ! 


January 2015

The Otto Family: Testimony of Victory

I never believed in chiropractors. I hate all the bone popping and cracking, what seems to be the standard chiropractic. One day in 2009 my mom and I were wandering through the Scott County fair. My neck and lower back were sore as usual.  I happened to walk by the LifeForce booth and started chit chatting with the team. They convinced me they could help, and that it would be different from the bone cracking band aid solution I thought I would get from a chiropractor. I had chronic neck and back problems my whole life for many years of gymnastics and diving. I also had horrible allergies and was sick or congested the majority of the year. Not long after I started learning the principles at LifeForce, I found out I was pregnant. I was amazed that even being pregnant, I could still find so much relief/correction with my neck and low back problems. Within my FIRST YEAR OF CARE, I had so much success with my neck and back, and most of all with my sinuses that my husband, mom, sister, mother-in-law, and aunt all started care. My allergies are virtually NON-EXSISTENT now, and I haven’t taken my allergy medication in 5 years . I only get a cold once or twice a year now and it is tremendously shorter and less debilitating than it ever was.

Our children (4 and 2 years old) have both been adjusted since they were born. Even though Allie peed on Dr. Lofton as a newborn being adjusted upside down, he has lovingly agreed to keep seeing her . Both kids have been incredibly healthy. Some may call it luck, but I firmly believe that living the principles of nutrition, faith, and the weekly adjustments have allowed both of my children to avoid the constant runny nose of every other kid I see at daycare. When our kids catch a bug, they are able to kick it so much quicker than other kids. Antibiotics have been VERY rare in our house. We are so grateful to have the education we have from LifeForce to make educated decisions on when and why we put any medication into our children’s bodies.  Dr. Lofton and I had a great laugh a few weeks ago when my son was diagnosed with influenza and the medical doctors (yes more than one) admitted to me the flu shot and the Tamaflu medication were “CRAP.” Agreed.  Joey recovered just fine on his own.

Our story is not a miracle story like many I’ve heard come out of LifeForce Family Chiropractic, but it’s one I think many families can relate to and learn from as they seek a better way to live healthy. Thank you Dr. Lofton and the LifeForce staff for taking care of our family for the last 5 years!

Comments per LFFC:

            We can’t thank the Otto Family enough for living the principled lifestyle and spreading the message! We were blessed enough to meet them at the Scott County Fair and be introduced to such an outstanding family. The Otto Family has been with us for over 5 years and it is our Honor to pronounce them as our New Year Practice Member of The Month! We look forward to changing lives with such a great family as the New Year rings in! 

December 2014

The Gejabo-Page Family: Testimony of Victory                  

We started care with LifeForce Family Chiropractic in 2011, because of my husband’s terrible back pain. When we came to the initial introductory session I was encouraged that I might receive some help to be healthier as well. I have had a difficult time getting pregnant in the past and Dr Lofton encouraged me to start care knowing the research behind chiropractic with helping fertilization to be easier . I have also seen astounding improvement in my depression symptoms and participated in the weight loss program LOSING MORE THAN 20ILBS IN 5 WEEKS!! My husband Firew has seen amazing results with the adjustments… he rarely has any issues dealing with his back pain! In October 2014 we were blessed with a daughter, Grace. Even though she has had some medical concerns we are convinced that her adjustments and prayer have continued to heal her. The doctors were concerned with misshaped white blood cells; at one point 40% of the cells were affected. We had to do blood tests 2 times a week to make sure they did not develop into leukemia. But now, AFTER A MONTH, all of the misshapen cells have resolved themselves and the doctors are only monitoring the blood once every two weeks. There is still some concern about a hole in her heart and an additional blood vessel that has not completely closed off, but we have faith in the adjustment and continue to pray that with continued chiropractic adjustments her body will continue to heal itself. We are blessed to have met Dr. Lofton and his staff, thank you so much!!

Comments per LFFC:

               We as a staff and Dr. Lofton are unbelievably blessed to have met Firew and Jennifer, because now they were fortunate enough to give birth to a healthy baby girl named Grace. With that said, we announce The Gejabo-Page Family as our Practice Members of The Month for December. It is an honor for Dr. Lofton to be their Doctor of Chiropractic since 2011! The principles Dr. Lofton teaches are principles that we believe will continue to blessed and change unsaved lives around the world and bring them to the promise land of health and healing. We as a staff are thankful and blessed to serve this wonderful family and continue to pray over and adjustment baby Grace , who is a miracle! 

November 2014

Arthur and Maxine McClellan: Testimony of Victory

     Little did Art and Maxine know their lives were about to change, due to a little piece of paper they received from a friend tapped to the back of a Christmas card…which held the information about LifeForce Family Chiropractic. Art was experiencing sciatic pain throughout his leg for a while that caused him to have a difficult time walking overtime due to an extra vertebra in his spine. He decided he had nothing to lose and took up their friends request on them seeing Doctor Lofton and just after 3 ADJUSTMENTS ALL THE PAIN WAS GONE! It couldn’t have been any more of a perfect timing, because there only son was just about to graduate from Boot camp in California and Arthur was able to attend feeling strong and confident in his own skin without any pain…and hasn’t had any since! After seeing Arts amazing results within just a few months, Maxine was then convinced that it was necessary to see Doctor Lofton as well. Maxine knew she had serious allergies, hormonal imbalances and couldn’t lose any weight…no matter how hard she worked towards it. LFFC did x-rays on her and without her telling them ANY symptoms Doctor Lofton diagnosed her right to the cause that no other Doctor could figure out, besides being told to do Hormonal replacement (that obviously didn’t work). For the FIRST TIME IN A DECADE Maxine lost 18 pounds in JUST 5 WEEKS after doing Doctor Lofton’s Weight Loss Program without ANY drugs or hormonal replacements. After just one month into getting adjusted Maxine had no signs of allergies …she no longer had to worry about whether or not she would lose her voice due to her severe case of allergies. They Maxine had moved to Chicago for a year for a work related business, while Art continued to come … shortly after living the principled lifestyle again and doing their pulley/wedge exercises they were back to being SUBLIXATION/INTERFERANCE  FREE ,  even if that means driving 46 miles down from Elk River 3 times a week!

Comments per LFFC:

We are so honored that God blessed Arthur and Maxine with a sign to step into LFFC, because it changed their lives! With that said, we announce Art and Maxine as our Practice Members of The Month. It is an honor for Dr. Lofton to be their Doctor of Chiropractic since 2011! The principles Dr. Lofton teaches are principles that we believe will continue to save lives around the world and bring them to the promise land of health and healing. This married couple lives by this lifestyle so they don’t fall into the category of 1 in 2 Americans are diagnosed with cancer! We as a staff are thankful and blessed to serve and save lives one adjustment at a time.  

October 2014

Jacob Boyce: Testimony of Victory

It all started with a snowboarding accident that happened when I was 16, I was practicing for a competition at Hyland Ski Resort and was using the 100 ft. jump when it all went downhill. As I approached the lip of the jump I lost about 10mph and didn’t make the landing which caused me to land on flat ground after being about 25 f.t up in that air. Due to the impact it compressed my lower vertebrae and I suffered for the next five and half years with constant back pain. Some days the pain would be so intense I would have to stay home from school or even have a difficult time getting my socks on without extreme pain. My hips ended up being 10 degrees off (tilted) when I first walked in the doors of LifeForce, I had headaches almost on a weekly basis and sometimes migraines about 3-5 times per year. Over the five and a half years of my back issues I went to 5 different Chiropractors with NO results-all practicing in the Gonstead model. I met Dr. Lofton at an outreach event and after hearing that they deal with the Nervous System and not cracking of the bones; I started to gain faith that there was actually a chance to add life back to the body. Needless to say I wanted answers and against my doubts I started my care plan and MY LIFE FOREVER HAS BEEN CHANGED! After coming to LifeForce Family Chiropractic and living by the principled lifestyle that Dr. Lofton and his staff has taught me, I no longer suffer from headaches and back pain! My life is back, I can now lift weights without suffering for the next week. My hips leveled out within 5 degrees of one another. The discs in my Thoracic vertebrae thickened and only continue to get stronger… Dr. Lofton has truly given me a pain free normal life, I was a sceptic and now a believer based on the raw results-not hopes and wishes. This has been one of the biggest blessings to ever come into my life. This testimonial doesn’t really do justice in explaining how thankful I am for what Dr. Lofton and his team has done for me!

September 2014

Karen Fluth family: Testimony of Victory

I'm so honored to be the practice member of the month. Let me tell you my story. I have two wonderful boys, Caleb (4) and Daniel (2). We live near Dresser, WI. I met Dr. Lofton at LifeLight music festival in Sioux Falls, SD August of 2011.  I was very interested in getting treatment from him because I have forward head syndrome, and I have always have had lots of neck and shoulder pain. I also was diagnosed with Spondylolisthesis and Spondylolysis at age 12, which causes some low back pain. I also have a slight side curvature of my low back which probably also contributes to the low back pain. I had been going to a regular Chiropractor about every other week for my neck and shoulder pain, and it would help a little, but the pain would always come back.

My son, Caleb, had an ischemic brain injury from a low blood sugar when he was only 3 days old, so I was also very interested in getting Caleb seen by Dr. Lofton to help his nervous system recover from his difficult birth and start to his life. Caleb would also get sick a lot. He had multiple colds with ear infections and spent a week in the hospital for Bronchiolitis when he was 6 months old. I was hoping we could start treating him with something other than antibiotics. Caleb was born with two knots in his umbilical cord, which caused him to stop growing in the womb. He weighed only 5 pounds, 2 ounces at birth. Caleb had difficulty maintaining a good suck, and wasn't feeding very well. This, combined with his small size, caused him to have a low blood sugar and he started having seizures. He was transferred to Children's hospital and was in the NICU for 2 weeks. While in the hospital, the doctors told us they didn't know if Caleb would even be able to walk because the damage to his brain would cause him to not be able to control his muscles the way he wants to. They also expected him to have speech and sensory problems. I was devastated at this news, but very thankful that God was watching over him. He almost died from the low blood sugar.

Caleb started to receive occupational and physical therapy a couple times a week to help strengthen his muscles. We opted to save Caleb's cord blood at his birth, so we decided to try and get into an experimental trial that uses cord blood to help repair the brain after an ischemic brain injury. We did not get into the trial because of the unusual cause of the brain injury, but we were fortunate enough that Duke University said they would infuse his cord blood anyway. So when Caleb was only nine months old, he had just learned to sit, and he got his first cord blood infusion. We started seeing Dr. Lofton two months later, when Caleb was 11 months old. He got a second infusion 4 months after his first infusion, when he was 13 months old. I was very hopeful that these cord blood treatments, along with many prayers and Dr. Lofton's treatments, would help Caleb's brain to recover enough so he would be able to walk and control his muscles better.

My family has been going to see Dr. Lofton for adjustments once a week since we started. My neck and shoulder pain went away after only a few months. My x-rays have shown good results after the first and second year. My Kyphosis has improved and my lumbar curvature has also improved. I am very happy to report that Caleb was able to walk a few steps by 22 months. Which was just before his little brother, Daniel was born. He does need to wear braces on his feet, because he walks more on his ankles than his feet, but he still loves to run and jump.

Caleb still needs help with most tasks, but he has made a lot of improvements. He started going to school in the Early Childhood class when he turned 3, and receives therapy while he is there. His speech is still at a 2 year old level, but he continues to improve. Caleb's health has improved also. Daniel has been adjusted since he was a week old and has kept pretty healthy. Just a few colds and no ear infections!

I introduced my parents to Dr. Lofton a little over a year ago, and now they car pool along with us. I'm so glad that we can come to a place that includes God in the healing process. I believe that our lives have changed for the better ever since we started coming to LifeForce Family Chiropractic, and I am so grateful to God for Dr. Lofton's gift of healing.

Comments per LFFC:
     We are so blessed and honored that God would motivate a family to travel as far as they do. It is an honor for Dr. Lofton to be the Fluth’s family Chiropractor for so many years! The principles Dr. Lofton teaches are principles that we believe will lead people to the promise land of health and healing. Karen and her Family understand these principles so much that they continue to come once a week even with a 1 hour 20 min drive one way!!!

August 2014

Jean Suttle: Testimony of Victory

August is my 3 year Anniversary with Dr. Lofton and the Family Force Chiropractic Family.  I meet Dr. Lofton and his staff at Higher Ground Festival, Winsted, MN August 2011.  I stopped by at their booth to get my back adjusted.  For at least 10 years I have been going to a Chiropractor to get my back put back in place every 2-3 months; regular maintenance - right.  I had mid back and neck pain on a regular basis.  Little did I know by going to Dr. Loft, I would receive healing not only for my back but in many other areas of my body and health of mind, body and spirit.  How many Doctors can you say really take care of their patients in a full and Personal way.  That is the family way with Dr. Lofton.  He and his staff really CARE.

Since April 2006, I was diagnosed with Allergies for Tree (Birch, Ash, etc.; MN trees) and Weed Pollen and Dust Mites.  I was getting allergy shots every 2 weeks and taking a nasal spray prescription every day.  After the x-rays, it was clear why I had mid back pain.  My spine was curved to almost be diagnosed as Scoliosis.  My neck pain was due to stress and working on a computer constantly at work.  Within a month of going to Dr. Lofton, being obedient to his suggestion, I stopped getting allergy shots and taking my nasal spray.  I have not gone back.  I no longer have a sore back;  therefore, I  no longer need to take pain medication after working out at the health club and do not get any more migraine headaches.  Since I was receiving such great results, again being obedient to Dr. Lofton’s suggestion, I started bringing my daughter, Victoria for care, even though we were not aware of any health issues.  Again, the x-rays told us different.  She too had a major curve in her mid-back.  Since she is a Volleyball player and horse rider, therefore, she is constantly working her back.  When she was so busy and missed a week or two she would ask to go to the Chiropractic to be treated; she could tell the difference.

I wish I would have found Dr. Loft before I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer September 2010.  I ended having my Thyroid removed.  Therefore, I need to take medication every day to perform the functions your Thyroid is supposed to provide.  Since I have been a regular patient at Life Force Chiropractic, the dosage of medication has dropped from 125 to 112 to 100 mg.  I have no side effects from lack of a thyroid.

Last year, during my annual physical, the regular mammogram detected a small mass and I need to go for further testing.  After powerful prayer from Dr. Lofton and his staff and continual Chiropractic treatments, I went to the Specialist at the Brest Clinic in St. Paul.  GONE!  Amen, Praise God!!!!  Thank you for healing mind, body and soul!

Now, I have two sisters and their husbands and a couple other friends also being blessed and receiving healing and having an “Abundant Life” from the care at Life Force Family Chiropractic. I can’t not tell enough people about Life Force Family Chiropractic.  So many more need to act and not just react.   I am more healthy and have more energy than I did 10 years ago.  And of course, since I no longer have allergies, my daughter and I are enjoying a great ride with our Mustang Convertible!

Comments per LFFC:
We are so appreciative of Jean’s dedication & boldness to spread the message of the principled lifestyle to whomever she meets. Wow, to think that today she is Pain free and off her Allergy medications! Above all things she states that she loves coming to LFFC and loves Dr. Lofton and staff...

Amazing, what Nerve Interference and Subluxation of the nervous system/spine can do to the body not only pain but with allergies and organ function.

We honor Jean as Practice Member of the Month for August 2014 due to her dedication to get well and stand rooted in living the principled lifestyle for her and her family.

July 2014

Chuck Wright

My wife had encourage me to come to LifeForce Family Chiropractic and just listen to a Dr. Report to learn what the Torque Release Technique was all about, and why they chose that method of treatment, but I resisted for several weeks. The thought of just another gimmick came to mind. Over the years of my life I had been introduced to a lot of gimmicks,just to find out I just spent money on something that didn’t work. As time passed, I finally decided to give it a try. I finally told my wife I would check in out, and found out she had already signed me up for a new patient testing. I very cautiously went for the testing. After the Dr. Report, and going over my results, I was convinced there were some serious anxiety and spine issues I needed to address. Although I was still skeptical of this type of treatment, I made the decision to sign a plan and begin treatment.

After only 3 treatments, I was amazed at the changes. For years there has been pain in my lower back after standing for even 20-30 minutes. Now I have been able to stand and usher during the entire church service with almost no pain! After a couple months of treatments, Tennis Elbow pain had completely gone away. I have had 2 surgeries for a hernia that had caused pain and discomfort from the scar tissue, and even that has improved dramatically.

In one week, there was also a lessening of the depression that had haunted me my entire life and I am experiencing a more positive outlook on life. There have been some changes in my confidence level. I stand straighter, and walk with more purpose and energy. I used to avoid people so I wouldn’t have to talk to them, and avoid eye contact, but have found myself occasionally talking to people about my results and encouraging them to come to LFFC for testing.

I thank God, and give Him all the glory for the inner healing that is taking place in my body, mind and spirit, and for giving Dr. Lofton the knowledge, ability and passion for this type of chiropractic care. I now look forward to every adjustment, and am anticipating much more healing that will lead to living and abundant life!

- Charles Wright

May 2014

Joni Clarke: Testimony Of Victory

Last summer, my Friend, Sadie Frauendienst, told me about: LifeForce Family Chiropractic. In October, I had prayed that God would help our family get healthier and also to help me lose weight. My son had a concussion from football and we were looking for a chiropractor to help his body heal from his headaches. One day Dr. Lofton called me and explained to me how this type of chiropractic works. I knew immediately that this was my answer to my prayers.

I had very bad headaches, migraines, cramps, insomnia, stomach aches and high blood pressure. I knew that this type of care could not only help my symptoms, but help our family from getting diseases and even cancer.

When Dr. Lofton went over my x-rays with me, he told me that if I keep going the way I am I am headed for a heart attack. I needed to hear this, so I would make a change. My blood pressure was very high. At that time, if I had gone to the medical doctor, they would have put me on high blood pressure medication.

I not only wanted to get healthier but wanted to lose weight, too. Dr. Lofton showed me how to do this. Dr. Lofton suggested cutting out sugar and caffeine to help my heart and health issues. So I did this by Christmas. I started implementing his ideas of healthy foods and watching what  I ate. I also went on his weight loss study and lost 17 pounds in 5 weeks without even exercising!

As we were getting adjusted, we were also getting educated on what is truly healthy living. I mostly eat foods that are free of sugar, dairy, gluten and red meat. My husband and I enjoy working out 3 to 5 times a week. I feel so much healthier now. I have all the energy I need. I have lost a total of 37 pounds so far.  I went from a size 14 to a size 4. I can wear my wedding dress again, even though we’ve been married for 21 years! I have even gotten too skinny for my skinny jeans! Praise God!

I no longer get headaches, insomnia or cramps. I am not on any medication. I don’t have any of my previous symptoms. I don’t get even colds anymore.  Now my blood pressure is low like a teenager!

The thing I like the best about Lifeforce Family Chiropractic, is that it is a place where I know the staff cares about us! They joke around with us! Dr. Lofton prays for us every day before we get adjusted. I know that the Lord is healing us even down to our cellular level! What a difference it makes! When I need prayer, or encouragement, I know God gives Dr. Lofton and the staff the words to say.

I thank the Lord and my friend Sadie for leading my family to Lifeforce Family Chiropractic. I know that through getting adjusted, and living the healthy lifestyle, God is helping us to live longer, healthier lives for Christ!

April 2014

Jody Ulrich: Testimony Of Victory

Five years ago after a head injury landed me in the ER, I then had to get a CT scan. I was sent home and told to rest because I had a concussion. After a couple weeks of no improvement a neurologist prescribed three different prescriptions. After a month she was surprised there was no improvement, so she gave me another prescription. Then she sent me to therapy to learn how to live with the pain,. The therapy helped me improve but I still could not go to work. After almost a year of this, I started coming to LifeForce Family Chiropractic and at the same time started working with another physical therapist. The physical therapy I was doing improved my balance and dizziness, but still didn’t get me back to 100%. Dr. Lofton helped me slowly get off all the prescriptions that the doctors had put me on to relieve the pain and dizziness. I continue to come weekly for my torque release adjustment. I follow the exercises that Dr. Lofton gave me to improve my balance along with the usual wedge and posture pulley.There was a steady gradual improvement.I can tell each week that I need my adjustment.I can feel the difference, sometimes instantly after the adjustment. I am thankful to Dr. Lofton for the improvement of my heath and his guidance in restoring me back to my daily life.  

March 2014

I was born with scoliosis (an abnormal curving of the spine). Over the years my scoliosis continued to increase in severity despite regular trips to the chiropractor. Over 4 years ago, two of my friends referred me to Dr. Lofton.I was ready to try something new as the traditional chiropractic care I had been receiving for over 25 years was not making me feel better, for more than a few days at a time. I would get temporary relief but would get severe headaches a few days or weeks later. After seeing Dr. Lofton for the last 4 years, I rarely have headaches. The scoliosis in my spine has stopped getting worse and my spine has actually gotten slightly straighter.We are still praying and believing for a miracle to see my spine totally straightened.It took many months of three adjustments a week before my body started to feel better. I have also been getting regular Auriculotherapy for various things such as stress, my eyes before and after cataract surgery, sleeping better at night, and weight loss.

  Dr. Lofton's special workshops have been a wealth of education. As a result, I have changed my diet and live a much healthier lifestyle. Now my body can tell almost immediately if I stray too far off my "recommended foods list". I feel loved and cared for by each of the staff members. Many times I have needed extra encouragement to get through the day and the staff has uplifting words for me.

  Awhile back, when I had an unusual amount of extra stress in my life, I changed my care plan for a few months and added more visits to see Dr. Lofton as well as additional Auriculotherapy sessions to get me through the stressful period of time. It was well worth the extra investment of time and money. Now I am back on weekly visits which include Auricultheragpy followed by an adjustment. I use the "wobble cushion” a few minutes each day. I

I am grateful for Dr. Lofton and the staff at LifeForce Family Chiropractic. They have made a huge difference in my life!


February 2014

Bruce and Lori Smith: Testimony Of Victory

We are Bruce and Lori Smith from Waterville MN. Our son and daughter in law were instrumental in our coming to Dr. Lofton.  The health issues are high blood pressure, TMJ, Bulged disk, acid reflux and a "hint" over weight LOL. The first and lasting impression for us was how Dr. Lofton prayed over us!! WOW!! What a comfort that we share a bond with our "Great Physician", The Lord Jesus Christ.
Bruce originally came into the clinic with neck pain, low back pain, and many other symptoms.  After implementing the principles that Dr. Lofton and LFFC had taught him, he is happy to report that all of this neck pain has been eliminated 100%.  All of his other symptoms have improved dramatically.  Lori originally came to LFFC for neck pain, low back pain, headaches, heartburn, and anxiety.  Like her husband, as she started to live the principled lifestyle she also reported that the neck and back pain improved 90%, the heartburn has improved 85% and the anxiety 80%. 
We are seeing improvements and love how our X-rays really show our progress. The staff is tremendous and makes it a joy to come every week!!
LFFC Comments:
We are very excited to Honor Bruce and Lori Smith for the month of February 2014 for their dedication to their health as they have traveled from Waterville, MN (1 hour plus one way)  3x, 2x, and now 1x per week. They have been so dedicated to living the principled life style that they referred there son and daughter in-law from Ohio, and when they came to visit the family in Minnesota, they immediately had them scheduled to get checked for subluxation and nerve interference, along with the grandkids...  It is a blessing and an honor to have Bruce and Lori be part of the LFFC family where our mission is to transform and save lives!

January 2014

Lois Liesner: Testimony Of Victory

Three years ago, after a neck x-ray by a Medical Neurologist, the findings read “instability C1-C2, anterior subluxation of C1 in relation to odontoid”. The solution to the problem: SURGERY to fuse the vertebrae and live with limited range of motion for the rest of my life in that neck area. That was the best that could be done??? I couldn't believe it, but I was well educated via Dr. Lofton and LifeForce Family Chiropractic, that I chose to follow their recommendations.

It is now three years later, and I continue to have the subluxation and any other new neurological subluxations from everyday life, but I continue to see Dr. Lofton and get them corrected through prayer and Torque Release. I have FULL range of motion and NO PAIN… or SURGERY! God be praised!

I also was diagnosed with an Auto-immune disease over 25 years ago and have had whole body pain, headaches, chest pains, anxiety, and elevated blood pressure that of course the medical field has recommended that I take medications to treat those symptoms, but I have been able to avoid all of that through natural means and following Dr. Lofton's recommendations neurologically and nutritionally; thanks Dr. Lofton.

Lois Liesner

LFFC Comments:
We are honoring Lois L. for her dedication to living the principled lifestyle all these years and avoiding the DEVASTAING recommendations that the medical field had made in regards to the conditions she stated.
Lois has been getting neurological care since 2005 and has been consistently adjusted on wellness care to stay well on a weekly basis since 2006...Lois has also referred in many new practice members and recently referred one of her sons that was contemplating surgery for his low back, but of course, no longer needs to contemplate SURGERY as he is under correction, and is symptom free at this time.
It is people like this that get the big idea of where health comes from and see the value in living the principled lifestyle that puts a smile on our face and lets us know that we have done well in educating and giving the body what it needs to manifest life, health, and healing.

December 2013

Al Kocher: Testimony Of Victory

I had extreme pain, numbness and tingling going down both legs, and low back pain that was so debilitating that it put me into tears; in fact I remember crying in agony and pain the day I met Dr. Lofton for the first time.

I had also just had knee surgery and following that I was in extreme pain everywhere.

I also had neck, shoulder, and elbow pain for a long time, and every time I turned my neck there was this horrible crunching sound, it sounded like cartilage breaking and when I moved my neck to fast it felt like someone stabbed me in the back of the neck with an ice pick. I had seen my regular physician along with other chiropractors and had no relief. Years ago I was diagnosed with HEPATITIS B & C of the liver, and according to biopsies it has never progressed since being adjusted and believing God for healing.

I was searching for someone that might be able to help me (I was getting desperate) then I heard about Dr Lofton (This Christian Chiropractor) and that sounded very interesting. I thought it would be good to go to a doctor that shared the same faith, so that I could be healed faster.

After I started getting adjustments it started getting better right away! I did not have constant pain so I am not sure when the pain completely went away, but I can say that I have been pain free and healthy since I have been getting adjusted and living the principled lifestyle.

I am so grateful that I found LifeForce Family Chiropractic, and I do not know where I would be if I had not found this place and these people.

God is so good!

Al Kocher

LFFC Comments:
We want to honor Al for his dedication to living a lifestyle of prevention since August of 2006!!! He has been symptom free for years, and continues to be adjusted, improve his diet, take his recommended nutrition, and ABOVE ALL attend all of our  monthly workshops, where he is living out the verse Hosea 4:6, which states: “My people shall perish for a lack of knowledge” . Al is not perishing from a lack of knowledge as he loves to attend the workshops and educate himself on the principled lifestyle.
We have been serving Al since 2006 and enjoy adjusting him every week, as he is one of few practice members that always comes in HAPPY and reads the scriptures on our white board prior to laying on the table. We bless him and honor him for December 2013...

November 2013

Shannon Breen: Testimony of Victory

I started coming to LifeForce Family Chiropractic back in the fall of 2009.  At the time I was experiencing a lot of physical problems including hip pain, tingling in hands and feet, jaw pain, fatigue, frequent illnesses, and overall feeling of poor health which resulted in a low quality of life.  At the time I stated that I felt like my body was falling apart and I was only in my mid-twenties.  After being X-rayed, I found out I had scoliosis of the spine and my pelvic bone was very uneven.  After signing up for the corrective care plan, I immediately felt better and I continued to experience a higher quality of life as the weeks progressed.  I was faithful in coming to all my visits and soon I was able to be active again in dance, outdoor adventures, and travel.  I was so grateful to have my life back again!  After I finished my corrective care plan, Dr. Wade showed me my new x-rays and my jaw dropped!  I had significant correction in my spine and I no longer had scoliosis!

Now it is five years later and I am feeling better than ever!  I am living the principled lifestyle by getting adjusted every week at LFFC, eating an organic diet, drinking filtered water, working out 3-4 times a week, and filling my mind with the word of God.  I am in my early 30’s and I often tell people I feel 18 again!  I am so grateful for the amazing results I have gotten at LFFC and I am so 3excited to continue living my life with abundant health.

October 2013

The Rectanwal's: Testimony Of Victory

We started coming here over 4 years ago and have had miraculous healing!

We prayed for a chiropractor that could help us, as Diane had already seen a manipulative type of chiropractor with no results we wanted some other type of care. God answered our prayers when Diane met Mrs. Lofton. We all started seeing Dr. Lofton. Grace who is 10 years old now had asthma, constant colds that never seemed to fully go away. Now she rarely even catches a cold or flu. When she does we still receive treatment and that helps us heal much faster. It's the same with Alexandra except she used to stutter, she no longer stutters after only a few adjustments. Wow! No more stuttering. Diane (My mother) had powerfully amazing healing, she had an immune disease ( Polymyalgia Rheumatica) that is not treatable, there are medications that should have helped with the symptoms but they really didn't do anything for the pain she had constantly. She wanted to go to a nursing home because it was unbearable to live with. After the first week (just 4 adjustments) when the Dr. asked her about the pain she was delighted to tell him the pain was gone! No nursing home for her! No more medications either not even Advil. Gong on Gods healing through prayer and Fr. Lofton's adjustments life is restored again this is an amazing blessing. We are thankful to see Diane doing more with out all the pain and living life again. I am Kristen, Diane's daughter like my girls I would catch colds and flu's easily and it was hard to heal from them. My neck get stuck in a spot and it would be vary painful and off I would have pain in my mid back area. I thought this was just what happened as the body aged and that I just had to deal with it. Also after having my two daughters my vision at night was bad which surprised me because I had always had really good night vision. One day watching my girls role down a hill and I thought that looks fun, but then I started to feel like I was drunk. My world was spinning, my girls love to spin around in circles and run around me but that made me very dizzy when I watched them. This was a strange new symptom. It's amazing how our body’s heal if we give it what it needs and make the right choices to help our bodies heal. Thank God for sending us LifeForce Family Chiropractic. Dr. Lofton thank you for all of the prayers over us and for caring for everyone like you do. You all are like a family with open arms, your love is felt. God bless you all.

September 2013

Renita Ray: Testimony of Victory

I met Dr. Lofton seven years ago while attending Higher Ground.  I started chiropractic care at the age of 21; however, my health was getting increasingly worse.  By the time I met Dr. Lofton I had been diagnosed  with  Scoliosis (3 curves), Osteopenia, Osteoporosis, Narcolepsy, Fibromyalgia, and hyperextension.  Even though I was a firm believer in Chiropractic care I knew I needed a change and also a change in procedures.  

I listened as the Doctors described their principals and how they worked.  I became quickly intrigued with their method and the lack of "pushing, pulling, and cracking" and immediately signed up.  I attended my first meeting with the doctors, where they further explained Neurological based Chiropractic Care.  My thought was, why would anyone try anything other than Neurological based treatment and I immediately started my sessions.    

Because I was so exhausted and in so much pain when I came to Lifeforce Family and there was so much damage already done I thought any relief they could provide would be appreciated.  However, in a very short period of time I received significant results and without that "horrid" drop table and manual "cracking" of my neck.  My traditional chiropractor often left me with bruises and more pain than when I arrived, so what a pleasant experience this approach has been.  Not to mention the Christian atmosphere and great results!  

Because I tend to over extend myself, a few years ago I developed tendonitis in my wrist.  My physician gave me pain pills (I'm allergic too), put a brace on me and sent me to the surgeon who recommended surgery.  I spoke with Dr. Lofton, he had me use fish oil to take the inflammation down and started doing therapy and within 1 week I no longer used the brace during the day and after 6 weeks I was no longer using the brace at night and was pain free.  Most important No surgery and that was 2 years ago.  

I have and will continue my weekly wellness to maintain my neurological system so that I can continue to not only maintain, but improve my health.

August 2013

The Dawson Family: Testimony of Victory

In February of 2012, my 8 year old son who has a diagnosis of ADHD and a mood disorder had been kicked out of 2 daycare centers, was having major troubles in his ‘Alternative school’ (for kids with behavioral issues) and was pretty much a nightmare at home.  I was at my wits end, and was terrified that he would hurt his younger sisters or me one day to the point where medical treatment would be required.  My goals at that time were just to survive the days with as little anger and violence as possible.

I was praying constantly (which has not changed!) and I was asking anyone who would listen if they had any suggestions on some other form of treatment I could try for him. He was on 6 different medications and none of them seemed to help much at all. I believe all of this was preparing my heart for LFFC and Dr. Lofton.  God knew that if I had not explored all of our other options, I wouldn’t be open to really hearing what He had to say.

Within one week, three different sets of friends asked me if I had considered Chiropractic treatments for my boy.  I must admit that before I met Dr. Lofton, I believed that this form of care was for the ill-informed…  Peace-loving, granola eating, hippies… Surely, no one educated would believe that some simple spinal adjustments would bring about more healing than drug therapy- which has been researched and tested in an academic lab setting!  But, at the time my different friends brought the concept of Chiropractic to my conscience, I was ready to try anything.   Even a Green Bay Packer fans Chiropractic clinic… (I really MUST have been desperate! Skol!)

Dr. Lofton warned me before that first adjustment that healing does not always happen immediately.  Sometimes people actually get worse symptoms before improving.  He told me to stick with it and I would see positive change.  This caution was unnecessary.  My little man was a vastly improved changed boy almost immediately.  Within the first 2 weeks, certainly.  His school noticed the change, his sisters and I all watched his anger and violence settle down tremendously.  Within just a few months he was off almost all of his medicines.  Praise God!

The good people at LFFC started suggesting some other changes, dietary things and supplements.  Whoa now!  I am a single mom with three kids who is struggling just to pay the bills.  I can’t be buying all of these expensive supplements and making changes to our fast-food and overly processed diet!  Who has the time to cook “real” food?!  I told the doctor I would need to take baby steps in that direction.

I started seeing Dr. Lofton.  I wanted to get a handle on some addictions (tobacco, food, etc.) and experience generally improved health.  I set my girls up for treatment with LFFC as well.

My youngest had struggled with focus in first grade. Her first report card for the year showed a serious problem.  Her grades were suffering, and her teacher explained that by not being able to focus, even though she is super bright, she couldn’t get the grades that she actually deserved because her work was not consistent in quality or turned in neat and on time.

Hey, Dr. Lofton- what can I do about her focus issues?  She was already being adjusted regularly. He reminded me of the dietary changes.  He suggested cutting out just high fructose corn syrup and seeing what change that made.  HFCS is in a LOT of foods!  The change meant I had to read labels and actually pay attention to what was going into my kids’ tummy.  The difference was significant.  The teacher and I can both tell when we’ve missed something with HFCS in it.  She’s like a different kid.  She is still kind and generous and funny, but focused and able to accomplish so much more.  I also cut out the artificial colors- which was also a challenge, but that change was also helpful.

The difference between her first report card and her second was HUGE. She had 11 grades of ‘2’ on her first report card, which was defined as ‘progressing to standard’.  On her second report card, she had only one ‘2’ (which was for a new math concept that she hadn’t even been graded for the first semester!) She had 7 grades of a ‘4’ (which is defined as ‘exceeds standard’) many of those 4’s had been 2’s on the previous report card.  Praise God!

Please know that my kids are NOT perfect.  They still fight amongst themselves and generally are disobedient and, oh my goodness, CHILD LIKE!  The improvements and changes that neurologically based chiropractic care and the principled lifestyle have brought to our home have been significant.  I no longer have a pile of medications on my kitchen counter, and I don’t pray that my boy does not get kicked out of another daycare or pray to just ‘make it through another day’…  It’s so awesome to be able to focus my prayers outward again.  And the prayers of thanksgiving always give mention to Dr. Wade Lofton and all of the fantastic staff at LFFC.

God is so good!

I waited patiently for the Lord; he turned to me and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.  He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God… (Psalm 40:1-3, NIV)

July 2013

The Cohoon Family: Testimony of Victory

I started coming to LifeForce Family Chiropractic (LFFC) because I had been living with chronic back pain for over 15 years. I was doing everything I should be doing- physical therapy, traditional chiropractic, yoga and exercise-but the pain was GETTING WORSE all of the time. I found LFFC through a Christian event at the Excel Center that I believe God led me to. Within four months of treatment I was almost completely pain free. My husband had been skeptical, but when he noticed how I was healing he became a believer in Dr. Lofton’s technique and principles that he teaches.
We decided that our son, Ian, could benefit from treatment and started bringing him in for neurological based correction. He was four years old at the time. After his first adjustment I couldn’t believe the increase in energy he had. His nighttime accidents subsided and he became more healthy over all.
Next to start coming was my husband John who had suffered from Severe ALLERGIES of all kinds for many years. He could barely breathe through his nose at any given time. He gradually noticed decreased allergy symptoms that allergy shots from the clinic couldn’t even touch. We are so blessed that he doesn't have to mask the symptoms, but that his body is now healing from the inside out; exactly how God created it...
Our 15 year old daughter, Abby, had been suffering from back pain and headaches. She also suffered from situational depression after a troublesome bout with Mono. Additionally we found out that she had scoliosis after her first visit. Who would have known? We sure didn't! We are so glad she got checked for subluxation and nerve interference. After a little while of treatment with Dr. Lofton she stopped complaining of back pain and headaches. After a year in treatment her scoliosis had corrected dramatically, and her depression lifted as well.
As a family, we have been blessed with being less sick over all. LFFC and Dr. Lofton have kept us in the best health we have had in years, and we are so grateful. “Dr. Lofton is a true healer, with a gift from God”. The staff has been amazing to work with all these years and we look forward to working with them for many more.

LFFC’s Comments:
We are very excited to Honor this family for the month of July 2013, who through their dedication to their health has traveled from Wisconsin 3x, 2x, and now 1x per week. This family is so dedicated to living the Principled Lifestyle, that they have continued on Wellness Care 1x per week for several years; traveling from Wisconsin. They are truly an inspiration to us here at LFFC and we honor them for their dedication and understanding of a properly functioning nerve system and spine.
Educating and Empowering The World...

June 2013

The Kampen Family: Testimony of Victory

Our family has been going to LFFC, for around three years. Our health has had some dramatic changes in this time, and we continue our visits to obtain our good health that we now enjoy.
When I first came to LFFC, I had been suffering from severe neck and back pain, sciatica, irregular menstrual cycles and severe constant bladder infections for years.  I had been to several medical doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, and the Institute for Athletic Medicine in Burnsville, but never received any results. I was told that I would never be rid of my pain or any of my symptoms, and probably never run again. I also had developed a medical condition called Mittelschmerz and started searching out a Christian-based chiropractor who knew how to get to the cause of my current problems. In March of 2010, I came across LFFC and started to receive neurological based care. I have had significant relief in pain and in all of my symptoms regarding bladder infections, sciatica, ankle pain, and abnormal menstrual cycles. I now have a calm confidence that I have been completely healed of all conditions that I was told I would live with for the rest of my life. I run almost every morning now!  I feel like a teenager, again!
I’ve had some remarkable changes in my health and my son Sam, has experienced improvement in his stuttering that plagued him for the last ten years of his life. His severe back pain has also been relieved. Sam was diagnosed with ADHD and several learning disabilities.
Since coming to LFFC for neurological based care, his focus has improved and he has the ability to remain calm. Both Dr. Lofton and I have commented that he is a different kid, what can we say! His anger has subsided and he is a happy kid, again!
There is no question that Dr. Lofton cares deeply for every family. He treats each of them with the Love of CHRIST and we are grateful to GOD for HIS gift of healing.
LFFC Comments: 
We celebrate and honor the Kampen family for the month of June and applaud their commitment and their grand idea that getting adjusted and living the principled lifestyle allows the body to heal more efficiently. We are so grateful for their boldness in sharing the message and inviting others to live the principled lifestyle, as well. We are tremendously Blessed to Serve this family and our community!

May 2013

Cynthia Bay-Garten: Testimony of Victory

When I heard about Lifeforce Family Chiropractic (LFFC) from a close friend, I thought this was too good to be true! When I came in for my new patient exam, I had been suffering in pain for many years from major back pain, arthritis, depression, fatigue, and fibromyalgia.  The depression has been a struggle for about 20 plus years. I am so thankful to my friend for telling me about LFFC, and talking me into coming because after a few weeks my depression was greatly improved. I was feeling so much better, not so sad or upset. After a few months, I was also feeling my body changing to the point that I did not need any of the medications my Doctor was giving me!! Yes..there is still some pain however nothing that I can't handle. Dr. Lofton has been wonderful! With GOD's Blessings he is making my life much more worth living or should I say easier to live it! Now, I can keep up with my grandchildren (6) and my family tells me that they can see a difference in my moods and quality of life.

Dr. Lofton and his entire staff have been great to my family and we are so thankful. Thank you GOD for bringing them into my life! I'm positive the future will be even better!!!

LFFC Comments:
We are so appreciative of Cynthia's dedication & boldness to share the message of the principled lifestyle to whomever she meets. As she puts it “I have told everyone, but only a few will listen”. Dr. Lofton chuckles at this statement because the first day he met Cynthia, she said two things: “No one has been able to help me, and I highly doubt you will be able to help me”, and “I don't know if I like you”...Dr. Lofton, asked her why, and she said because “You are too HAPPY”! Wow, to think that today she is Happy and off her Anti-depressants, and has eliminated all Pain Medications for Fibromyalgia! Above all things she states that she loves coming to LFFC and loves Dr. Lofton and staff...
Amazing, what Nerve Interference and Subluxation of the nervous system/spine can do to the thoughts and life of an individual.
We honor Cynthia as Practice Member of the Month for May 2013 due to her dedication to get well and stand rooted in living the principled lifestyle.

April 2013

The Wiebe Family: Testimony of Victory

Our daughter Dani was diagnosed with Apraxia of Speech (inability to communicate accurately). After researching the Neurological based approach that LifeForce Family Chiropractic (LFFC) takes with the nervous system, we were convinced that this was something that we wanted to implement for Dani and maybe even for our whole family. The concept of removing any interference to allow for clear pathways and following this principled lifestyle was something that totally interested us as a family and was one of the reasons why our family decided to travel over 4 hours round trip 3x per week to get care via Dr. Lofton.
We currently bring 5 out of the 8 children that God has blessed us with and follow Dr. Lofton's recommendations of 3x per week due to 3 of our girls having scoliosis. We are very hopeful that these principles will help all of us to get correction in our spines and nervous system, and allow for our bodies to heal the way God designed them to heal.
As we have followed this principled lifestyle through healthier eating habits, proper nutrition, increased water intake, and consistent neurological based adjustments we have seen enormous improvements in all of our family’s health. Our kids are rarely sick when others around them are always sick, and other people have noticed changes in Dani’s speech and well being, so we are encouraged and thankful for this wonderful atmosphere that welcomes healing spiritually and physically.

Mark,Sarah,Ashley,Dani,Jake,Jessica,Matthew,Megan & Zachariah Wiebe

LFFC Comments:
We are extremely excited to honor this whole family for their dedication to living out the principled lifestyle. This family has sacrificed tremendously by traveling over 4 hours round trip 3x per week for numerous months. They also are currently bringing all the kids that live at home and value the care to the extent that they have paid for all the care out of pocket, without any insurance reimbursement.

We wish all people would see the value in taking care of the temple (body) the way this family has, rather than coming up with excuses like so many of us do when it comes to sacrifice. We honor this family for the month of April due to their dedication to drive as far as they do, bring the whole family, and refer others from their small town in South West Mn.

March 2013

The Hammond Family: Testimony of Victory

I met Dr. Lofton in the spring of 2005 at a church where he was speaking about subluxation and the evastating effects on the nervous system. My back was in such terrible pain, that I could not even bend over and tie my shoes, without TEARS. That night, he and one of his friends prayed over me, and I was so touched by his passion to teach and pray for people that I called him on his cell phone to schedule an appointment. Since he had not yet opened his office, he offered to come to my house and adjust me. I was in shock that a doctor would be so passionate to come to my house and adjust me and my mother-in-law. By the end of the first week the pain had almost disappeared…It was amazing. I scheduled my whole family to get checked for subluxation when Dr. Lofton opened up his clinic in July of 2005. I can officially say that I was Dr. Lofton's FIRST patient, and am the LONGEST active patient being adjusted on a consistent basis. I have also referred several of my friends and my family to Lifeforce Family chiropractic (LFFC) to experience the power of chiropractic and prayer.
Dr. Lofton began to adjust my son, Carver, and was able to correct his knock knees in a short amount of time. A few years later, he began to adjust our daughter, Talia, when she was just an infant. Her sacrum was so out of alignment that the gluteal fold (crease) went at a 90 degree angle when it’s supposed to be in a straight line. Amazingly, this completely straightened out within a couple of months. Our third child, Kaiya, was born 3 months premature. We knew that regular chiropractic care would be extremely important to her brain and neurological development. Dr. Lofton stood with us in faith and prayed for complete healing for her neurological system. She is now 18 months old, walking and talking, and has no health concerns. Her medical doctors view her as a complete miracle. We know that lots of PRAYER & TORQUE RELEASE based chiropractic care made a huge difference in her healing.
Our family is grateful that we have been able to be a part of this unique practice. God is good, and so is LFFC:)Sara, JC, Carver, Talia, and Kaiya Hammond
LFFC Comments:
We have been incredibly blessed to partner with the Hammond family. Their diligent steadfast faithfulness and dedication to demonstrating the principled lifestyle is an inspiration to each and every person they encounter.

February 2013

The Glum Family: Testimony of Victory

I, Angela, started coming to LFFC after my 2 nd child was born in July 2006. I had just checked out a chiropractor who was at my current health club. That night I saw LifeForce Family Chiropractic’s ad in the paper and saw that they were Christian, and because we are Christian I knew I had to check it out. I am overweight and have always had lower back pain and menstrual cramping. I was the only one in my family going for a while so we could see results and because of the cost without insurance, and then it wasn’t long after that we signed up our 2 children, Leigha (9), and Zachary (6) and eventually my husband, Mike, started coming too. Over the years we have seen continued improvement to our bodies and health.
I recall one time I was dealing with such severe neck pain that I couldn’t even turn my neck either way. I cried from frustration and even thought maybe my spiritual life was causing the pain. I started reading my bible more frequently and got adjusted regularly and eventually the pain went away.
I don’t recall when it happened, but I don’t get the menstrual cramping that I used to and and all the symptoms associated with my menstrual cycle have calmed down quite a bit. It's a relief to know that I can feel normal in regards to my monthly cycle .
We’ve been very diligent to follow Dr. Lofton’s recommendations whenever we are sick or in pain. We try to get adjusted as soon as we detect we are getting sick if our weekly appt. is a few days away. Our kids are pretty healthy, but when they do get sick, it doesn’t seem to last very long and they are back to being themselves.
We’ve referred many friends to go to LFFC to get healing for themselves and their family’s bodies. I believe in the power of the body to heal itself when given what it needs to do so. Removing SUBLUXATIONS from our bodies is very important so they can function the way GOD intended..
I also did Dr. Lofton’s weight loss program and lost 26 pounds in five weeks! There was only one week that I did not adhere to follow the program. I'm extremely confident that I would had even greater results, if I would have remained diligent during the entire time.We love that we are constantly being educated about different products and things that can help us be healthier.
Mike has seen vast improvements with his lower back issues due to his routine visits. He has a herniated disk in his lower back that caused him, at times, extreme pain. He is still involved in a lot of sports and we can see based on his scans, that his body is constantly improving with the adjustments. Dr. Lofton has adjusted various subluxations in his back, shoulder, knee and elbow caused by sports injuries. These adjustments have removed the interferences and have allowed him to get back to playing more quickly, rather than just through general rest.
We appreciate all the education and healing we receive from God thru LFFC, and the prayers that have been said for us over the years. Dr. Lofton, is not only our Doctor, but we consider him and everyone at LFFC our friends!
Angela, Mike, Leigha & Zachary Glum
LFFC Comments:
We are incredibly privileged to Honor the Glum Family. They have been a tremendous Blessing in this community. We are humbled by their dedication and perseverance as they pursue even greater healing, a closerwalk with GOD and the continued implementation of living the principled lifestyle.

January 2013

Abbot Family: Testimony of Victory

We feel very blessed to have found Dr. Lofton 7 years ago.   Torque release chiropractic has changed our lives!   I, Cheri Abbott, suffered with back pain for a long time and tried everything, with no success until I started seeing Dr. Lofton.   I tried every medical approach, Chiropractor, and pain Doctors, but failed to get 100% relief.   I have also had two auto accidents while seeing Dr. Lofton and I have no more symptoms from my whiplash injuries.   My husband was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome.
Doctors told him there is no treatment for it and he will just have to live with it!   After being adjusted, he no longer has any symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome!   He also had chronic mid-back pain from a college sports injury and no longer has the pain.   We have 11 children and expecting number 12 in April.   Before Chiropractic care, we were at the pediatric office constantly with ear infections.   My first seven children all had tubes put into their ears, and were always sick with something.   Dr. Lofton has adjusted my last four children since birth , and none of them have had tubes put in or ear infections.   Now we rarely go the pediatric doctor or any medical doctor for that matter...if my children go without being adjusted they ask me to go because they can feel the difference in their quality of life. It has most defiantly improved everyone’s overall health and we plan to continue to be adjusted our whole lives.   Thank you Dr. Lofton and LifeForce Family Chiropractic!
LFFC Comments:
We celebrate and honor the Abbott family for the month of January due to their commitment and big idea that getting adjusted and living the principled wellness lifestyle allows the body to heal more efficiently. This family has not only been coming for 7 years and living out this lifestyle, but telling everyone they come in contact with about LifeForce Family Chiropractic. This family has had their ups and downs as we all have in life, however, even with job layoffs, being unemployed for a very long time, and having to take a significant pay cut due to a change in employment, not to mention that they live within miles to the border of Wisconsin, and travel a good distance every week to be adjusted, this family continues to see the value in living this principled lifestyle and has never made up excuses that they couldn't afford or find a way to eat healthy, take nutritional supplements, and be adjusted neurologically ; that is living by the principle and for that we are blessed to serve them...

December 2012

Rachel Mramor: Testimony of Victory

I have had back problems and pre-cancer for about 9 years . The back problems started with a work injury technician for 10 years at a hospital and then before that a medical assistant in clinics. This type of work was very hard on the back and very stressful. The constant physical strain and emotional strain obviously took its toll on me in more ways than one. I have always thought I was eating healthy and exercising appropriately. However, I wasn’t losing weight or gaining muscle. My hormones were off and so I went on hormones. It helped a little but not enough to get my numbers range. The extra weight and being hormonal did not help with my back or my stress level. Through the 9 years of back problems there would be times I couldn’t walk unassisted or bend down to tie my own shoes. More regularly it was hard to do laundry, clean my house, bend over the sink to wash my face, and sit at a computer. I was diagnosed with cancer in March. How could I deal with all of this at once? Well, I stared going to Dr. Lofton and shortly after that he put me on a very strict diet for maximum nutrition, nutrition supplements, and exercise. It was quite the adjustment for my family and me. It was very stressful, because I was already eating pretty healthy compared to most. However, I pushed on and my husband joined me in some of what I ate. Within 3 months I have lost 30 pounds and another 5 pounds since then. My husband has lost about 20 pounds too. The last most important thing I am doing on my journey is praying everyday to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! He is the healer and if you believe Him for it, He will heal you! I couldn’t drive down to Savage week after week, eat the way I do, exercise, and choke down all the pills without God’s strength. If I could tell you all one thing I’ve learned in my journey is, believe God will heal you. Get the help you need and change before you have to.
I am glad to report that God is healing my back and the cancer. My back is doing better than ever. I still have occasional aches and pains if I do too much or get stressed out but it’s so much better! Last but not least, the cancer is reversing without any conventional treatment. Praise God! My oncologist is in shock, but has been praying for me too! I am excited for what God has next for me! One more thing, along with the back pain and cancer I suffer with allergies and migraines. I used to take ibuprofen, uicordin, Tylenol, and Zyrtec. I have been off all medications for 9 months.    
LFFC Comments:
We are extremely honored to celebrate Rachel as our Practice Member of the Month for Dec. 2012! There is no one that Dr. Lofton has met to date that has been more diligent, dedicated, determined, and faithful to his recommendations. Rachel was not only struggling with life, but faced with a huge decision: Have a hysterectomy as recommended via her oncologist or follow the principled wellness lifestyle that Dr. Lofton designed for her...It was an easy decision even with Stage 3 Uterine Cancer, why? Because she and her husband wanted to have kids! Rachel lived a lifestyle that less than 1% of the population will attempt to live, but she has been successful so far, as her oncologist informed her 3 months after starting on this wellness journey and being adjusted neurologically, that she no longer has cancer, but rather hyperplasia. Not out of the woods yet, but it sure feels good to start to see the light! Principled lifestyle and God being the center is AMAZING!!!

November 2012

Laugen Family: Testimony of Victory
I (Kris) became a client of LifeForce Family Chiropractic (LFFC) in December of 2011 at the recommendation of a family friend, Stacey Roberts. Stacey was aware of some health issues I was having and was sure that Dr. Lofton could help me!  Stacey was so happy with the care she and her family were receiving at LFFC that she even helped me figure out the transportation. Transportation is an issue when you live in Iowa, and our drive is 4 hours round trip!  I had been recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I was told by several medical doctors that my only choice was to have Surgery to remove my thyroid . I refused their recommendations.  With hesitation I agreed to the Endocrinologist's second request of taking medication (Methimazole). In the past nine months of receiving care at LFFC I have been able to steadily decrease the amount I was advised to take. I have continued to have regular rechecks (every three months) with my Endocrinologist. After my last recheck (August 2012) the doctor called me to tell me I no longer have hyperthyroidism. Praise God! Neurologically based adjustments have allowed anxiety, pain, and many other symptoms (sickness) to leave my body.  Another diagnoses I have received in the past was severe disc degeneration of my spine.  I have felt progress with this condition also.   After seeing the results I had over a six month period, my husband Nate, finally accepted my prodding to get checked out.  He was astounded by the thorough examination he received and by the doctor's report. He had just accepted that his aches and pains were just part of life. Now after several months of his own care, he sees the benefit for our children to also receive the care that LFFC provides. The finances of traveling and paying for our family of six was a definite concern in our decision to be seen at LFFC.  However, when we voiced these concerns with LFFC they assured us that the care our family required would be made affordable. Dr. Lofton and his staff are welcoming and friendly. The atmosphere of the office is uplifting and encouraging!

Kris and Laugen Family

LFFC Comments:
We @ Lifeforce Family Chiropractic (LFFC) are so amazed and honored that God would motivate a family like this to travel as far as they do, and pay for all of their care out of pocket; that is value. It is an honor for Dr. Lofton to be the Laugen's family Chiropractor! “I am amazed how numerous Medical Doctors recommended for Kris to not only be on toxic medications (masking the symptoms, not getting to the cause), but to have her thyroid surgically removed, and now she currently lives with her thyroid, and is off all the medications! Praise be to God!” The principles Dr. Lofton teaches are principles that we believe will lead people to the promise land of health and healing. Kris and her husband understand these principles so much that they now are requiring that all of their children be tested for subluxation and nerve interference, to assure their bodies will always be healing more efficiently.
We bless this family with love and health, and hope that they will implement these principles for the rest of their life!

October 2012

Perez Family: Testimony of Victory

Since our family has become a client of Life Force Family Chiropractic we have all had noticeable changes within our bodies and our lives. My wife Judy and I have noticed a difference in our daughter Lexxi as our relationship has gotten better and we are all not on edge as much! Lexxi also had been taking medication for a couple different health reasons and since we have started visiting your office she has stopped taking all medications as well!! Lexxi has also changed her opinion about taking any kind of medication. At Lexxi’s first visit Dr Lofton pointed out to us that Lexxi was borderline scoliosis. When she had her re-check exam with 1 year of treatments, education and other work she has shown significant progress with this potential problem. Our daughter Mercedes was also diagnosed with the beginning stages of scoliosis. With 1 year of treatment, education and other work she too has shown signs of improvement and our relationship with her has also improved! My wife Judy had been involved in 2 car accidents that cause severe neck problems that caused severe headaches. There were also signs of scoliosis in Judy’s back and she also had not much curve in her neck. With 1 year of treatments and other work the headaches are much better and the scoliosis has improved! My relationship with Judy is probably the best that it has been in years! ƒº Prior to my first visit with Dr. Lofton I, like many, people had reservations about the technique. After my first visit Dr Lofton educated me about the curve in my spine and what we needed to do to get on the path for correcting the problem. After 1 year of visits my curve and neck have gotten much better. I have had asthma since birth and have taken medication to control it. With the treatments and Dr. Lofton’s guidance and education I have eliminated taking any medication for the asthma!! I feel so much better today as I have changed my life and take NO medications unless there is a fire to be put out. With Dr. Lofton’s education I see no that any medication is just masking the problem and doing terrible things to my body. Our family looks forward to a continuing relationship with Life Force Chiropractic.
Manny Perez

September 2012

Roberts Family: Testimony of Victory

We are a family of five from Northern Iowa, and we travel about 4 hours round trip to receive life changing results at Lifeforce Family Chiropractic (LFFC). 
We first started coming for our daughter Mariah who suffered with dyslexia and had lots of trouble with concentrating and focusing on her schoolwork.  This kept getting worse and her schoolwork would regularly take her from morning til late evening even with my constant help and attention.  Upon her Day 1 testing @ LFFC, we were told she had a 10* scoliosis in her spine.  She also had a severe reversal of her curvature in her neck (-19*) causing pressure on her brainstem.  Within a few visits we started seeing tremendous results.  She could focus, no longer needed audio CD's to help with her reading, and became more independent with her schoolwork.  I can not express how thankful we are for the change in Mariah.  We have been looking for an answer for her since she started school and she is now almost 15.  Along with this change Mariah has been relieved of Dyslexia symptoms, back pain, headaches, uncoordination, heartburn and allergy symptoms all of which she suffered almost on a daily basis.
Our younger daughter Morgan suffered from allergies that caused her to scratch the palms of her hands and bottoms of her feet so much that she developed calluses where she scratched.  She also had a constant cough and chronic sinus issues that have almost completely subsided. In addition she is receiving relief from almost constant jaw pain.
Our son Zachary was diagnosed with Meniere's Disease (ringing in the ears) at the age of 6.  Along with this he would have such severe dizziness he would have to go to bed.  This had become almost a daily occurrence.  He has been completely healed of this!!  He also suffered from severe headaches and lots of leg, knee, ankle and  low back pain that would keep him from participating in activities. We had to put him in physical therapy and buy ankle braces, which were difficult to put on, to try to help with this.  It is very frustrating to see your child hurt so much, but all of these symptoms are now virtually non-existent because of the treatments and healing he has received.
I (Stacey) have also received much healing.  The main reason I started receiving treatment was for migraine headaches.  They were quickly getting more frequent, sometimes as many as two a week.   I was taking an overwhelming amount of over-the-counter pain-killers and sometime prescription painkillers.    Many times the drugs would not help and I would have to repeat the dosage sometimes three days in a row.  I am now free from migraines and almost never get a headache, and if I do it is mild and goes away with no medication.  PRAISE GOD!  I also suffered with almost constant pain and pressure in my neck, shoulders, and upper back.  I am completely free from this.  I am seeing improvement in jaw and joint pain as well.
My husband TJ was suffering from frequent headaches, neck pain, hand pain, and arm numbness. All of his symptoms have improved significantly and some have disappeared completely.
We are so thankful that God led us to LFFC.  Dr. Lofton has been a huge blessing to our family.
LFFC Comments:
We are honored to serve this family from so far away, and thankful that God is using us to administer HEALING in areas of their life where healing never existed; thank you God!
We want to let you know that this family was and is extremely dedicated to their health and well being as they not only drove 4 hours round trip 3x, 2x, and now 1x per week, but they also paid out of pocket for all of their corrective care due to insurance denying the need for there care (Wow, go figure...).
We bless the family from Iowa for their dedication to getting healthy, but most of all for their Zeal for the almighty Healer in all of our lives.

August 2012

Carrie Olfert

I was referred to LifeForce from a friend who had been battling cancer all her life and for the first time had found some relief from her pain. I suffered from headaches almost on a daily basis along with shoulder pain and back aches.  After just one week of receiving adjustments from Dr Lofton my headaches had almost disappeared.  Now after completing my treatment plan I am headache free!!!  I also no longer have pain in my shoulder or my back!!  Praise God!!!!

My children also have been receiving care from Dr. Lofton.  I was shocked to find out in the initial exam that my son had an extra vertebrae and severe back issues. He had been having trouble with his feet turning in and had issues with his sleep.  He still has some problems while he sleeps but it is drastically less.  He also is walking a lot straighter with less leg issues.  Another one of my children had problems with attention and had a hard time controlling his emotions.  That improved after his second adjustment!!!   One more of my children has had back and neck issues for the past year since he fell 18 feet onto concrete.  He would wake up really stiff and couldn't sleep well because of the pain.  He no longer has any pain!!!

LifeForce truly has been an answer to prayer!   We are very thankful to Dr. Lofton and his staff for the excellent care our family has received there!

July 2012

Julene Timm: Testimony of Victory

I heard about Torque Release Therapy through a friend whose family members were being treated and greatly helped by the therapy. The coupon for an evaluation got me in the door. The results I have had, even from the beginning, have kept me coming back. I had fallen and hurt my upper arm. It seemed like I was falling often and the tests confirmed that there was a lot going on in my back that was probably causing the imbalance and weakness and possibly the falling.
I had been seeing conventional chiropractors for 24 years. They told me I had double scoliosis and there was nothing I could do about it, except have regular adjustments to keep it from getting worse. One of the falls had produced daily pain and cramping in my hip for six years. I was told I would have to get used to it and nothing could be done. Making the best of the situation seemed to be my only hope… which really created a deep sadness in me. Not to be able to ride a bike or exercise without pain was bad enough, but I couldn’t even do vacuuming without cramping and spasms that would send me to the heating pad or chiropractor for relief. It was like I had an internal megaphone in my head telling me to “be careful, BE CAREFUL!!!” I began to feel like a martyr, enduring suffering, being left out of activities and left behind in life.
After 1 year of corrective care and 1 year of wellness care, I look back at the changes in my life with a complete sense of awe. I can do many physical things that were impossible for me to do without pain or spasms in my back muscles. I am moving normally without having to think about every step!
One of the major components in my recovery, I believe, is prayer. Dr Lofton will pray for me at adjustment times and I have a 150 mile round-trip drive from Wisconsin to the office that gives me plenty of time to listen to God and hear what he has to say about my health. I have been listening to teaching CDs by Marjorie Cole, Bill Johnson and Graham Cooke that have affirmed the heart of God for our healing and wholeness. Connecting with God spiritually allows the torque-release to connect with God’s will for me physically. My body wants to be healed and balanced so I can serve the living God without restraint. Renewing my mind in the Word of God gives my body permission to heal and be strong in the power of His might.
I have great hope of continued recovery. The sadness and “BE CAREFUL!” are gone. Yippee!!!
AND, the x-ray taken at the end of the 1 st year shows that there is great improvement. Two of the curves in my back are very close to being within the normal range! The impossible that was predicted by the other chiropractors has been made possible by God and torque-release therapy. In Matthew 19:26 Jesus said it best, “with man it is impossible, but with God, all things are possible.” It is God who works in us both to will and to do His good pleasure. I know He is smiling. Wow!

June 2012

Pete and Jillian Klingenberg: Testimony of Victory

I have had several improvements in my health & well-being.  The most recent one was my ability to go off a medication that I have been taking for a year and a half.  This medication has been a migraine saver for me for a long time.  If I would miss even one day of this med, within 12 hours I would be suffering with a migraine.  Several times I wound up in the hospital when I didn’t take this medication.  I was very dependent on it working and fearful of discontinuing it.
After all of the other wonderful changes my body has experienced over the past five months, I know I had a good shot at getting rid of this drug.  I went off of it on a Thursday and was migraine free for four days!  I did experience migraine pain on the next Monday, but it was short lived and again I am migraine free.  God is our healer.  I thought I would be dependent on that drug for the rest of my life.  But it feels so good to be free!
 J Klingenberg 9/30/09
 Update….. June 2012
OMGosh!  My life has been incredibly altered by the healing practice of LifeForce Family chiropractic.
When I started at the clinic, I was taking blood pressure medication daily to control my migraines in addition to another migraine medication.  There were times when I’d have two migraines a day and often would be admitted to the hospital.  The medication seemed to help for several months by limiting the number I would have.  But gradually it became less effective for me and I was back to having several migraines a month.  My blood pressure was also so low, from taking the medication, that I was constantly fatigued and unable to keep up with daily tasks.  I was told I would be on this medication for life because the doctors couldn’t figure out another way to treat them.
THEN walked in Doctor Lofton.  (Okay, well I walked into his office!)
After just a few weeks of adjustments, I noticed an incredible upswing in my energy level.  I tried a few times during the first few months to stop taking both my medications for my migraines.  I was successful for short periods of time but then would need to take it again.  But after several months of seeing Dr. Lofton, I completely stopped taking it!  There have been just a handful of times when I’ve had to take one of my migraine meds, but I am no longer in need of the daily medication that was having adverse side effects.
Another wonderful aspect of this chiropractic clinic is the education that Dr. Lofton fills your head with.  Not only has my nervous system benefited from the adjustments, but my whole body has benefited.  I am exercising regularly and I am conscious, like never before, when it comes to my nutrition.
My husband and I are so blessed every time we walk in the doors here.  The front office staff is always excited to see us and makes it easy to change an appointment or get our billing statements.  We enjoy being in a positive and encouraging atmosphere so much so that for the past 18 months we’ve been making the hour long journey at 5:45 in the morning once a week to be able to fit this life altering/life sustaining practice into our schedules.  Even the car rides together have bonded us as a couple!  BONUS!  It is SO worth it to us to invest our time and money into this healthy practice.  We eagerly await the day when LFFC will expand into the north metro.  Until then, we will continue to drive to Savage.  We are very blessed to be clients of such a powerfully healthy advocate like Dr. Lofton and LFFC.
LifeForce Family Chiropractic has helped me heal more than I would have thought possible a few months ago.  To make a long story short, I was in severe leg and back pain a few months ago from a nerve being pinched in by back caused by a piece of broken-off tissue, and after 2 emergency room visits and a stay in the hospital, taking pain killers and a shot in the back, I decided to come here instead of surgery.
The funny thing is my wife has been telling me to come here for over a year for preventative maintenance and spiritual healing.  Well, she was right.  No pain pills now and I’m getting in better and better shape every day.
I look back now and if I would have taken my wife’s lead!  All the money and frustration could have been avoided!
Where else can you get two things done at once - -healing of the body and someone praying for you, lifting your spirits.
Pete Klingenberg 2/19/11
Since I first came to LifeForce Family Chiropractic my health and well-being has changed immensely.  I have been able to work out like I have never before doing P90X for a year and have lost 30 lbs.  Even though I turn 50 years old in July, I feel better than I did 15 years ago!
LFFC Comments:
We @ LFFC are blessed to serve a family that not only gets the big idea about  principled  based chiropractic, but that truly loves the  Lord and is led  by the spirit in everyday life.  “I, Dr. Lofton , love these  people so much and pray for  blessings in  every aspect  to overwhelm  this family.”   They are Godly people with an abundance of love in their hearts.  We hope to serve them until the day they leave for heaven.

May 2012

Inez Eikom: Testimony of Victory
In January 2012, we became aware of LifeForce Family Chiropractic (LFFC) due to my chronic back, neck and muscle pain, which I had been struggling with for the past 3+ years, along with anxiety.    After LFFC's assessment, coupled with my existing condition, we felt lead to try Dr. Lofton’s corrective care plan for me.   After my first adjustment based on the torque release technique my muscle pain was completely gone.   I was amazed!   As the next weeks unfolded, my husband mentioned several times I was looking healthier.
Five weeks into my treatment, I woke up hardly able to move because of such severe lower back pain, in fact, I couldn't even get on the table to get adjusted.   Dr. Lofton and staff encouraged me to let my body heal and process the adjustments and not take pain medication.   I felt God was asking me to trust their wisdom.   To my amazement, one week later after 4 adjustments the pain was totally gone and I had made it through with no Advil, etc.
As of today, my neck and back pain, as well as my anxiety have significantly diminished.   I have been receiving care for 4 months.   I am so thankful for the healing God is doing in my body.   Dr. Lofton does his job with excellence.   My experience with the LifeForce staff has been beneficial and life changing.   The staff at LifeForce truly demonstrates a servant-heart and those that walk through their doors are blessed.   I am thankful to God for how He has been using this group of people to bring healing.   To God be the glory, great things He has done!
LFFC Comments:
Inez has had dramatic change that one would not believe you if you told her testimony of healing. Dr. Lofton still remembers her husband and her asking him at the doctor's report why no other doctor had told them about nerve interference and the health of the nervous system along with looking at the spine and diagnosing subluxation as a cause of dis-ease in the body. Her husband even said that they had been to Mayo Clinic and no one had been able to help with her current condition. Dr. Lofton also remembers clearly how much his faith went through the roof when Inez told him that all of her symptoms were gone after 1 visit @ LFFC. He thought to himself that there is no way that this could have just happened, but as time progressed it became very clear that she was healing abundantly fast and that we were the first facility that had gotten to the cause of her problems.
We are so proud that not only is Inez and her husband Dan getting their power turned on with neurological based care, but they now are bringing their 4 children in for corrective care. We also want to thank Inez for spreading the message as she has referred numerous families into LFFC in a very short period of time, and has proven to us that her and Dan get the BIG IDEA and want to share the message with so many others...It is a pleasure to recognize her for May's 2012 Practice Member of the Month.

April 2012

Glenn Norman: Testimony of Victory

I met the doctors at a community health screening. However, when I came to get my initial follow-up consult, I was skeptical, got cold feet and wanted to bail. In fact, I told Dr. Lofton that this wasn't for me and I thought my wife needed help more than I did in regards to my health.
However, I decided to try it and the reason I have continued coming since July 2005, is that I have had results that I have been able to quantify. I have consistently noticed reduced symptoms related to spring allergies and have been able to reduce and practically eliminate all medications for these symptoms. I also initially came in for back pain, which I have been greatly helped with and it has been eliminated 100% . I have also seen huge improvements in my posture and arches of my feet. These treatments allowed me to eliminate using a lift in my shoe. It’s always nice to know you are making a difference in the world, which is what LFFC is doing.
LFFC Comments:
Dr. Lofton states that he still remembers the 1 st day Glenn walked through the door and how nervous his wife was when she came to the back room and said: there is a man here who was filling out the new patient paperwork, but has insisted that this whole visit is not for him and he shouldn't be here, “he wants to leave”, what should I do? Dr. Lofton chuckles looking back as who would have thought that the only person who does such a thing in the entire existence of the practice still comes almost 7 years later. Yes, Glenn has come for 7 years to receive corrective and now wellness based care. It is an honor to give the April 2012 Practice Member of the Month award to someone who truly gets the BIG IDEA that a body free of subluxation and nerve interference is a body that truly lasts longer.

March 2012

Melissa O'Neil and Family's: Testimony of Victory

Our family began coming to LifeForce Family Chiropractic (LFFC) over 6 years ago when I was injured in a fall.  I remembered receiving a door hanger about a new chiropractic office opening nearby and decided that I should check into it.
After beginning treatment with Dr. Wade and receiving invaluable education about the importance of neurology based chiropractic care, we decided the rest of the family should begin treatment as well.
We have seen vast improvements in many areas of our health.  As a child, I learned that I had two vertebrae in my neck that had been fused together since birth, so I had resigned myself to a life of headaches; but I’ve found relief and correction through LFFC.  Steve had been dealing with asthma for years, and was highly allergic to cats and even had been hospitalized for his allergies; since being adjusted regularly, he hasn’t had to use (or even carry) an inhaler, and has never been back to the ER or doctor for asthma and allergy type symptoms. Steve has improved so much that he is able to be around cats for a good portion of the day before he starts to feel symptoms, so his body is definitely healing. Our girls have also had relief and correction in areas of seasonal allergies, behavior, & constipation.
Growing up, I’d been treated by other chiropractors, and they all ended treatment when my symptoms improved.  I NEVER had any relief from my headaches and I NEVER received any education about how to prevent disease in my body.  Not only am I incredibly thankful to Dr. Wade & his staff for correcting the nerve interference that was causing my headaches, but I also have a new understanding of how to prevent disease by getting adjusted and taking proper care of my body.
After seeing the effects of neurology based chiropractic treatment I can confidently say that I will continue to receive treatment indefinitely. . . I’m a lifer!
LFFC Comments:
We are so honored to continue to serve this family as we have been serving them with Health and Wellness based care since 2005. Dr. Lofton still remembers the first day that Melissa came in for her new patient testing and she said that her husband gave her permission to come and get her Headaches fixed and she was so blessed that we left a door hanger on her door or she may have never met us…Dr. Lofton also remembers hearing that her husband was rushed to the ER via ambulance for an asthmatic and allergic reaction; Dr. Lofton insisted that he get checked for nerve interference and he was extremely confident that he could help Steve to express a better state of well being; obviously that has happened, Praise the Lord!
We thank this family for their dedication to their health over the past 6 ½ years and all of their referrals from the bus station, ha, ha…(inside joke). They currently are the longest family that has been coming to LFFC since we opened in July of 2005. We look forward to growing old with them, and serving this family for the rest of their life.

Febuary 2012

Laura Lucas and Family: Testimony of Victory

I started coming to LifeForce Family Chiropractic (LFFC) in the spring of 2010, after seeing the amazing results in my husband and 2 children. My husband has had terrible back pain to the point where he couldn’t walk, stand, or hold our daughter for 3 years, even after having back surgery.
Allison, my oldest daughter had Headaches everyday and my son Samuel also had Headaches along with bedwetting at 8 years of age. All of these symptoms not only improved immensely, but were eliminated 100%. After seeing all of this after years of them struggling to get help I knew right away that the rest of my family and I were going to start corrective care and have all of our family members checked for subluxation; so we all jumped on board!
The real miracle for us as a family was when Dr. Lofton diagnosed McKayla with a broken back, even after our other Doctor and Chiropractor didn’t catch it during previous care, Praise God for Dr. Lofton! Dr. Lofton told us that she would no longer be able to compete in gymnastics, so we went to Tria Orthopedics and met with the best Orthopedic Surgeon they had, thinking we needed a second opinion, or hoping that Dr. Lofton was wrong; not so much, he was right on, and the Surgeon agreed with Dr. Lofton (I could have saved a lot of money, but thanks to Dr. Lofton for catching the break on x-ray).
The other miracle for me happened after my 6 th visit! I had always had knee pain, due to all of the years of running and competing in marathons, but of course after a series of adjustments it was completely gone and has never come back, even with 5 marathons and still going! Praise the Lord! We are all through with corrective care and on to wellness care and it has been HUGE! We haven’t gone to a Medical Doctor for any sickness since starting care at LFFC.
As for referrals; testimonies are the biggest proof of the treatment here at LFFC. You will not see any treatment like this anywhere else. Things that we love and enjoy are Dr. Lofton’s knowledge, the technique, results, and of course the fact that all of this is bathed in the presences of the Holy Spirit and how the Lord uses all these tools in order to put everything in alignment in regards to how we are made and suppose to heal. All glory to Jesus!
Thanks to LifeForce Family Chiropractic for all the precious time and pairs of hands that make this operation a success!
LFFC Comments:
We are glad to honor Laura and her family as Practice Member of the Month for February 2012. They have been a blessing to all of the staff here at LFFC, not only in the office, but also out of the office. We love it when they come in for their wellness care adjustments due to the high energy and compassion for people/Christ that they bring. We are glad that God has brought them into our lives. As many of you know it is our goal to impact the planet with the principles we teach, and Laura has helped us to save lives immensely through 14 direct referrals, which have turned into a whole tree of referrals from those 14 individuals, so we say thank her and the family for helping us to help serve others!

January 2012

Sharon R.'s: Testimony of Victory

Last September our family attended the LifeLight concert in South Dakota. As we were walking through one of the vendor buildings, I noticed the LifeForce booth & a lady handing out brochures & offering to do testing. Not having any interest in checking the booth out and not wanting to get separated from the group of people I was with, I hurriedly passed by. I only got a few feet past the LFFC booth when I felt like the Holy Spirit was telling me to go back and talk to the gal who as sharing the information.
Pamm shared with me about LFFC & how it differs from other chiropractic clinics. I had been going quite regularly to a chiropractor & I would get some temporary relief. Brandon tested me & I knew by looking at the scan that it was showing exactly where my issues were. After visiting with both Pamm & Brandon & then meeting Dr. Lofton I started to feel hope that I might not have to suffer for the rest of my life with the extreme pain & physical deterioration I'd been experiencing over the past several years. I was excited to make an appointment, but the idea of driving from our home in IOWA up to Savage, MN for treatments SEEMED ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE with my husband's work schedule & the fact that I was unable to drive the car more than a few miles due to severe pain in my leg. We decided to go ahead & make the appointment anyway & just see what the possibilities were.
I had my first adjustment, Dr. Lofton prayed for me & I knew that I was where I needed to be. I had been praying for years for a spirit-filled Christian doctor, and on our first visit, we knew we had an answer to our prayers, but we had no idea how much Dr. Lofton and God, working hand in hand were about to transform our lives.
On the way up to LifeForce I had to get out of the car twice, with the help of my husband, to relieve the pain. After my very first adjustment I was able to ride all the way home, nearly pain free, and get out of the car without help. What joy to have such relief! Last week I actually ran with my granddaughters to the car!
After my 2nd visit, the migraines stopped & I was able to quit purchasing nine pills for $263.00. I was also able to quit taking prescriptions for muscle relaxers, pain killers, sleep issues, etc. Within a couple of weeks I began sleeping through the night & awoke feeling rested; I hadn't slept well for years.
As I continue to be adjusted I feel healing taking place throughout my entire body. Even the need for over-the-counter drugs is gone!
Since my first visit I've encouraged family & friends to be tested. There are now 14 of us traveling up to LFFC & more are making plans to be tested. My husband, Steve, has had relief in his back, neck & shoulders. He used to have problems with his arms getting numb but that is gone too.
Our granddaughter, Kaytlin, had been thrown from a horse a couple of years ago & has had a lot of shoulder pain since, & she also suffered with severe Restless Leg Syndrome & sleeplessness. The RLS & sleeplessness are better & the shoulder pain is continuing to improve. The process has been slower for her but she is encouraged by the changes.
Our granddaughter, Mariah, has had problems with what we assumed to be A.D.D. & issues with focus. They had been noticeably worsening lately. She would lose focus in the middle of a sentence and seem to just zone out for a few seconds. Her schoolwork would take her many, many hours due to the focus issues.
Dr. Lofton found severe problems with her neck & back. None of us had any clue that she had spinal issues. He showed us her x-rays pointing out how her brain stem was actually being pinched. Mariah is home schooled & her mom was amazed after Mariah's first adjustment! Not once since that first adjustment has Mariah had a time of zoning out! She is flying through her schoolwork & just got all A's on her report card. Before her treatments she was listening to audio recordings along with reading her assignments to help her with focus. After her first couple of adjustments she discontinued the use of the audio recordings. She is able to focus just fine!
For us it is a wondrous miracle to see this beautiful young lady set free from the struggles she has had in the past. She is so filled with joy! She loves to spread the word about Dr. Lofton & what he and God have done for her. She even shared her testimony with her pediatrian, who was also excited to see the changes in Mariah. My son and family, Mariah's parents, sister and brother are just getting started at LifeForce. My brother and niece will also begin treatments soon.
Our son-in-law, Gerry was taking hands-full of ibuprofen every day for pain relief and migraine headaches that he had every day for 26 years. He had fallen from a lift years ago & broken his leg & severely damaged his body. He has stopped the ibuprofen & is seeing continued improvement in his body. He drives up at night, after work, to be treated. My daughter & grandson will also begin treatments af LFFC this week.
We give thanks daily to God, who has created our amazing bodies to heal themselves. We are so grateful that he led us to Dr. Lofton, Brandon and all of the wonderful team at LFFC. They generously give of themselves to obey God's call to help in that healing process and to give Him the glory.
“For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds, saith the Lord” Jeremiah 30:17a

December 2011

Lisa L.'s: Testimony of Victory

All my life I remember being chronically sick, but all sickness and disease escalated during the birth of our awesome son Mathew; during the procedure I had to have a blood transfusion and emergency surgery, and as a result my life has never been the same.
I started suffering from EXCRUCIATING migraine headaches that took over my life, didn’t even want to live, was barely hanging on…also I lost feeling in my face, numbness in my arms, legs, head, and paralysis on the left side of my body. I was suffering from anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, thyroid dysfunction, and hormonal imbalance; testosterone was ZERO!
I have been to so many doctors, naturopaths, acupuncturists, Chinese medicine doctors, and chiropractors that exhausted me physically, emotionally, and financially without any results!
Then I came to LifeForce Family Chiropractic (LFFC), which was totally divine based upon Dr. Lofton randomly calling me and not even knowing me. I love the optimism and life they breathe into me every time along with the passion to heal and help everyone on the planet. I love the fact that they speak blessings and healing over me, even on days when I am discouraged. Dr. Lofton seems to just always know where to adjust me and how to pray for me…how incredible it is to have a gifted doctor who will go the distance to get to the cause and pray with you; what an absolute blessing!
Almost immediately after my 1 st adjustment I slept through the night, which I had not done in over 8 years, it was amazing! The migraine headaches were reduced to 3 per week instead of 7 in the first 3 weeks of corrective care, this was truly amazing for me!!! In the first month or two the neck pain, mid back pain, low back pain, and right shoulder pain was drastically improved; along with 100% healing in the sciatic nerve pain down the back of my right leg! I also noticed a 75% improvement in tinnitus within my ears in the first couple months and my menstrual cycle went from being chronic for 9 days to decreasing in intensity and only lasting 5 days. I also was able to stop taking Valium and was able to reduce two other medications, while seeing my testosterone levels go up for the first time since being diagnosed with hormonal imbalance.
My emotions have improved drastically, and I am so thankful for the care at LFFC. I still have days that are hard and I struggle to make it through it, but it feels so good when I come to LFFC and I am encouraged to continue to battle and know that my body is on the path of healing. I have never been to a facility like this or had a doctor that cares this way for my health and me as a person; I am so blessed to have found LFFC! In fact, I tell everyone about this place, to the point that I told Dr. Lofton it is my goal to refer in 500 new patients; man do I have my work cut out, no one believes that healing is possible! I encourage you to tell everyone and bring your whole family; it will pay huge dividends in the future.
Lisa has referred in 7 direct referrals, which have turned into a tree of 15 referrals from those 7, totaling 22 lives that have been impacted here at LFFC, and many more to come in the future. We love her and her amazing cooking, and can only pray that someday her husband will take the time to come, ha, ha, (lol) we love him too, just giving him a hard time, darn stubborn husbands, just kidding Daryl…We are blessed to serve this family and honor Lisa as the Practice Member of the Month for Dec. 2011.
God Bless U Lisa!

November 2011

Kerri F.'s Testimony of Victory

My Experience with LifeForce Family Chiropractic (LFFC) has been Extraordinary! I used to suffer from several health complaints. I thought a lot of them were due to my age and something you just had to live with as you get older; was I wrong.
I was diagnosed with severe allergies, and have had symptoms 365 days per year for the last 32 years; to the point that it was debilitating and I was always miserable. I would sneeze, cough, and be congested in my sinuses so bad that it would wake me up at night. The disorder became so bad that I was diagnosed with nasal polyps and lost all my taste and smell 6-7 years ago. This really ticked me off because I love horses and there is nothing like the smell of the BARN (ha, ha), while doing chores, and me not being able to smell was no fun!
Due to me being a horse rider and barn manager I suffered from low back pain, leg pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, and headaches. I am proud to say that those things are 100% gone, and some of those symptoms were gone in my first month of care at LFFC. I am amazed how good I feel and how we are suppose to feel even when I thought it was normal for me to feel terrible and suffer everyday!
The miraculous thing for me was that I got my taste and smell back within two weeks of Dr. Lofton adjusting and praying for me. I hardly ever have any issues with my sinuses, allergies, congestion, etc. and the best thing is that I can sleep through the night. Also I was able to stop taking Zyrtec, which I was taking for 3 years and now I am DONE! For the first time in 6 years I can smell and taste, and it felt so good the first time I was able to smell pickles and the BARN again!
My favorite thing about LFFC is the staff; I love them all! Another favorite is their concern for my overall Health and Spiritual wellness. It feels so good to go to a place that I truly know cares about me! I recommend LFFC to anyone and everyone, in fact, I love LFFC so much that I referred 7 direct new patients in less than 2 months and many of them referred their family and friends. Come!! I tell everyone to come, and watch what God does in regards to healing. My husband, daughter, and son also come for optimal health and we are so grateful for this place of knowledge and love; God's healing truly exists here, ask me!